The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Peter McCluskey says,

    Show strength. Show character. Stand together as our city council and support our downtown revitalization and the West Harbour site. The media coverage of the Pan Am Games at the bay location is our chance to show Canada how beautiful Hamilton is.

  • Maurice Voss says,

    Support West Harbour site

  • Mark Shurvin says,

    The federal government's clarification that it will, in fact, support a West Harbour stadium notwithstanding, this issue still has to be decided by Hamilton City Council on Tuesday, August 10. That would be a breeze if the Tiger-Cats were on board. I've just sent the following e-mail to show that I'm prepared to make a commitment to the Tiger-Cats if they're prepared to make a commitment to help rebuild the heart of our city.

    I hope that other football fans will join in such an effort.

    "I’m a firm believer that the Tiger-Cats’ long term survival is inextricably tied to the health of our city. The experience of countless post-industrial cities in the US has shown time and again that three things are pivotal to urban revitalization; locate attractions such as stadia downtown, open up the waterfront and provide light rail transit. A west harbour stadium in Hamilton would be the catalyst for such an effort. I’m prepared to make a commitment to the Tiger-Cats in the form of seasons tickets the moment they keep their commitment to work with our city on the west harbour stadium as approved by council and as contained in the winning Pan-American Games bid. Please feel free to e-mail me at the appropriate time."

  • Sharon Davidson says,

    I have been a long time resident of Hamilton, specifcally the North End(over 28 years) and support the above statements.

    I am upset, but not surprised, at the sudden decision of both Federal and Provincial Governments to pull financial support if we do not abide by their decision to build the stadium on the East Mountain.

    Obviously there is more than meets the eye here, up until a few days ago they continually stated that the decision was one to be made by our municipal government....who exactly is behind the about face????
    Just another example of corruption in high yard bullying at its best!

    My support to Mayor Fred ....someone who believes in democracy and the future of Hamilton.....

  • Ivan Kocmarek says,

    T-shirt slogan needed:

    To Scott Mitchell:

    "I will never attend an event at the East Mountain Stadium."


    "No asphalt to asphalt experience for me."

  • Kyle Edwards says,

    I support the motion as stated above. The West Harbour location should be the recipient of the future funds of the City. If the Hamilton Tiger Cats decide to move elsewhere, so be it. The face of Hamilton is changing. It may better utilized in the future if a smaller stadium is designed for baseball, cricket and socccer. No public future funds should be used to develop a stadium on the East Mountain.

    I would like to see a portion of the stadium open for public use with or without a game or event on.

    Idealy, a stadium design would be designed such that the lower external concourse under the stands with restaurants and vendors could remain open year round without having to open up whole stadium. It would be a perfect place to sit on a patio and look out over the bay.

    A Hamilton tourism office and public change facilities and washrooms should also be incorporated into the stadium together with a rubber running track surface around it, a place to rent rollerblades and bikes, a bridge to connect to Pier 4 Park and the waterfront trail to make the Waterfront an active tourism destination with the Stadium as the main access point.

  • Troy Ouellette says,

    lets just do it and go west harbour 100 per cent the reasonable public money for the east mountain site...

  • kim ouellette says,

    this was first and foremost about building a pan am games facility that could expand to fit the tiger cats if they were interested....if not build it to origanal design..not on the east mountain..thanks..

  • Giulio Amodeo says,

    I am very disappointed in the Ti-cats and Bob Young's short-sightedness. It should be their long-term strategy to do whats in the best interest of the community as a whole....which will pay huge dividends to the team in the future. Its the very basic business principals that are used by the most successful corporations.

  • Vincas Gudinskas says,

    I support west harbor 100%. If they move to the east site I will stop supporting bob young and his arrogant ways.

  • Cindi S. says,

    We can't believe this is happening in Hamilton. Shame on the feds !
    The West Harbour is a treasure waiting to be truly discovered.
    Thank you

  • Steve Wraggett says,

    If we are determined to be a prosperous and progressive 'green' city, environmentally, other than renovating Ivor Wynne, the West Harbour location is the best choice.

  • Kathryn Traynor says,

    I am insensed by the actions of OUR federal and provincial governments. Our City deserves to plot Our Future. I would urge our councillors to continue to vote what they see as positive for our city - the west harbour site. If the city alone cannot afford to build it, so be it. I do not believe that the Futures Fund should be used. That is for rejuvination, not expansion. Environmentally, there is nothing to be gained by building the stadium on the mountain where there is no public transit infrastructure. Are we going to end up the same situation with Metrolinx?

  • Blue Light says,

    LIve to die another day? :)

  • Jared Lenover says,

    To Our City Councillors:

    Regardless of the actions or opinions of the provincial and federal governments, it is our democratic right and responsibility to do what is best for our community. On our behalf, please pass the Our City, Our Future motion on August 10.

    Thank you.

  • Irene McLaughlin says,

    "On February 24, 2010, Hamilton City Council approved the West Harbour as the site for the Pan Am Games". Remember back to this date??
    Let's do the right thing and stay the course.

  • Fuad Chaudhry says,

    Every major city I have gone to has a great downtown with STAIUMS downtown. Look at Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. It makes no sense to have it miffle of no where. There is no public transportation and the highway cut off there is horrible as well. We need to bring people back to the downtown. Most cities would die to have a stadium location like ours. Let the the Ti-Cats go. They suck anyways.

  • Walter Mizak says,

    I Hope the downtown revitilization will create new jobs and raise the quality of life in Hamilton. People in the suburbs already have a great life standard.

  • Maria Reise says,

    If Bob want's to build a stadium on the East Mountain then let him go to the bank and get a loan, just like any other Buisness has to when they want to invest in themselves in order to have a prosporous buisness...Keep city money in the city and revitalize the downtown by putting the stadium at the West Harbour...

  • John Timmins says,

    Bob and the Cats must believe we will smother them with love and support if they come down by the bay, where the new city grows……………


  • Carol Davies says,

    Don't use our money for an east mountain stadium. Let the Ticats buy their own.

    Use the future fund for city revitalization.

    if this means saying no to the Pan Am games, then so be it.

  • D. Shields says,

    Please hold the vote on Aug. 10th. & show what we are made of. Hold it to show that we will not be blackmailed or rolled over.
    If we can show that the will of the people of Hamilton is to put the stadium @ West Harbour, then if we need to, we will be in better standing to renounce the deal.
    I don't know if The Powers That Be, have any intention of listening, (I doubt it.)but we are listening, & we count!
    I think this whole thing has peeled back a whole layer of the kind of Good Ol' Boy politics that got us into the mess we are in today. I hope everyone is listening, watching & taking notice. I hope on (all future) election day(s) they make the right choices.

  • Lucy Fernandes says,

    The people who live in the North End of Hamilton deserve to have the west harbour developed and for development to come to the downtown. The province and the Federal government along with Bob Young have no respect for the people of ward 2 in Hamilton.

    Bob Yonge needs to focus on putting a winning team on the field instead of worrying about where the stadium is located. He will make money with a winning team no matter where they are playing, a losing team like the ones of late will not make money no matter how wonderful an east hamilton stadium is.

    I don't care whether it is a stadium or whatever, just develop the west harbour give the people and the business of ward 2 the respect and attention we deserve

  • John Stockton says,

    Our city, our future, OUR MONEY!

  • ginny soule says,

    waterfront driveway to driveway!

  • Bev Elson says,

    I am shocked and outraged that private parties and the provincial government have interferred in what is most definitely a municipal matter. The West harbour location is the only on that makes sense from an eco stand point and also from a business and financial stand point. This is OUR chance to start to bring some life back to the downtown core!

  • Peter Llewellyn says,

    So, we have wealthy and "influential" people pulling the strings when it comes to the Pan Am Stadium location. They should be ashamed of their selfishness. These "imfluential" people have pirated the democratic process by forcing their choice on the majority. It's time for the City to tell Ticat owner Bob Young to take his ball and go home.

  • Alan Aylward says,

    I fully endorse the West Harbour and remain appalled that the back-room antics of the TiCats in collaboration with the Federal and Provincial Government are denying the citizens of Hamilton our democratic rights. I think the motion is generous towards the TiCats who have, from the get go, done everything in their power to seize control of our monies for total control of their private sector initiative. I would also caution about going into business with organizations - TiCats, Feds and Province who have shown they have no ethics or integrity when it comes to collaborating on important issues. WHY would we want to do business with organizations that can change the rules at their convenience. This can only lead to trouble down the line and as you all know, WE - the taxpayers of Hamilton, will be stuck with the bill. If the TiCats wish to leave the city, that's their decision, not ours. Let's do the right thing and make a stand for democracy and let the Feds, Province and TiCats explain to the rest of Canada why they pulled this end-run, contrary to the will of the people.

  • Mary Hudecki says,

    My husband and I are so disappointed in the "spirit" of the stadium talks and were hoping for a west-end stadium but now are feeling anger with the federal government's decision to micromanage our city's affairs. We will not be attending home games for a long time to come and feel sad for the players to have been put in the middle of this mess. Instead of the wonderful Pan Am Games uniting our people, it feels as though they have brought on conflict and tension. Let's hope we can overcome these differences by 2015 and show the world what a fantastic city we are.

  • John Davidson says,

    I speak for my wife as well as myself. We believe the latest actions by the federal and provincial governments is unacceptable. We cannot allow private interests to dictate what is best for our city. In the 28 years I have lived near downtown I have seen some improvements. The Harbourfront is now a place people love to visit. James St North is attracting cultural entities and is turn is attracting more restaurants. The west Harbour location will attract more support from Hamiltonians and more visits from outsiders. My son is out of country right now, but is following the events which he finds upsetting. Do we want a city our children will want to live in or do we want a city that outsiders laugh at? The arguments have been made and arrogance and power have combined to try to undo a decision that was well thought out. The Tiger Cats are important to Hamilton, but I think we might well be better off without them. I endure a lot of comments about Hamilton, but feel we an do better.