The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • Lech Rokicki says,

    I do not care for Tiger cats, what I care is what's the best for our city and future developement and comunity needs. West harbour is the best location

  • ByeBye Ticats says,

    I don't really understand why City Hall is debating the two sites at all. It really makes no difference to 95% of Hamiltonians what the Ticats have to say.

    The reality is that the downtown core is a dump and needs revitalization in major ways. The Pan Am games is a great start at the West Harbour. I live on the mountain and have zero interest in higher taxes and a stadium plopped beside the home depot because Bob Young has a problem with the downtown location.

    City hall can stop wasting my money as well. Debating on something that was already decided. You want a debate? Let the people paying for it vote on the two locations and I think it'll be quite obvious that the east mountain isn't happening.

    Businesses... and I mean big businesses are the key to revitalization. Do you think I like to commute 3 hours a day so I can provide a good life for my family? No. I commute to Toronto because you can't make a six figure salary in the armpit of Ontario. Unless you are a Doctor or Lawyer you there are zero high paying jobs in the city. Bring the offices here... attract professionals to work there... it drives up property values, tax revenue, and will eventually bring the sad excuse that we call a downtown to a standard that is acceptable.

    Oddly enough... I don't do anything government or entertainment related in the lower city and yet I still pay 5,000 dollars in property tax every year to live 15kms away from houses that aren't worth 5,000 dollars to purchase. Who wants to drive down barton street and see people living in store fronts? Crack houses? Or maybe the downtown is dead because our wonderful city hall decided it was ok to flood downtown with halfway houses. I don't know many people that are interested in viewing or experiencing violence when the go out for entertainment.

    Bottom line - tell the ticats to move or fold. City hall get your act together you bunch of useless clowns.

  • Jeffrey James Taylor says,

    Lets not rush into things, the east has pleanty to offer before & after a Ti-Cat game, I understand Home Depot are bringing in a sausage cart & a pop machine for fine dining choices,I'm sure there's a bookstore up there that can sell coffee & muffins for the eat 'n dash crowd.Some folks are never happy !

    There is only one sensible choice, the WEST site is the only site that will provide everything required plus getting rid of brownfields that could sit for years otherwise,it's our choice, our city, our future, council please approve the WEST site.

  • Terry T says,

    I say build two stadiums..One for soccer on the west harbour for an eventual natural grass MLS franchise for 15-20K fans(can you imagine Toronto FC and Hamilton United!!!) and build a stadium on the east mountain for Field turf football with the Tiger Cats (30k ppl stadium thats made simple with not two much frills but expand luxuries for the fans when the team makes money)...Bob could own both or one and let the Katz Group own the other and Copps and run events and concerts out of all on the mountain and on the harbour. City of Hamilton collects the taxes. Problem solved!!

  • Patricia Delmonaco says,

    August 6, 2010
    I fully support a Professional event such as the Pan Am Games to be held in 2015, to be performed in a Urban Stadium site, not a
    suburban area.
    Thank you.

  • Ray Mitton says,



    ALEX & RAY



  • Anthony Biggs says,

    Im a younger citizen and I have to say I wish I could have grown up in the city that my parents talk of. Hamilton 30 years ago evidently had a thriving and vibrant downtown. I realize that economic hardships have largely been the reason. However, I also feel that suburbanization has also crippled our downtown. Theyre are whole parts of my family who never leave the mountain because the downtown has that bad a reputation. Having the stadium at the Harbour will both bring desperately needed business to that struggling area, while also encourage families to use public transportation, thus helping to also combat Hamiltons reputation of a polluted industrial city. Finally, it seems that two options are largely between a taxpayers location vs a private company. If the taxpayers are building the stadium, than we should choose where it goes. The franchise should be able to use its money and bribe their option into reality.

  • Liane Carruthers says,

    I cannot believe this is even up for debate! Think of the television exposure when the camera pans up to show the stadium location at the west harbour. What a view!

  • Stephen Bartlett says,

    Here's the text of two emails I sent to the Spec regarding columns published August 6:

    To Emma Reilly: "Why is anyone in Hamilton even listening to this guy [Bob Young]? He has provided us with nothing but a civic embarrassment for years. If he wants a personal playground for a bunch of pantywaisted losers, he can go and build it with his own money. Preferably as far away from Hamilton as possible."

    To Paul Wilson: "I definitely support the west harbour location; if we are going to go into millions of dollars of debt for some nonsensical “games”, then the white elephant may as well be downtown. The crackheads can shuffle between the stadium and Jackson Square, and the panhandlers can have one more venue to drive people away from. What I fail to understand is why the Ticats are even part of the debate. It’s not like they can do their job, which is playing football. They’ve been lousy at that for years. If Bob Young wants a personal playground, he can use his own money and build it wherever he likes. Considering the product he has to pitch, he might as well build it in Moose Factory."

  • michelle stark says,

    Let's take this opportunity to make the Waterfront, and the Downtown, a better place for ourselves and for all future generations of Hamiltonians. The stadium is the catalyst we need to make it happen. Go West Harbour!

  • Derek Anderson says,

    Maybe Mr. Young (owner of the Hamilton Tiger Cats) has his own best interest in mind, but the facts show that he does not have the best interest of the city in mind. I think it's important that Hamiltonians not allow the pull of one wealthy (self-interested) voice to sway the debate away from what is best for all citizens and all tax payers.

  • Elaine Principi says,

    I have always enjoyed the many blocks we walk through old downtown neighbourhoods to get to a Ti-Cat game at ivor Wynne. Being connected to the people of this city is what makes it great. I took the time to drive to the proposed east mountain site - there is no people connection there. The west harbour site can help us build back that personal connection in the downtown core.
    From a Ti-cat season ticket holder.

  • Wendy Johncox says,

    The stadium in west Hamilton has the potential to revitalize the north end by providing spin-off business and community opportunities, better transit, and removal of a brownfield site.

  • Harvey Greer says,

    given the present status of this on-going debate, my wife & I think the City should compromise their position by voting for a stadium which will be supported by the Ti-Cats & at the same time going forward with other plans for some different sports facility &/or residential or condo housing at the west harbour. Please don't risk both the Pan-Am plus the Ti-Cats, plus Government funding!

  • jim evans says,

    bob young has given this city some of the worst football we have ever seen.why are people listening to him when his lack of knowledge in the sports field is so evident

  • Glenn Barrett says,

    Choosing a site for this stadium, should come down simply to which site is the best use of public money - since that is how it will largely be financed.

    It has been said by others before me that the east mountain is NOT in need of an injection of public money - plenty of private developments are currently underway building up and paving over former natural areas and farm fields. Brownfield redevelopment in the older parts of this City is where public money should be directed.

    One needs only to look down the road to Toronto to see that costly stadiums do not hold their value but they do increase the value of surrounding lands and spur on increased development in an area(ie. SkyDome built in 1990s for $550,000,000 (most from province, feds and City of Toronto); sold in 2004 to a private company (Rogers) for $25,000,000). However, the vision and investment by various levels of government to re-use an industrial site to build the SkyDome downtown made Toronto much more liveable of a city than if public money had been used to build their stadium on the edge of town.

    West Harbour is where this stadium belongs.

  • Virginia Geffros says,

    West Harbour all the way! We don't need a stadium in the boonies where only out-of-towners will go. We need a stadium that is part of the community of Hamilton; that will bring life and excitement to the lower city and to highlight the beauty of our waterfront. I can walk or cycle to the West Harbour. I will not be driving to a stadium in the boonies!

  • Paul Sakalauskas says,

    I have been a fan of Bob Young since he took over the Tiger Cats. Now I don't understand where he is coming from. It is documented that he stated his team will play any where the city builds the stadium and now his management team says the Ticats will never play in a West Harbour facility. I wish Mr. Young would address this change of direction.

    I am a life long resident of Hamilton. In my younger years I lived in the core and walked to every game I attended. I never have taken a car to the stadium. I now live on the east mountain and when I attend a game, I drive down but will not park near the stadium. I usually park over a kilometer away and walk. The east mountain site has no way of accessing the area on foot. There are no side walks, the roads are busy and it is very commercial with strip malls that contain businesses that do not foster a desire for social interaction in the area.

    The west harbour site will have access to restaurants that could be utilized before and after the game. It is definetly conducive to a more people orientated event. Montreal's football stadium is a great example- it has all that. A great view, a downtown core - cafes and restaurants and NO PARKING. They sell out games because it is a great place to go. They even have a winning football team.(something Mr. Mitchell should focus on instead of threatening a community with and ultimatum of pulling the team out)

    As stated before, I live closer to the East Mountain site but I will think twice about going to a game there. Maybe I could go to the hardware store near the proposed east mountain site after a game and pick up a box of nails---na! still does nothing for me.

  • David Kelly says,

    I live near the proposed east mountain location and it would be awful for residents to deal with. Whereas a downtown location could do so much to revitalize and redevelop a great downtown shopping and entertainment district.

  • Drew Stonehouse says,

    Personally I don't care where the stadium goes. The whole process has been an embarrassment that hopefully the city council will have to answer for come election time.

  • Ann Clark says,

    I have lived and worked in the Hamilton area for over 45 years. I love this city and strongly believe the stadium should and MUST be located at the West Harbour!!! The potential is unbelievable.
    This is what the downtown area needs. Our downtown is alive with Arts and Culture and we need to keep the positive energy that it has been experiencing over the last 5 years, and for the future.

    Bob Young has been quoted as saying buying the Tiger Cats has been the worst business decision he has ever made. Don't let this guy bully us. Please tell me what the East Mountain location is going to do to help him? (What will stop him from pulling out of the East Location after it's built?) This will not help the team to win a game. The Tiger Cats will not have my support.
    The only people who will benefit from the East Mountain stadium are people that can afford the cars and gas, the increased ticket prices, parking fees, overpriced food/beverages and may not consider the pollution and environmental need a car to get there period.
    Let us make the right choice for ALL the Hamilton citizens.

  • eric bumbaca says,

    im tired of this i support the west harbour actuly i like the whitestar proposle

  • Kathy Woodard says,

    I believe the future of the City is having the stadium at the west harbour location. There are wonderful things now in the north end of the City and I believe it would improve the reputation of the area. With respect to the Ti-Cats, I know there are a lot of people who take public transit and with the QEW being close I think transportation in that area is good. I wouldn't personally be able to attend games on a regular basis without public transit being readily available. I hope City council sticks to its original plan and trust that Bob Young and the Cats realize that the Hammer needs to have a stadium for the people, near the people, the way it is now at Ivor Wynne.


  • Laura Hladki says,

    In order to revitalize our decaying downtown core, the stadium needs to be built at the West Harbour site.

  • Felicia Radassao says,

    Although I live in the East end on the mountain, I rather the stadium be located at the West end. I enjoy football, and I would definitely go to the games even if the stadium is in the West end.

    The City core is loosing money as more and more people live in the suburbs and spend more outside the City core. If the stadium is located at the West end, more money would be spent where it should be spent; the City core. Us Hamiltonians should support our City core and by supporting the stadiums location at the West end, we are taking a big step to changing out downtown home for the better.

  • scott robinson says,

    I fully support the west harbour for the new stadium as it will revitalization the downtown core! Why would they put it on the mountain i dont know but its to far in the middle of no where and i for one will never go to a ti-cat game again if the stadium is placed on the Mountain, i think its wrong that the ti-cats are saying they wont play if its put where they dont want it.... City of Hamilton should have never opend their doors to this debate and just built it at the west harbour anyway, now i can see Hamilton losing a good thing once again.

  • Nick Mattina says,

    Seems like all side have lost focus on what's really going on. The mayor wants west harbour, the cats want east mountain. both sides should be fighting for the same cause, getting more funds to build a world class stadium. I do like the west harbour. growing up near there, this old area needs a major boost to what it once was. If the staduim was to be built there, it would slowly boost the city to what used to be the ambitious city. resturants, retail will slowing gain popularity. Up in the east mountain, all i see is isolation. the people of burlington Oakville, and west hamilton, will find it hard to drive and sit in traffic awaiting to et to the east mountain. when we lost the 2010 commonwealth games, the proposal was was for a stadium at the west habour.

    as for the cats, they want it up on the east mountain because their sponsoe PRIMUS wants their name on the stadium. do you really think city hall will allow the CATS to pocket the advertisement money Primus is willing to pay for the stadium naming rights!!!!!

  • Jonathan Keast says,

    The stadium in the east mountain will be EMPTY.I will not go there. $20 cab ride minimum, no one will go. But if I could walk down from Hess etc. souds appealing doesn't it?? Bob Young will try to sell the team when the stadium is being built to cut his loses. Let him walk. His opinion doesn't matter anymore and he's making Hamilton look foolish. Build in the WEST with a stadium design to easily expand. Outdoor concerts YAAA! We will get another CFL team. The CFL can't live without the HAMMER!!!

  • Ray Love says,

    This needs to be built where we all know is the right location. I don't think its fair for the ticats to complain about this. They seem to be so wrapped up in parking. There is plenty of parking within 10 minutes of the stadium location. If they had a parking lot for 200 cars onsite and the rest spread out it would be better then what they have at the current location.

    Anyway you will see more of my thoughts in the letters to th editor in mondays spec.