The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • Linda Hall says,

    The Feds and the Province pulling funding for the west harbour stadium is a real game-changer.

    Originally, for me, it was all about civic inclusion, the legacy that the track and field stadium would leave in our community and the contribution that the stadium would make as a piece of Hamilton downtown revitalization.

    This change-up with the other levels of government interfering in our local decision-making is wrong on so many levels. It demonstrates a disrespect for the decision-making process our community undertook, it prorogues democracy, it smacks of political corruption, it ........

    Whatever your take is on this abberation, I urge everyone who has commented on this website, to rechannel their interest and passion for this city, and contact the politicians to let them know that we definitely are not satisfied!

    Here's what I wrote to Council earlier today. Shortly, I will be contacting the Federal and Provincial politicians.

    One last push to stand up for Hamilton. See you at the rally!

    Dear Councilors,

    Our Future Fund money can NOT go towards building a stadium on the east mountain for the Tiger-Cats. People in this community are OUTRAGED that the Federal and Provincial governments have taken our local decision-making away. The big issue here is suspending or proroguing democracy; the immediate issue is making sure that the City of Hamilton retains control over our Future Fund. We say NO to an east mountain stadium; we say NO to private business calling the shots with our own money; we say NO to spending our Future Fund money on anything except a project that will help to revitalize the core of our city!

    And what's more, we will not believe you if you try to pull a "Sophia" telling us that the decision has been taken out of your hands by higher levels of government. To the contrary, this decision, this ETHICAL and MORAL decision now sits squarely in front of YOU, our locally elected representatives. The Feds and the Province are already demonstrating their disrespect for the process our community has undertaken, and flaunting their arrogance in assuming that they know what is best (for private interests, obviously not for us!). Incredulously, they lack any kind of INTEGRITY to do the right thing for the citizens of this community. If you try try the same thing we will NOT stand for it! Judgment day is coming for all of you in October, and you better believe that we will remember whether you are putting this community first when you vote on Tuesday.

    ABORT the stadium plan for ANY location in Hamilton. PROTECT our Future Fund so that we can make a real difference for our community.

    Linda Hall

  • Jeanette Greig says,

    Look no further than David Braley on this one. Senator Braley. He is one of Ontario's largest independent land owners. Hmmm? What lands on the East Mountain does he own that are near the stadium location? He also owns two CFL teams. He is the person who convinced Bob Young to rescue the Tiger Cats. Maybe he feels he owes him something after Bob's years of losses? People like this believe to their core that they are very different from you and I. Did we vote for you Senator Braley? Please, in all your wisdom, please keep telling us what is best for us you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !

  • Wally Stadnicki says,

    I have been a fan of the team since the late fifties when I saw my first game at Civic Stadium under the lights. I believe this makes me a fan of the Ticats longer than Bob Young. I have also been a lifelong resident of the city and have had the misfortune of watching the urban renewal debaucle amongst other missteps taken by our city fathers and what effect these have had on the downtown area.(How's that whole mega mall thing on the mountain working for you?) I applaud those city politicians who are in support of the West Harbour site.
    You would think that we should be used to it by now, having been pushed around by big business (see our NHL team). Now we get to enjoy being told what to do in a very blatant fashion by not just one, but two levels of government. Enough is enough.
    Do we need the Pan Am games or the Ticats? I think not. I believe there's not much left to say except "Dear Mr. Young. Here's your red hat, what's your hurry?"

  • Bob McCormack says,

    I support our city and have done so for over sixty years. When something is wrong it must be corrected and in this case the city is wrong. They have had numerous opportunities to make the right decisions and have errored every time. This is why the Federal government & Provincial governments have stepped in.
    Where are the city's success srories.
    The Eaton's Centre - No
    One way Streets - No
    Copp's Colussium - No
    Convention Centre - No
    Royal Connaught Hotel - No
    Lake Ontario Water Front - No
    Do we have any success stories?
    What cities have a Stadium within 1- 2 miles of their city center (CITY HALL)?
    Goggle Dallas Cowboys Stadium. This is the most expensive stadium ever builtand it is not located within the city limits but is selling out.
    Check out all the big stadiums and their location to that city's CITY HALL?
    Being a businessman in Hamilton and paying taxes on 4 properties I fell I have a say on where my tax dollars are sent.
    Has everyone that is voicing an opinion visited the present stadium, West Harbour, and East Mountain locations and driven the surrounding roads and area. I have. The roads in the West Harbour comes in last, Ivor Wynn is next and the East Mountain is by far the best with no more roads being added as everyone says is required.
    Development of the East Mountain is shovel ready and the land is available for sale. Signs are up right now.
    The city knows this land and I would hope they did their home work and put in the proper services when they did the road work for the present homes, box stores, business locations in the last 5 years, or is this another example of the city blowing it with poor planning and poor tax dollars being spent.
    What successes have occurred in the West Harbour area in the last 5 years that would make me want to go there for any reasons?
    Why did the city pay so much for land that has potential toxic Waste without doing an enviromental study.
    Every property I purchase I have a study done on it even when it is Green Wheat Fields or Farm Land.
    The City would be better served with housing, parks, Veldrone and Amplithreatre in the West Harbour.
    Make the stadium issue a success and not another white elephant.

  • susan preston says,

    I am very upset that the Federal Government has interfered in this way. I read, listened and talked about the location for many hours over the last few weeks and came to the decision that West Harbour was the spot to be. Living in Aldershot, it would be great to take the GO train to Liuna (once it extends to there) or hop a bus on Plains Road or drive and walk a few blocks as we do now for the games.

  • Mary Flynn says,

    Whereas, if the East Mountain site is chosen, Hamilton would be one of the only cities in North America to build a suburban stadium in this day and age, and it would send a very poor, regressive message about Hamilton around North America, impacting our ability to retain the best and brightest talent who seek progressive dynamic cities in which to live

  • Rosemary Wright says,

    I think we should withdraw from the Pan Am games & offer to upgrade
    Ivor Wynne Stadium (which has no parking).

    If the greedy CATS want what they want or they will take their ball & go elsewhere - SO BE IT - Just what are we teaching our children by this dictatorship of our government? Just because Mr Braley used to own the Cats & is an owner of two other clubs doesn't make him GOD. Talk about corruption! Hamilton is always treated like we don't count - first for hockey & now this? DISGUSTING

    I never was so ashamed to be a Canadian in my entire life - never thought I would ever live to see the day we would be dictated to in this manner. We must stand up to these government bullies. First Mr Harper perogues parliament whenever he feels like it & we just sit by & are stunned by his moves - then McGinty shoves the HST down our throats & tries to slip through the Eco Tax like we are idiots & won't notice? Then the baloney of all the arrests of innocent people in Toronto - we must stop this NOW - or - if we just do what we always do gripe & grouse among ourselves & not stand up for our rights then we are going to be buldozed over again & again.

    It will be too late to take back our rights & freedoms if we don't fight to keep them now.

    They have gone too far this time.

  • Anne Marie Moore says,

    Wow! I feel this whole discussion has been in a tail spin and it's difficult to keep up. Since when do private interests over ride the common good Mr. Young ? I live on the east mountain and nobody asked me if I wanted this in my neighbourhood. I DO NOT! What happened to developing brown spaces and making Hamilton an environmentally safe and lovely city.We were heading in the right direction until the carpet was pulled out from under us.
    This city belongs to Hamiltonians, we pay the taxes and we live here.I have never heard that the Tiger Cats have been of economic benefit to this city.We always seem to be bailing out.
    The federal government has skewed us once again and not given a tangible reason for their decision.How unusual. Sorry Mayor Eisenberger, please keep fighting forus!

    Proud Hamiltonian Anne Marie Moore

  • Ken Burlock says,

    Very disappointed that the Federal and Provincial government pulled their funding of the West Harbour site. Having lived in the area (Hughson St. N.)I realized the value of developing the north end to help Hamilton truly realize its potential. As an invaluable addition to the improvement work that has been in place for quite some time I could see the changes migrating towards the south. Unfortunately taht will be delayed.

  • Poetic Justice says,

    Isn't it ironic that so many people are disgusted because the government is forcing the community in a direction that they don't want to go ... these are the same people that thought nothing of the forced amalgamation of the surrounding rural communities into the city of Hamilton ... what goes around comes around.
    As far as the stadium … Hamilton should withdraw ... forget the games ... if private interest wants an east mountain stadium then let them build it.

  • Brittany V says,

    This is exactly what Hamilton needs to get back on its feet!

  • Jon Clark says,

    Seriously! Earlier this week the federal government suppoerted any location we chose and now it's east mountain only. Thanks.


    West Harbour or NO STADIUM.

    The feds/province can go ahead build the Bob Young Stadium for the Ontario Tiger Cats on their piece of vacant green field...just don't plan on using a cent of the Hamilton future fund dollars...we've got city building plans for that money. And, don't expect Hamilton will pay for any of the infrastructure can have that too.

    The West Harbour site won. Mayor/councillors...for the sake of our collective self respect vote West Harbour Aug 10th and send a strong message to Harper, BraIey and our shameful lying MPPs...get lost and stay out of our business. Stuff your Pan Am games and Bob Young's stadium.

  • Bob Manojlovich says,

    Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2006---

    Greater Golden Horseshoe
    Growth Plan Area
    The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, released on June 16, 2006, is a 25-year plan that aims to:---

    •Revitalize downtowns to become vibrant and convenient centres.---
    •Create complete communities that offer more options for living, working, learning, shopping and playing.---
    •Provide housing options to meet the needs of people at any age.---
    •Curb sprawl and protect farmland and green spaces.---
    •Reduce traffic gridlock by improving access to a greater range of transportation options.

  • sharon/larry allen says,

    Faith in the future of this city demands faith in the downtown. There is no evidence that a west harbour location would fail-but lots of suburban stadium dinosaurs exist in other cities.
    Bob Young is bullying this city and he will not be around to fix the problem if the east mountain site bombs. He thought Aldershot was in Hamilton! This is about the future of the city. Ball clubs come and go.
    I've been going to games for 50 years, but this decision may kill it.
    Hamiltonians don't normally respond well to threats and arrogance. speak up for the west harbour.

  • Jason Bolduc says,

    Just wanted to say that the West Harbor Site will never happen.The Tiger cats want to cater to the upper class Mountain Ritz. Last time i checked the opening of the game had a Steal worker in the opening video. Not some Lawyer or buisness man. I say let them have there wish and watch how much money he loses because his fan's will boycott the games. Then when the Tiger Cats fold in Bankruptcy and have to move im sure the PROVINCE will support the lease agreement. Last time i checked isn't all that land part of the green belt for one and for two was never suppose to be developed into commercial.

  • Chris Calder says,

    I am ashamed and saddened to be a Canadian today.
    Is this still a democratic society or have we slipped into a socialist society?
    Our governments have turned their backs on us. Why?
    Is it because a new stadium venue in southern Ontario would not be in Toronto
    And would be in direct competition with the other major venues in Toronto.
    Maybe because Bob Young is looking to sell the Ticats and the team is worth more if they have a new stadium with parking.
    Maybe our city counsellors should be talking with Katz to get some funding for a west Harper stadium in exchange for naming rights and partial ownership.
    Maybe we could re-name the team the Hamilton Tiger Katz!

  • eric bumbaca says,

    i support the west harbour stadium

  • sarah montana says,

    we need to come together and fight this. what is best for our city should come first! west is best!

  • Corey Wilson says,

    West Harbour all the way! This stadium debate has completely turned me off of Bob Young and the Ticats! I will not be buying any tickets because if Bob Young can't support us, I will not support his wallet!

  • Chris Munz says,

    Here's hoping that the bureaucrats understand that a vibrant downtown is of paramount importance!

  • R J says,

    F U C K HARPER !!

  • Warren Ferguson says,

    East Mountain stadium _will_ bomb. Young really does not know enough about sports ownership. EVERY city out there is putting their stadiums downtown.....Young will never live down an East Mountain stadium. His grave will read "Idiot who wanted East Mountain".

  • Irwin Walker says,

    Choosing East Mountain means abandoning our city.

    Choosing East Mountain means a commercial company runs our city; democracy in Hamilton is dead.

    Now that the Federal Government has end run the local community, please City Council, don't agree to any money for East Mountain Stadium. If Ti-Cats are a decent business they can do it themselves.

  • Barbara Lord says,

    Holding the city hostage at the last minute, instead of working with them as they had said they would do,does nothing to endear the Ticats to the citizens of Hamilton. Paving green space at the top of the mountain would certainly impact the flooding experiences the city is already having. I hope our politicians will stand their ground and do what is best for the city's future, not what will net them short term financing. We already ended up with a hazardous waste dump with an untested liner up here, for that very reason.

  • Nicole McDougall says,

    Putting a stadium in the West Harbour neighbourhood will be a beautiful symbol of urban renewal. I'd really like for people to see more of Hamilton than the industrial blight visible from the highway and the boring box stores and bland subdivisions of the mountain.

  • Alan Aylward says,

    We have been subjected to a back-room political end-run by unknown persons.
    We have no choice but to cut our loses and withdraw from the Pan Am fiasco.
    Our democratic rights have been usurped by private sector interests and clout.
    The game is not over. We have every right as taxpayers to withdraw the monies
    from our Future Fund and reappoint them to city building. If we go into this forced
    undemocratic process, we, and our children and grandchildren, will be paying for
    the rest of our lives. Let's stand up as citizens and say enough is enough. Let's
    become the community of fair-play and put a stop to the the dirty games that
    politicians and private sector enterprises impose on us. Let's stand up as a community
    and say we will not fall victims to the old boy networks that use our taxpayer dollars
    as Friday night poker money. Freeze the Future Funds for downtown development.
    Now that the TiCats have their location, let them foot the bill, find the partners, engage
    the citizens and produce a winning team. There are other options and we are not obliged
    to continue a process that is now soiled and bastardized. Withdraw our taxpayer dollars
    now and show Canadians that we cannot tolerate foul play that favours the private sector
    at our expense. We need to let Canada know that we are the 'hammer' for a reason.
    This community is better than the cheap tricks foisted on us by unsavoury characters
    who can walk away from us any time they wish, without regret, without remorse, and without
    financial burden. Let's make this the End Game, on our terms, with our money and our dignity.

    Written in a state of disgust and fury at how the Feds and Province have denied us our
    democratic rights.

    Alan Aylward/Dundas

  • Adriana Romkes says,

    I have supported the West Harbour location since the idea was put forth (see Hamilton Spectator forums). An idea that had great vision for brownfield redevelopment with great downtown revitalization potential.

    Now that the Federal and Provincial Governments have given Hamilton their ultimatum for an East Mountain location I am most disheartened. Last time I checked, it was our TaxPayer money that would be paying for most of this from all levels on government - and yet they don't bother to put this important issue to vote. Business and politics as usual in the Hammer, sad to say.

  • Richard Rudy says,

    West Hamilton all the way!

  • Maureen Rice says,

    I have been very excited at the prospect of West Harbour development and frustrated by the approach Ticats management and now the Federal Government have taken to oppose this. I don't see how the East Mountain can be considered a "compromise" site as it gives the Ticats everything they want and the city pretty much nothing: no brownfield remediation, no downtown linked development.