The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • kevin camier says,

    i believe that the stadium would attract more people @ the waterfront site, easy to access from the west and east ends for people coming from niagara and toronto areas and considering we are the only city on the shore of lake ontario that is not taking advantage of the waterfront

  • James Arlen says,

    I believe in Hamilton.

    I am an intentional Hamiltonian.

    I think Hamilton can be pretty darn awesome.

    I think that if Hamilton is going to spend a fortune, it should be on something that will have lasting utility and value for a multitude of stakeholders. I appreciate Bob Young's support of Hamilton, however, he is but one of the many individuals who have a stake. His organization (as a potential tenant) should have a say, but that say should be balanced by other potential tenants (HECFI, a Hamilton Soccer team, a sport we haven't thought up yet, etc.) as well as the majority ownership opinion of the citizens of Hamilton.

    I call upon our city council to grow the heck up and act like adults instead of spoiled petulant children and make a long term choice that will make a positive difference for our city instead of a short term choice based on a desire to appease the renters instead of the owners of the proposed facility.

    Remember Councilors, the corporations don't have a vote - the citizens do. You are acting in our interest, spending our money - not your own interest and not your money.

    We've asked for a stadium that makes sense for us as owners. If potential partner corporations would rather have a custom-built-to-their-needs complex in the middle of a farmer's field up on the escarpment then let it be on their own dime - if their shareholders can't justify spending the money then why are you working to justify spending our money for them?

  • Jonathan Deveau says,

    I have recently purchased a condo unit at a new loft conversion currently under construction downtown. In November, I will be moving from a GTA suburb to the Hamilton core. I'd like to believe that I am proof that revitalizing the downtown core will attact talented young profesionals to the city. I bought this condo on the assumption that Hamilton's downtown was on the verge of a significant attitude-shift, one that I wanted to be a part of.

    The prospect of a new stadium being used to help connect downtown to the waterfront is really one of the contributing factors that led me to believe the image of Hamilton's downtown was about to drastically improve. I think that if the stadium is put in a distant suburban location (east mountain), Hamilton's core will lose out on a potential flood of new residents looking for a sign that Hamilton's downtown will be able to provide an exciting and vibrant lifestyle.

    Currently, there are people living in downtown Toronto commuting out to Hamilton and other parts of the west end for work, simply because they want to live the life that Toronto provides. They are willing to pay close to tripple the cost of living to be "where the action is". Obviously the demand for a vibrant urban core is very strong - Hamilton has the opportunity to provide this for new residents at a fraction of the cost they could be prepared to pay. Here's a chance to bring some new taxpayers into the city, please don't waste it Hamilton.

  • Gregory Brisco says,

    I personally believe that the west Harbour site is an essential step to revitization of Hamiltons Downtown core and a rejection of this site would be a grave error and rejection of the people's needs in Hamilton Central.


    G. Brisco

  • Heather F says,

    For a city that has spent the past few years priding itself on being forward thinkers, the merits of moving the stadium location to the East Mountain seems to be extremely backwards.

    Moving the stadium location away from the West Harbour only propagates a mindset of generations past. New (and proud) members of the Hamilton community, the generations that will lead this city into the future, are looking to council to support our values of downtown redevelopment, a commitment to continued support of rapid transit and retention of the talent that is found in Hamilton.

    I implore council to renew their faith in goals that they claimed to be in support of by acknowledging the West Harbour location as the better option for Hamiltonians.

  • Steve De Piante says,

    Put it by the lake folks. Please.

  • Anders Knudsen says,

    This is not about revitalization, it is about taxpayers having the right to decide where their money is being spent. That decision should be in the best interest of Hamiltonians. The East Mountain only benefits the Ti-Cats, who will control all revenue from parking and concessions and give a pittance back in rent. A downtown stadium, wherever it is, gives us some return on this investment.

  • Maria Topalovic says,

    For as long as I can remember, I have always heard that "Hamilton has so much potential." We have been provided with a great opportunity to help host the Pan Am Games and in turn to support and enhance waterfront redevelopment, downtown revitalization and improved public transit connections (just to name a few...) - so what are we waiting for Hamilton?

    To our City Council: I believe you have what it takes to do what is right for our city. So let's make this happen before we lose our potential to be the great city I know we are.

  • Jessica Teeple says,

    Please make the most informed choice. By choosing the West Harbour for the stadium you will take one more step to revitalizing downtown. Please do not give up on the downtown but instead work with those who want to see it built up and made better.
    Help rid Hamilton of the stereotypes outsiders use about it being dirty and rundown. Revitalize the downtown core, use this project to help, and see the benefits for years to come.
    Thank you for considering my opinion in this matter.

  • Erika Gillies says,

    Hometown Hamilton Tiger-Cat fans have stuck with the team through its redevelopment as a franchise. Let's see some return on that loyalty. Ticats, stick with us during our redevelopment as a City. Keep the team in the core!

  • Drew Simon says,

    In the 3 years that I have been a student at McMaster University, I have also been a proud citizen of the wonderful city of Hamilton. I planned on staying in Hamilton after I graduate due to the great level of community that exists and the shared ideology that the most important development in Hamilton is downtown renewal and brownfield redevelopment. I have lost faith in council as they have officialy been bought out and if the east mountain is chosen as the stadium site I will have no problem packing up and hopping on the 403 out of town when I graduate. Suburban sprawl is not the answer and this proposed site will further funnel much needed infrastructure money away from the downtown. I would much rather live in one of Canada's other urban areas that supports downtown renewal than Canada's next "super suburb".

  • Grace Correia says,

    When I moved back to Hamilton a year and a half ago, I chose to live downtown because I thought the current municipal government was actually committed to the revitalization of the downtown. We need a dynamic city core, not more sprawl. Putting the stadium in the suburbs is a step backward and will do nothing for the future of Hamilton. I'm sure I won't be the only one taking my tax dollars elsewhere should the city give up on its commitment to downtown. But not before I have a chance to vote in this fall's municipal election...

  • Dave Kuruc says,

    I'm not completely sold on the West Harbour lands as a perfect fit for a stadium - I am 100% confident a stadium on the East Mountain or the Airport is the wrong decision and could halt Hamilton's burgeoning progress.

    Renewal is so close - yet so far away. This city lacks a vision that the entire community can work towards and those who have been reaping the rewards of a fractured Hamilton - hope and pray council and the Ticats do make the wrong decision which sets us back another 30 years.

    We need to look at the big picture and realize that Hamilton's future success will require us to connect all the things that make Hamilton an amazing place to be.

  • Adam King says,

    As a young professional and entrepreneur with plans to move my family and business to Hamilton in the next year, I'm troubled by the move to establish this Stadium (and the inevitable sports and entertainment district that would form around it) outside the city centre.

    The first thing I want to see is the downtown core rejuvenated and city density, walkability + bike-ability made better. The last thing I want to see in a potential hometown is more sprawl. Be smart, Hamilton! Focus on growing the city core back to its former and future glory. Do what's best for Hamilton's citizens, businesses, and public image and keep your eye on the ball — invest in the city core.

    Hamilton has so much going for it, if only you'll focus on the basics of urban neighbourhood design and enabling quality densification. Be city builders, not suburban wasteland washouts. We all know that way of life has an expiry date drawing ever closer.

  • Derek Weidl says,

    The city needs to show commitment in building Hamilton towards a better future, not promoting thought extinct since the 1960's.

  • Michael Pett says,

    For a city that has been trying to improve its retention of McMaster graduates by attracting them downtown, building the Pan Am Stadium on the East Mountain is probably the worst possible decision. I sincerely hope that City Council realizes that the benefits of building the stadium at the West Harbour location far outweigh additional parking spaces.

  • Igor Kasprzycki says,

    I'm a huge Ticats fan and season tickets holder. However I am a Hamiltonian first! We've already spent millions building the Express Way. Now its time for down town to get it's due!

  • Ryan Paglia says,

    Do the right thing, give us a downtown to be proud of!

  • Ian James says,

    I will likely give up my season tickets and my 'in person' support of the tiger-cats after about 40 years if the East Mountain Stadium becomes a reality.

  • Matthew Van Huizen says,

    A suburban stadium is just plain wrong. Urban renewal is where Hamilton needs to invest. Don't take the easy route councillors. Investing in the downtown is the right thing to do.

  • Greg Santilly says,

    i want to go to games/concerts near the water and local business, not on the mountain with a great view of a highway and the suburbs

  • Steve Dykstra says,

    Revitalization of waterfront brownfield is the obvious choice for urban growth. Please don't send this stadium to the East Mountain!

  • Matt Thompson says,

    This isn't about downtown and the suburbs. It's bigger than that. It's bigger than unfounded worries about parking, and even bigger than the needs of just the Ti-Cats.

    It's about Hamilton hosting a world-wide event. It's about doing what's right for the city, and putting the stadium where all residents and visitors can see how great our downtown is.

  • Jeff Strong says,

    As a proud Hamiltonian and strong believer in the potential rejuvenation of the downtown core, I plead with those involved in this decision to build the new stadium DOWNTOWN, a move that would have far-reaching (positive) effects on the overall revitalization of downtown Hamilton.

    Don't blow this opportunity to do something powerful for the future of Hamilton!!!

  • Paul Edwards says,

    Please don't screw this up Hamiltonians.

  • Willem de Ruijter says,

    Support the West Harbour option. Let's make the Future Fund do what it is called to do, build this city.

  • Justin Wood says,

    I decided to stay in Hamilton because I thought this city was moving forward with an urban development program.

    If this stadium goes to the suburbs, I will most likely be moving to one of Canada's other great urban centers and will have lost complete faith in this city's leaders.

  • Chris Sumner says,

    I am opposed to the Stoney Creek location because it goes against the Ontario's Places to Grow legislation and plain old common sense. The redevelopment of City Hall and the Farmers market have given the city core some much needed momentum that must continue. We cannot allow the allure of short term cash to distract us from the greater, long term good the Waterfront location will bring.

  • Paul Sousa says,

    We need to follow through with our vision for a revitalized waterfront and downtown. Building the Pan Am Stadium in the West Harbour will help us accomplish this goal.
    The momentum for revitalization is already building and that is why it is absolutely imperative that the West Harbour plan be implemented.

  • Paul Elia says,

    PLEASE choose the West Harbour site for the stadium. We can't miss out on this great opportunity!