The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

Top 50 Statements of Support

  • sarah pierson says,

    I was born and raised in Hamilton and although I have lived in Toronto for 20 years, I still consider Hamilton home. I believe that Hamilton has an opportunity to do something great with a downtown stadium. People like me would come to Hamilton to cheer for the Ti-Cats in a new stadium downtown but would NEVER consider driving to the burbs of Hamilton. Too many downtowns have been destroyed by poor planning: I hope that Hamilton does not follow this trend. Let's see a stadium on Hamilton's skyline!!!!

  • Murline Mallette says,

    I urge counsil to endorse the West Harbour Pan Am Stadium a business owner, I look forward to being part of this exciting opportunity for the Downtown Hamilton area. I would advise you carefully respect the boundaries of the future fund. Our future is in the core of Hamilton, not on the mountain.

  • Jan Steinberg says,

    It seems obvious- the choice to build on revitalized brownfields should always trump the decision to build on farmland. This is an opportunity to clean up existing unused space, revitalize downtown and waterfront and expand transit; further discussion about alternate sites is squandering it.

  • Paul McCulloch says,

    I grew up in Hamiliton and proudly show off the new harbour to friends when I visit. A stadium in the area would increase the exposure of the hard work and public money already invested in the revitalisation of the area. Hamilton's waterfront is one of its most strikingly beautiful assets, cultivate it and be proud to show it off.

  • Sean Roberts says,

    If you're going to put it on the east Mountain you may as well just put it in Caledonia. Either way I'm not driving all the way there. This city needs more walkable attractions in and around downtown, not further enticements to get people to drive 30 minutes to shop at super mega ultra Wal-Mart and eat at mediocre chain restaurants.

  • Arun Alagarajah says,

    The Tiger Cats are basically holding you hostage, build the stadium and when its time for them to move they will have no choice but to move to the West Harbour location.

  • vern power says,

    Fix this area of the city don't leave this mess for the next generation

  • Ted Simpson says,

    I support the West Harbour site, & brownfield development.

  • P Scott says,

    B Young and other private interests aside, there really isn't much to debate...gotta go West Harbour for all the right reasons >>> for the city's future!

  • Kimberly Schweitzer says,

    We need to make hamilton beautiful once again and the down town core needs our help and commitment. Don't give hamiltonians one more reason to shy away from down town. Give them a reason to come down here, help them to see the change, embrace it and become part of the solution! Hamilton could be so much more. The mountain is already thriving and beautiful. It doesn't need the stadium as much as the harbour does. Choose a future for downtown Hamilton.

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