The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • Doug Baker says,

    My wife and I were born and raised in the City of Hamilton. We both worked our entire careers within the city's boundaries. When married over 30 years ago we first moved to the downtown area and came to love the convenience of being able to walk to everything ! Restaurants, galleries, theatres, sporting events, cultural events, recreational activities - it was all there on our doorstep. Subsequent moves over the years have seen us stay within walking distance of the downtown core and with our recent retirements from the work force we have already planned ahead and purchased our post-retirement residence right back where we started as newly-weds overlooking Hamilton's magnificent waterfront. It has been amazing to watch the transformation of Hamilton's waterfront over those last 30 years. What a wonderful gift that all of Hamilton's citizens and visitors are able to enjoy. We were so excited when we first heard that City Council had made the decision to build the Pan Am Complex as a continuation of the waterfront development. What a fantastic opportunity for people to come to the city and experience everything that the area has to offer. Several weeks ago we attended the Elton John concert at Copps Coliseum. As we walked down Bay Street approaching Main - there was a vibrancy in the air. The sidewalks were full. It was amazing to see the crowds approaching Bay Street as they headed east and west along King. Once inside while waiting for the concert to begin we chatted with those around us. People from Guelph and Brantford and even Toronto shared their stories of coming in early and eating dinner before the concert. Hess Village restaurants were full of concert-goers. Imagine the same scenario of crowds attending sporting events at a new stadium in the West Harbour. The nay-sayers in this city point out the parking and traffic logistics as impediments to the West Harbour site but just imagine the possibilities of having a stadium so close to public transportation and the downtown core. What could I possibly see or visit before or after having to "drive" to an East Mountain site other than "more of the same" BIG BOX strip malls and 2nd rate chain restaurants. The West Harbour site is an opportunity for the City of Hamilton to do something right for our present citizens and for our future generations. Our elected officials must make the right decision and stay with their original plans to revitalize the downtown area and continue the improvements to the waterfront making the area a true people place. The building of the stadium is about far more than the Hamilton Tiger Cats Football Club. It is about ALL citizens and the future of our city.

  • eileen collins says,

    Any business person who wants to put in almost 7000 parking spots that will be used less than 14 days a year must be living in the 1980's. The Harbour site gives us an opportunity to make an environmentally friendly rejuvenation to our city. The Future funds should not be used for anything else. Our part of the PanAm Games was awarded to the City of Hamilton - not to the Tiger Cats!!

    Thank you for your efforts in trying to promote common sense and avoid a huge mistake!

  • Elise de Stein says,

    I am one of many concerned citizens of this city who is appalled that the decision to build the stadium on the west harbour land is now under reconsideration. I think it would be extremely unfortunate if City Council gave in to blackmail and reversed the decision.

    Yes, the Hamilton Tiger Cats are an institution, but one that I truly believe is not really relevant to the majority of our citizens today. I think that the decision on the location of the stadium should be based on the best interests of the city and the people who actually live here. Ten games a year doesn't qualify!

    The City has done an incredible job over the past decade in developing the waterfront area and making it into a people-place. There is obviously still more to be done and I think the stadium should figure prominently in those plans.

    I hardly think that a stadium built on the east mountain is going to attract visitors to this city and make them want to come again. The Pan-Am games will give us an incredible opportunity to show off the hidden beauty of Hamilton, but only if the site is wisely chosen.

  • cath bradt says,

    We are being sidetracked and hijacked by special interests. Come on City Hall show some backbone!

  • James Fyshe says,

    We cannot, once again, fail to take advantage of an historic opportunity to move our City in a visionary way.

    If you look at a comparable city in the U.S., Pittsburgh, you will see that they have three stadiums in the downtown area. Pittsburgh, not Buffalo, with a stadium in the suburbs, is a model which we should emulate.

    Attending a sporting event is an experience. It is not simply a drive to some distant location with no ambiance to watch a game and then a drive home. The City gets very little back from a stadium that is not part of a wider social fabric.

    We need leadership on an this issue. Are we to plan our city based upon the interests of one entrepreneur? Is his contribution to the City worth abandoning what we have been told time and time again by the experts is the right choice for a stadium?

    Often the best choices are the more difficult ones. I hope the Council does not let us down on this one.

  • Gregg Taylor says,

    I am writing you to urge you in the strongest possible terms not to capitulate in the stadium fight. It may seem like the easy thing to do, to fall in line and settle for an East Mountain site that tells downtown and the waterfront to go to blazes once again, but to do so would be a crime which your city will not forget nor forgive.

    A new stadium at the West Harbour site is about city-building. About the future of the waterfront and downtown, the core which desperately needs to be strengthened if the entire city is to grow and succeed.

    Abandoning this vision to build a stadium beside a highway means taking tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money and giving it as a gift to a private business, as the Ti-Cats are the only beneficiaries. If you must pillage the Future fund and hand it to a private business, perhaps you could choose one that employs more Hamiltonians? Or pays them a living wage? Or contributes to the cultural growth and development of Hamilton?

    In the end, however, that is not what this tax money is for. It was there for you to make a bold decision to build the kind of city people wish to live in. To abandon that now would be cowardly. The City of Hamilton would be better off with no new stadium at all than to be revealed as an institution devoid of courage, vision or spine.

  • Gord and Angie McNulty says,

    We support the west harbour for the reasons outlined by Storm Cunningham, Paul Wilson, and others. The idea of developing a stadium in a brownfield site, as opposed to the urban sprawl entailed by the East Mountain, is a key factor. We believe that fans will go to Ticat games at the west harbour and that car accessibility is over-rated. Major sporting and recreational events always attract crowds. Just look at the Canada Day fireworks in the harbour or at Niagara Falls. People continue to enjoy those events, every year, regardless of the crowds and "congestion."
    An attractive west harbour stadium, we are sure, will attract corporate sponsors. It's noteworthy that The Spectator's John Kernaghan had a story, published May 30, 2009, stating that "A corporate sponsor is waiting in the wings to pay $25 million for naming rights on a new Hamilton stadium to house the Tiger-Cats. Two highly placed sources confirmed the unnamed corporation would provide half the money needed to upgrade a 2015 Pan Ams Game stadium."
    We are Tiger-Cat fans and have season's tickets but we don't agree with the position taken by the team against the west harbour. In fact, we're not convinced that an East Mountain stadium will necessarily be more viable for the team. Such a site may prove expensive for many Ticat fans who, once having arrived in the area, may not like the idea of paying for parking at the massive parking lot proposed, on top of their game ticket.
    We definitely prefer the west harbour site from an environmental and city-building perspective. Once it is built, we would be surprised if the Ticats chose to play elsewhere.
    Let's make the west harbour vision a reality!

  • hal Bradt says,

    The future of downtown Hamilton is on the table. My vote in the next election will be based on the commitment to revitalize the downtown core which includes the west harbor stadium site. A private enterprise has no business interfering. This was about the Pan Am games downtown Hamilton and our Tax dollars. If the Ti-Cats want a stadium, build one where they wish with their own money.

  • Rebecca Hammond says,

    As a local property owner I regard the placement of the future Pan-AM/Ticats home in the West Harbour to, perhaps, be the most significant decision that will decide the future of this city. It is integral that this opportunity to catalyse rejuvination and rebirth of the city core not be missed.

    As councillors and key decision-makers, I ask you to please support the original plan, one that is well thought out and in line with both the City and Province's plan for increased intensification and sustainable communities. I offer you support and solidarity with the tens of thousands of other supporters who share a common vision for the city we call home.


    Rebecca Hammond

  • Paul Williamson says,

    I believe any plans for a new stadium in Hamilton must fit into the long term plans to revitalize the water front and downtown. If the new stadium does not advance these two key objectives than Hamilton should pass on the stadium and let some other city host the track and field events. Many cities have been successful placing large stadiums in the close vicinity of their downtown, why not Hamilton.

    The City of Hamilton does not have the resources to be building a stadium in the suburbs for the Tiger Cats. The stadium funds being allocated are for the revitalization of the waterfront and downtown, not the east mountain. Fred needs to step-up and make this point perfectly clear to Bob Young and the Tiger Cats.

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