The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • greg smith says,

    We must follow the lead of virtually every current stadium that has been built in the last 2 decades and build it at West Harbour. Stadiums cannot stand alone; they must tie into existing infrastructure and be apart of urban renewal. Let's create an vibrant, urban precinct we can be proud of, rather than a stand alone stadium that will inevitably be mothballed in 15 years. It's time we learn from others mistakes, rather then being doomed to repeat them.

  • Barbara Dawson says,

    I must add my support to the majority of Hamilton taxpayers in support of the West Harbour front site for the Pan Am games stadium.To lose the opportunity to really make a huge difference in the revitalization of the downtown of Hamilton, and in a timely manner (which would happen due to the time frames involved),would put the current councilors in the "shameful category" in the history books. Choosing the Harbour front site, will ensure local business will have an economic boost. Hotels, restaurants, retailers are all within the surrounding area and need the injection of interest and cash that the fall out from the stadium would ensure. Having rail and road amenities already available make this the only sensible option.

  • greg smith says,

    We must follow the lead of virtually every current stadium that has been built in the last 2 decades and keep it at West Harbour. Stadiums cannot stand alone; they must tie into existing infrastructure and be apart of urban renewal. Let's create an vibrant, urban precinct we can be proud of, rather than a stand alone stadium that will inevitably be mothballed in 15 years. It's time me learn from others mistakes, rather then being doomed to repeat them.

  • Kristen West says,

    If the Rheem site is problematic, then why not look at Pier 8, or 9. There are other options in the north end.

  • Marita Hemlow says,

    I want my tax dollars to support the west harbour site. I believe any well informed Hamiltonian would agree. Since the tax payers are responsible for huge stadium costs their opinions should be heard!(Not just Bob Youngs) Take a vote and ask them!

  • Kathy Hagan says,

    Putting the Pan Am stadium on the east mountain will put another nail in the coffin for downtown Hamilton. I can see us losing the few Hotels we have downtown {which are struggling to survive} if they put the stadium where Mr Young dictates we might as well put city Hall up on the mountain as well . The mayor and councillors should put this issue to a public vote if they don't have the backbone to call Mr Youngs bluff.

  • Carol Taylor says,

    Check out to see who will gain the most for West Harbour Site! Follow the Money! Check out the Real owners of the Numbered Companies who seems to be
    Buying up most of the Properties in the West Harbour Area.

    Carol Taylor

  • Marc Skulnick says,

    I'm absolutely flabbergasted that the majority of city council is supporting the East Mountain Stadium Site. Please explain to
    me how this is going to help with the revitalization of the downtown
    core? This site does not meet any of the City's goals for re-developing and densifying the downtown. There's not one single pro sports franchise and/or city that
    is still building suburban based stadiums out in the middle of
    nowhere, surrounded by nothing but parking...except, of course, in
    Hamilton. Apparently all Bob
    Young had to do was flash some cash in city council's face and there
    was a near stampede of city councillors all jumping on the East
    Mountain bandwagon. If you support this stadium you'll be letting
    your constituents down. Hamilton needs progressive thinking politicians to make the city the great place it can be. The City should be choosing brownfield re-development over greenfield development.

    I urge you to reject the East Mountain location! We only get to make this decision once. The Tiger-Cats are completely off the mark and I urge you not to be bought by their last minute tactics or pressure.
    Thank you.

  • Tom Shepherd says,

    Get the word out and get it out fast Hamiltonians need to feel like they can actually make a difference before they will act. Moment will change the way they feel so move fast!

  • Mickey Wagg says,

    Bring on the MLS! If The Tiger Cat organization is dragging their heels, The stadium, AT THE WEST HARBOUR, would make an excellent venue for a new and exciting team!

  • Ray Fullerton says,

    The synergy of a West Harbour Stadium, LRT and West Harbour Waterfront is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the downtown core of the City of Hamilton!

  • Ian Dunlop says,

    West Harbour is the best location for the city and its future, and this has to be important to us the city's citizens. These are our tax dollars, whether they are coming from civic, provincial or federal coffers towards this project, so let's get it right for a change and not let a single-minded business decision influence it.
    What's good for Hamilton is also, ultimately, good for the Tiger Cats.
    I for one and thousands others will come and see them play at West Harbour at the city's heart, but I won't be bothered to make the trek out to a sea of ashphalt the middle of nowhere on East Mountain. Their tales of doom and gloom are false prophesy and 20th century thinking.

  • Greg Restivo says,

    To me the "lack of adequate parking" argument by the Ti-Cats is another reason why we *should* build in the west harbour. It will force the city to be clever with public transit (ie. light rail) and will increase the amount of foot traffic to the stadium... how is this a bad thing?

    It is my hope that the city will stand strong on this and that the
    Ti-Cats will join in the waterfront effort.

  • Debbie Hazlewood says,

    I support the west harbour stadium site choice. I feel that it will give to downtown Hamilton, not take away, and isn't that what any city wants for renewal and revitalization?

    I believe the work already put into the west harbour assessment, and the efforts and opinions of concerned city stakeholders should not be wasted or ignored. I live downtown, I work downtown, and I have a voice downtown.

    Please keep the stadium in the west harbour, and thanks for your consideration.

  • Tony Scutella says,

    The west harbour location is the only options that will be the catalyst for the city core revival. Our city decision makers need to put their political agendas aside and listen to our city's future...the young entrepreneurs and graduates that want a vibrant city center.

  • Thomas Bernacki says,

    Building the Pan-Am Games stadium on the East Mountain would be a waste of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There are so many good reasons to build the stadium at the West Harbour location:

    - supports waterfront redevelopment
    - supports downtown renewal
    - supports brownfield remediation
    - connects with local transit, including the proposed LRT
    - connects with regional and national transit at the new GO/VIA station on James North, just a few blocks away
    - supports Ontario urban intensification policy
    - showcases Hamilton's beautiful waterfront across Canada and internationally

    The East Mountain location has the following going for it:
    - easy highway access and lots of parking
    - and imagine the wonderful views the world will see of Hamilton: big box stores, highway interchanges, and acres and acres of parking! What an impressive sight, surely it will work wonders to improve Canadians' negative opinions of Hamilton and draw tourists by the thousands for years to come.

    How can City Council decide against the West Harbour location when there is so much going for it? Do they think it is still 1960? Is there any successful, progressive city that would build a suburban, highway stadium in 2010?

  • Melinda U. says,

    I support downtown stadium because it will help in revitalizing downtown Hamilton and give life to it.

  • Jerome P. says,

    Pan Am Stadium in downtown Hamilton! - will revitalize downtown!

  • Irwin Walker says,

    The choice of West Harbour site seems logical to me in the ways that are well stated in the above motion. It is hard to think of a good reason to have it in East Hamilton; this choice is just a good metaphor for the ongoing abandonment of Hamilton's city centre, a further sign that we've just given up any hope for it. No vision, very depressing indeed.

  • Mark Scutella says,

    I have spent the majority of adult life living and working downtown. The opportunity we have in front of us is not limited to the games in 2015. This single decision can help direct the future of our downtown core. By standing up now and having a voice can only help make it clear to the city that this is what "WE" want. West Harbour is our choice, and it's the right choice.

  • Damon Allan says,

    It's just amazing that our council will flip on a dime once extra cash becomes available. It was never about money from the beginning. We were all told that there were investors in the waiting once a final decision is made on location. It would be nice to see some investors come forward for the West Harbour...even if it is Katz.

  • Jason Allen says,

    A suburban stadium will benefit nobody but the developers who will profit from the big box stores and restaurants they are able to surround the site with. Taxpayers will be on the hook for legacy costs in the millions which will spring from having the site empty 355 days a year. Then the final indignation will come in 10-15 years when we sell it for pennies on the dollar to a developer who will demolish it and convert it into town houses.
    The West Harbour location is an opportunity to rebuild, grow, and revitalize downtown that will not come again in any of our lifetimes.
    Do the right thing.

  • Liz Duval says,

    I support this motion.
    A suburban stadium is not in keeping with progressive planning practices. I object to my tax dollars being spent on a suburban stadium which the proponents admit is located in an area which will benefit ticket holders beyond our urban boundary.
    Also lost in this discussion is talk of the velodrome (which is the true value-added legacy piece in this entire event)... it is also at risk of being located outside the downtown area due to similarly competing interests.

  • David Couture says,

    West Harbour is the only option!

  • Bob Manojlovich says,

    West harbour has so much promise as a much needed catalyst and is very deserving of a future fund investment.

    The East Mountain does little, if anything, for the city. It does not require my tax dollars for devlopment as evidenced by the continuing growth we see now thanks to the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

    Any city contribution to build another mall is a waste of public money.

    I am a lifetime Tiger-Cat fan and season ticket hiolder, and always will be, but I am a citizen first and strongly desire a thriving donwtown; one we can all use and be proud of.

  • Jonathan Dalton says,

    The mountain stadium location fails on so many levels - both as a Pan Am venue and as a legacy project.

    During the games, the stadium will showcase Hamilton to the world. If it's in the outer suburbs, what will the world see? Stucco, pavement, and lots of cars. Will they even know they're in a city?

    Many watching the games will have never heard of Hamilton, only Toronto. To them, it will only appear as the far outskirts of Toronto, and an odd location for a stadium. Athletes, officials and tourists will arrive over the skyway seeing nothing of our city except decaying industry and bland suburbs. The value in advertising and image boosting will be zero or less.

    Coming to a west harbour stadium, they will see our city. They will arrive downtown and pass by our restored City Hall and Lister Block, two beautiful train stations, and other unique masterpieces such as the Pigott Building.

    After the games, the only value in a suburban stadium would be short term viability of the Tiger Cats franchise. Economic development would be limited to low valued, low density service sector development of the type that typically occurs in suburbs.

    The legacy of this investment needs to be more than just a place for a football team to play. To justify the hundreds of millions this will ultimately cost us, it must have economic benefits for the long term.

    History has shown us that the bedroom economy we have been pursuing, one in which the construction of suburban homes is the primary economic driver, is a false one. Hamilton is a city, and as such we have social services, infrastructure and public amenities to pay for. Suburban taxes cannot pay for big city costs, and that's why our property taxes are so high.

    To transition into a big city economy with high value jobs and industries, we need to act like a city. Cities capitalize on the density, livelihood and cultural inertia of their inner cores to draw people. Cities work because their elements are in close proximity. Businesses, cultural attractions and public spaces feed off each others' success. The result: Property is worth more. Businesses are willing to pay more to locate there. People are willing to pay more to live there. This is how cities work, this is how cities pay for themselves.

    Locating the stadium close to downtown is the only way it will have the lasting legacy of contributing to those urban efficiencies that will revive our core and by extension the whole city.

    Again, a suburban stadium would fail on so many levels - I haven't even mentioned sustainability, environmental impact, densification, increasing transit ridership, decreasing vehicle miles traveled, and preserving green space, all of which are clearly stated policy goals of all levels of government.

    There is simply NO future in the highway oriented suburban model of development, as many wiser cities have long since discovered.

  • Steve McCarthy says,

    West Harbour is fine if we the tax payers are willing to pay the entire cost and guarantee a break even positionto the TiCats for 10 years. No TiCats No stadium No Pan Am money. Think before you comment and be ready to pay big time for a West Harbour Stadium.
    As it stands now the City is using a private business to benifit its own position. Thats wrong.

  • Alfred Tofani says,


  • Ian Wright says,

    A West Harbour stadium has true potential to be a catalyst for rejuvenation of our downtown core.

    A stadium in the East Mountain will be limited in the economic benefits it provides.

    If council makes the mistake of choosing the East Mountain site over the West Harbour, future generations may never forgive us.

    These are all of our tax dollars. Please spend them wisely, and with the best interests of Hamilton in mind.

    No to East Mountain!

  • J J says,

    16 year season ticket holder.
    I love that I can park for free and walk less than 10 minutes to Ivor Wynne past houses decked out in black and gold.
    I'd love to be able to park (or live) 10 minutes from a West Harbour stadium and do a similar walk. Impossible to do at a stadium in the middle of a giant parking lot in the middle of nowhere.