The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Kevin Makins says,

    This is one of the most important decisions our city will face in this generation.

    Let's not make rash, emotional decisions: let's plan and act intentionally, and let's make sure our planning if for the future of our city and the people/families who call it home.

  • Melissa Wade says,

    The West Harbour site is without a doubt the more sustainable and intelligent option. Not only is the site backed by extensive research but there are also some incredible examples of what waterfront development can do for a city. Although not yet fully completed, the Halifax Seaport development, and Toronto's commitment to its waterfront revitalization show us how waterfronts can be developed into economic and cultural hot beds that offer sustainable, mixed-use communities.

  • Ryan Danks says,

    The stadium should be a legacy for the next century, not a monument to failed urban design from the previous one.

    Locating the stadium in an suburban area, far removed from public transit and the heart of our city sends the worst possible message to other developers. It tells them that even City Council has given up on downtown.

    If our tax dollars are paying the bulk of the costs then it should be in a location that maximizes the benefits to the city, not those of a single tenant.

    The West Harbour site could be a catalyst for the renaissance of our downtown, but East Mountain site would be the final nail in it's coffin

  • Adam Field says,

    Bring some life back to downtown. This is the opportunity we need to really start turning the city around.

  • Jacqui Tondreau says,

    Revitalize our downtown! Successful cities have vibrant downtown and waterfront areas... you should all know this by now!

  • Sean Park says,

    Building the stadium at the West Harbour site was and still is the best choice. We need the stadium as one piece to an overall strategy for revitalizing downtown, to bring people into the core and to benefit local commerce.

    A suburban stadium is a waste of land, benefits only a few concessions that can afford to be up there, and is actually out of the old city limits (do we want to rename the team "stoney creek tiger cats"?).

    Sean Park
    1A-394 Dundurn Street
    Hamilton, ON
    L8P 4L7

  • Tom Kelly says,

    As far as putting the stadium on the mountain...I've never seen such a backward decision since the movie 'Battlefield Earth' was greenlit.

  • Alistair Morton says,

    Ridiculous this is even up for debate....

    The suburbs are for Walmarts, not a true community building establishment.

  • Brian Potstra says,

    Building an east mountain stadium would be the final nail in the coffin for downtown Hamilton. The city core has so much potential, and a modern stadium would inject so much life into the downtown area. I would hate to see our city continue to sprawl outwards creating lifeless, anti-community suburbs. If I wanted to live in Mississauga, I would live in Mississauga.

  • Mike Belmore says,

    I am a lifelong TigerCat fan, and I truly appreciate what Bob Young has done for the team and for Hamilton.

    That being said, the decision about stadium location must be made by council based on what is good for the city, rather than what is good for the TigerCats owner or what provides the city with a short term economic offset.

    Hamilton needs to be in this for the long game.

  • Hollie Pocsai says,

    The West Harbour stadium is the only choice for downtown renewal and a vibrant core once again.

  • Peter Graefe says,

    I am not a fan of any of the stadium proposals. My feeling is that wherever such a facility is built, it will prove expensive to maintain in return for receiving relatively little use.

    Having said as much, it is clear that the city is going to move forward and invest in a project. In that context, from all that I have read of the various studies and reports on the topic, it is clear that West Harbour is the site that best fits with the city's long term stated objectives in terms of infrastructure and investment.

  • Adrian Duyzer says,

    We need to start making decisions based on the evidence, not based on emotions. The evidence shows that suburban stadiums are money-losing wastes of taxpayer dollars.

    We have a golden opportunity here to reinvest in Hamilton's downtown and send a strong, progressive message about Hamilton's priorities. Let's not lose that chance. Put the stadium where it ought to go: the West Harbour.

  • Ryan McGreal says,

    We can't afford to squander this opportunity for city building by throwing tens of millions of dollars in public money into a suburban stadium that will provide little or no added value for the city of Hamilton. The Future Fund is clear in its mandate, and the East Mountain stadium does not fit.

  • Sean Roberts says,

    If you're going to put it on the east Mountain you may as well just put it in Caledonia. Either way I'm not driving all the way there. This city needs more walkable attractions in and around downtown, not further enticements to get people to drive 30 minutes to shop at super mega ultra Wal-Mart and eat at mediocre chain restaurants.