The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Maria McDonagh says,

    The City Council needs to stop worrying about the Tiger-Cats and listen to the people who pay the taxes and place the stadium at the West Harbour location.

  • Franklin DOUGLAS Elliott says,

    I totally support the motion for the West Harbour Pan AM Games Stadium. I welcome the invitation to the Ham. Tiger Cats to be a community Partner. Having listened to Bob Young and company, I do however expect that the Tiger Cats and the CFL want total control over everything concerned with the teams location, with little or know concern for Hamilton's Populous in General. They seem to be only concerned for themselves and their investment. What about my taxes that I have paid for almost 50 years. Doesn't that count for anything. Don't I, and my fellow Hamiltonian's count for anything. Believe it or not, Not everyone in this city cares about football or any sports. However we still support it, and inevitably pay for it with our yearly Donations.

    F. Douglas Elliott, cfos, acp

  • Doris Shields says,

    In spite of Hamilton City Council's voting on this on August 10th., it seems the Federal Gov., & The Provincial Liberals have ganged up on us, & decided for us!
    I urge City Council to reject this ultimatum from 'outside forces'! We are still a democracy!
    If Hamilton is not given the choice of locations,then as far as I'm concerned Harper, McGuinty, & the Pan Am Games Committee can go straight to Hell & put the damned stadium THERE!

  • sam dick says,


  • Peter Gillespie says,

    Most fans walk to the games who is going to walk up the mountain the west is the best site by a mile and even the city already voted on it where was the ticat caretaker when all this was going on?Please Bob take your losing team away and save the games for Hamilton.

  • Marilyn Battaglia says,

    West Harbour!!!!

  • Anthony Rogers says,

    It's a terrific legacy for the city and by keeping it downtown it provides an opportunity to build community, enhance transit and make use of a brownfield rather than greenspace.

  • ed karl says,

    I support the WH stadium location and see it as part of Hamilton's future rejuvenation.

  • David Lark says,

    Hamilton needs to give some energy to an potentially viable and strong downtown core. A stadium is the start of a shift of public emotion, business ventures, and individual/cultural expression towards the center of our city. Ever since the developments in suburbian Hamilton began everything in this city has been about expanding on the outskirts, while we see our inner core dissolve away. Government inaction, business stubborness, and a lack of municipal backbone lets businesses walk all over the citizens and taxpayers of Hamilton. A firm YES! to West Harbour says YES! council can answer the city's needs and not businesses wants, YES! they care about their constituents and fans, and YES! we are capable of doing what we need to do when we need to do it. All of these are signs of a BIG CITY and a city that can manage the inherent troubles that would be associated with an NHL team. I am tired of the municipal government hiding behind our tax dollars and bending at any sign of wind from businesses, even when it is just from the words that are coming out of their mouth. We need a government who will take control, take action, and start actually believing in those things that they preach.

  • Robert Glaister says,

    Let's rejuvenate downtown...

  • Liz Gosse says,

    In order to show the Ti Cats that we want them in the West, come to the games, wear shirts saying "West Harbour Front" but sit to the north so Mr. Young can see you from his box seats. Bring your family, friends, and cheer on the TiCats to show your support for the team and the downtown!

  • Pat Whitfield says,

    I did not elect the Tiger Cats to run my city I elected The Mayor and my Councillor ( Mr.s Eiosenberg and Bratina). It is their recomendation (with the rest of Council) which matters, not Mr Young. If Mr Young and the Ti-cats want to take their ball and play someplace other than the west harbour location good luck to them and hasta la vista.

  • Philip Wiersma says,

    Imagine what downtown Toronto would be like if the Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, and BMO Field were located in Scarborough? Think about how many people are drawn into and live in the central business district, as a result of these facilities, and the dynamic and vibrant district that is supported as a result, where people can live, work, and play.

    People are the key to the resurrection or demise of downtown Hamilton. Without sufficient numbers of people living downtown, the core will continue to stagnate. A stadium in the west end is another contributing factor making the core an attractive place to live, complimenting Copps Colosseum / Hess Village / Pier 4, supporting a dence urban form, which in turn supports initiatives for rapid public transportation.

  • McKinley Jacqueline says,

    The new stadium is another vital part of helping to sustain our downtown.

  • Victoria Guagliano says,

    Yes, The west harbour is the best location for our future stadium! Let this logical development be an important aspect of on-going revitalization of our downtown core.

  • Michael Gemmell says,

    The unique opportunity to clean up a brownfield development, using public funds particularly, should trump any private interest.

  • Randolph Wight says,

    In order to move Hamilton forward the only place for the new stadium is the West harbour,period.This is more than just a "football" team and I find it unconsionable that this man and his cronies want to pave over valuable greenfields with the misconception he will be able to make more money for himself.Put a winning team on the field and the fans will go anywhere.This is our chance to clean up the west harbour and make Hamilton whole again and realize our potential.Thank you

  • Terry T says,

    I say build TWO stadiums..One for soccer on the west harbour for an eventual natural grass MLS franchise for 15-20K fans(can you imagine Toronto FC and Hamilton United!!!...check out the new PPL Park Stadium in Philadelphia. It's amazing) and build a stadium on the east mountain for Field turf football with the Tiger Cats (30k ppl stadium thats made simple with not two much frills but expand luxuries for the fans when the team makes money)...Bob could own both or the one on the mountain and let the Katz Group own the other with Copps and run events and concerts out of all on the mountain and on the harbour. City of Hamilton collects the taxes. Problem solved!!

  • Sylvia Toffoletti says,

    A stadium in the West Harbour location will make a stronger, more vibrant downtown Hamilton.

  • Jason Ward says,

    money should be spent as intended to develop and stimulate our own enconomy. Not to cater to a losing franchise that probaly costs us more money to keep than it should.

  • Joe Gaetan says,

    I don't know exactly why but I believe the West Harbour is the right place for the stadium. Imagine the ACC or the Rogers Centre out in the middle of a field somewhere in East Toronto.The future for venues such as this, is about being close to public transit,the closer the better. People opting for the East location need to take a Go train ride to and FC game to see why.Hamilton you have one shot at this don't let the process be highjacked by narrow thinking.

  • Sandra Nolan says,

    Many season ticket holders will be lost if it goes to the east mountain. Great opportunity for business in the downtown core to increase and make it a great place to be once again.

  • Brody Gardiner says,

    I like the West harbour site cause of its pontential to the downtown but I hope the city would still find ways of improving downtown. Like the building of Permiter Road which would connect the QEW and 403.. The construction of Light rail and demolish of more brow sites near by to build parking.. If all these were done then everybody would support the West Harbour. Yes it costs lots of money and takes time but Rome wasn't built in a day..

  • Liham Quinn says,


  • Helen Downey says,

    Don't waste another opportunity to big up this beautiful city, and to make our waterfront somewhere where people want to go!

  • Pam Rathbone says,

    This is a great opportunity for the city and people of Hamilton to make a statement of what direction we want our city to move in. I hope that the members of the City Council do not succumb to private interests, and allow our city to be hijacked by private, self-serving interests that do not hold the best interests of our city as a whole at heart. As a long standing Tiger-Cat supporter I hope that the team (specifically the upper management) can move out of their narrow view and embrace this city, as the city has done for them throughout their history.

  • Tim Tim Bullock says,

    The stadium in west harbour is a piece of the big puzzle for downtown and the harbour. Cleans up a mess and brings people downtown which helps all existing businesses whether on King, Main, Hess, James or John. Creates new opportunities between downtown and the harbour. It does not preclude residential.

  • Dennis O'Brien says,

    What's good for the core is good for the suburbs! Let's do what's right for Hamilton.

  • ByeBye Ticats says,

    Hey •Chris Brennan -

    People renting apartment don't pay tax. Property tax is paid by owners of property. Not renters. The company who owns your building pays tax and may offset the cost in your rent but guess what? They get the say as they can smash the building down because you don't own it. Once you INVEST in the city you can have a say in what goes on. Renters are not investors as there is zero ROI.

    Keep that stadium off the mountain and people like this guy out of my area.

  • Chris Brennan says,

    All apt. dwellers here in our fine city have a voice aswell, because unknown to most we pay taxes that is included in our rent.With that been said I would hope those city councillors that I helped get elected will be there in support of our Mayor that has a good vision for Our Hamilton as Mayor Vic Copps once had back in the day when Hamilton was a vibrant city and it's core was always full of people 7days a week.