The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • Curtis Monti says,

    There is only one chioce for this stadium and that beyond a doubt is the West Harbour site. This is our golden opportunity Hamilton to take full advantage and finally inject the downtown core with some much needed vibrancy. This stadium is more than the home of a CFL team it is a paramount ingredient in rejuvenating the city and its people- strengthening our position as a viable commodity. Coupled with the success of an expanded MacMaster Unversity (most notably: innovation park), the clean-up of the bayfront and the potential of a dedicated LRT transit system, the stadium would be a celebrated venue easily accessed and enjoyed by the community.

    A stadium in the WEST HARBOUR promotes a new direction and identity to our city, one that sheds our tortured industrial stereotype.

    It's time to promote a rejuvinated downtown core. A brighter Hamilton, a more environmentally responsible Hamilton, a unified Hamilton. It's time we make the right decision.

  • Sara Traficante says,

    I fully support the West Harbour location for this project.

    The feeling of pride and enthusiasm for Hamilton is absolutely infectious! All the grassroots development in the arts and culture in the downtown core is impressive. Let's stay the course and make the right move for the community.

  • Marc Gibbons says,

    Building the Pan Am stadium in Harbour West is a unique opportunity for Hamilton to revitalize its downtown and to clean up and develop its shanty waterfront.

    While the East Mountain site may potentially be convenient for parking and highway access, it will keep much needed business away from restaurants, bars and shops downtown. It will make pedestrian access impossible, public transit inconvenient and further our dependency on automotive transport.

    Let the City rule in favor of a long-term sustainable option. Let the City use this opportunity to bring cultural and economic richness to it's core and value it's beautiful waterfront. Building a stadium at the West Harbour site is a progressive choice for Hamilton.

  • Gregory Ciupka says,

    What will our children say thirty years hence?

    What is consistent with the Provincial intensification policy?

    What reshapes the heart of our city?

    What highlights the best features of Hamilton including the waterfront and the escarpment?

    West Harbour is a golden opportunity,

    You see it!

  • Andrea Leytham says,

    Dear Council,
    For all of the reasons mentioned above, I believe that the West Harbour is the best choice for the new Stadium. For centuries, cities have been the hub of civilization and though we now enjoy suburban life, I believe that as trends come and go cities will remain as vital as they always have. Stadiums are meant to be central to a city, somewhere that citizens can meet and enjoy community. It should be a place for citizens to take pride in and see on a regular basis...not in an out of the way and set off area. I anxiously await the outcomes of this decision and highly hope to hear that the West Harbour has been the chosen location.
    Sincerely, Andrea

  • Samuel Ganton says,

    As a student at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, and a former resident of Hamilton, I recognize the positive impact the West Harbour site for the Pan Am Stadium would have on the city. Many of my fellow students share this view, and myself and one other person actually based a term project on a pedestrian network to connect the new stadium site with the waterfront trails. Make the city, and the games, and the new home for the Ticats, walkable!

  • Phil Penner says,

    West is best! Putting a stadium in the suburbs is 1950's thinking. Those pushing the "driveway to driveway " mantra are living in the past. And just how will people drive there - on the Red Hill Valley Floodway?

    Stick with your original decision. Get a backbone, city council!

  • Ryan Danks says,

    The stadium should be a legacy for the next century, not a monument to failed urban design from the previous one.

    Locating the stadium in an suburban area, far removed from public transit and the heart of our city sends the worst possible message to other developers. It tells them that even City Council has given up on downtown.

    If our tax dollars are paying the bulk of the costs then it should be in a location that maximizes the benefits to the city, not those of a single tenant.

    The West Harbour site could be a catalyst for the renaissance of our downtown, but East Mountain site would be the final nail in it's coffin

  • John Bak says,

    The West Harbour Lands are the best choice. Ignore the proposal by the Tiger-Cats,Carmens, Turkstra, they are only thinking of how it will profit them, not what is good for Hamilton.

  • James Smith says,

    The west harbour site will be a showcase for Hamilton, bringing people and new business to the downtown core. Parking should not be the issue here. The existing parking distrubuted within a 15 minute walk of the stadium will not only accomodate those that drive in, but also promote interaction with downtown businesses, restaurants etc as patrons walk to-from the stadium. The future should include improved public transit, not bringing more cars into the core. The mountain site does nothing for Hamilton's future growth.

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