The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Adam Gallant says,

    If we choose to ignore the downtown core issues, they will only become bigger and bigger. Inaction by the city will result in further division amongst the wealthiest and the poorest of communities, and forever divide the lower and the upper city in the hearts and minds of Hamiltonians and outsiders.

    The costs of constantly maintaining misused lands in the lower city, far succeeds the economic benefits generated by these lands. We need action now, we need to turn these lands back into lands we can generate economic benefits from. The last thing we need is more municipal responsibility on the outskirts of the city, to add to the increasing costs of maintenance in the core.

    West Harbour or not at all!

  • David Clarke says,

    I purchased this building for $1.2M under the premise that Hamilton would be getting the Pan Am Games. I was under the impression that the city is committed to attracting investment into the urban core and that council will support that initiative in the fullest.

    Having council flip-flop to the East Mountain site sends an EXTREMELY NEGATIVE signal that Hamilton doesn't have it's house in order and that future private investment will stay away. I know I'll definitely think twice about investing any more money in Hamilton's core ever again if the West Harbour site isn't chosen.

  • Robert Oldham says,

    I support the motion supporting the building of the stadium at the West harbour location. This will be an important step in rebuilding the downtown and modernising Hamilton.

    The Tiger-Cats should be welcomed in the new stadium but not dictate to our city where we build the stadium.

  • Natasha Chisholm says,

    I fully support the West Harbour initiative as being the best descision for the revitalization of downtown Hamilton.

  • David Serafini says,

    Suburban stadiums represent an outdated and irresponsible way to build an entertainment district. We also have a moral imperative to clean up our brownfield messes. Furthermore, investing in a progressive in-fill plan that synergizes with hospitality, tourism and public transit upgrades is the only direction that makes sense for improving our image. Improving our image will give us the means to change our reality for the better.

  • Caroline Moran says,

    As someone who lives very close to the west harbour site and originally had very mixed feelings about being so close to all that is associated with a huge stadium, I have to say that it is definitely perferable to the east mountain location.
    For so many reasons we need the stadium downtown, and we all know those reasons why change course now and let one rich man disrupt what had been decided upon.
    I am also a ti-cat season ticket holder, I believe in downtown stadiums, I love the one we have and I love going to games and events in other downtown stadiums. Why can't we be like the rest of the world and keep the life of our city in the city where it belongs instead of transporting it miles away to a collection of fallow fields which should by rights still be growing crops?
    If the mountain location is chosen it will be one of the most regressive and foolhardy decisions ever made by our city council and will demonstrate complete disregard for both for the citizens and the future of this city. Not to mention, a demonstration of complete ignornance of current urban planning issues.

    Two thoughts from Jane Jacobs...

    "Everyone is aware that tremendous numbers of people concentrate in city downtowns and that, if they did not, there would be no downtown to amount to anything--certainly not one with much downtown diversity."
    — Jane Jacobs (The Death and Life of Great American Cities)

    "You can't rely on bringing people downtown, you have to put them there."
    — Jane Jacobs (The Death and Life of Great American Cities) ressive

  • Don Belmore says,

    Private institutions should have a say in the location but no single business should ever control the direction of a city.

  • Steven Thomson says,

    As a lifetime Hamiltonian and avid Tiger-Cats fan, I have watched both the downtown core and Ivor Wynne Stadium decline over the past decade, so I was greatly encouraged by the news of a new stadium being developed for the waterfront area. I believe that placement in this locale will not only bring visitors who will be able to appreciate some of the more beautiful scenery our city has to offer, be positioned in an area equally accessible for all areas of the city. The placement in the West Harbour will be ideal for bringing in Hamiltonians from all corners of the city, creating more of a sense of community and with it a stronger, positive identity as a city. A East Mountain location would make the stadium less accessable for those of us in the west end of the city and would serve to further segregate our varied communities, while also limiting the Tiger-Cats fan base to one side of the city. I hope our city council makes the choice that brings Hamilton together, not drive it further apart.

  • Kathy Dunlavey says,

    I grew up in Hamilton!!! I have not lived there now since 1980, when I married an American. I still dream of coming "home" to live, and will do so again someday. The Hamilton I remember had a thriving downtown, full of people and things to do. I know the city has spread a great deal, but downtown is still the heartbeat of Hamilton, and for God's sake, build THERE, not in a spot that already has enough!!! I see the same things happening here in NewYOrk state, and it kills me...DON'T TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT!!! Revitalize what needs it, and bring back downtown Hamilton!!!

  • Paul Parkinson says,

    Why create the Green Belt if the City is just going to ignore it and develop even more on these Green Spaces.

    West Harbour is the perfect location. Easily accessible from the highway, will revitalize the water front and the downtown core.

    This issue should be put before the public in the form of a plebiscite because it is obvious our elected officials have their heads up their asses.

  • Alissa Golden says,

    The West Harbour site isn't a save-all for the Downtown or the economic concerns in the heart of the City, but it is a gigantic step in the right direction. Everything about the West Harbour location makes sense, from planning and economic standpoints. It's unfortunate that outdated concerns about parking and highway access are jeopardizing what could be a positive catalyst for not only the City itself, but for how its residents and others perceive it.

  • Bryan Couture says,


  • Benjamin Johnson says,

    The Hamilton mountain community will see little actual benefit from building a stadium at Stone Church and Winterberry, and in fact the feel of the community will likely erode, whereas the West Harbor location would actually revitalize one of the city's brown zones, draw attention to the waterfront as both an aesthetic and a recreative resource, and draw business back to the city's core, all of which are needed if Hamilton is going to restructure itself and succeed in years to come. Manufacturing is gone, gentlemen. It's not coming back. This city needs to be more attractive at it's heart to outside investment, and building a stadium at the East Mountain location sends the message loudly and clearly that the city is trying to move away from itself, which is not typically an attractive quality to investors.
    Additionally, moving the Tiger Cats up the mountain will essentially alienate much of its fan base for a start, and the proposed East location, make no mistake about it, will prompt the team to become colloquially known as the Stoney Creek Tiger Cats... SCTC (a little too close to SCTV, don't you think?) And that's gotta be hard on a team who even it's die-hard fans consider to be a bit of a joke sometimes.
    But all joking aside, don't be asinine. There's only one good place to build this stadium. The whole city knows it. Just get on with it.

  • Jesse Watson says,

    "that to use a suburban site flies in the face of brownfield remediation, public transit, urban intensification and saving greenspace, all of which Premier Dalton McGuinty says he wants to make happen."

    --- I couldn't agree more!

  • Sandra Antoniani says,

    Dear City Council:

    As a small business owner in downtown Hamilton (James North), I am very anxious to see Council make a decision that will truly benefit Hamilton's economy. The West Harbour location represents a real opportunity to turn around the downtown core.

    Whereas, a new Hamilton stadium for the Pan Am Games represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to accelerate waterfront/downtown revitalization;

    Whereas, Hamilton City Council has voted in favour of a West Harbour location, backed up by thorough analysis and a business case presented by Deloitte Canada and a traffic analysis presented by IBI;

    Whereas, Hamilton taxpayers have already spent millions of dollars acquiring land on the West Harbour for the project;

    Whereas, the City of Hamilton is contributing $60 million of our Future Fund towards the project, while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a minority partner;

    Whereas, if the East Mountain site is chosen, Hamilton would be one of the only cities in North America to build a suburban stadium in this day and age, and it would send a very poor, regressive message about Hamilton around North America, impacting our ability to retain the best and brightest talent who seek progressive dynamic cities in which to live;

    Whereas, not choosing the West Harbour site will impact the timing and viability of Hamilton’s case for priority funding for its Rapid Transit plans as it calls into question the City’s commitment to revitalization of the Downtown Urban Growth Node under the Province of Ontario Places to Grow Strategy and Metrolinx plans;

    Therefore Be It Resolved:

    (a) That Hamilton City Council reaffirms the West Harbour location as its choice for the Pan Am Games Stadium to be funded by money through the Future Fund;

    (b) That an invitation be extended to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to be a community partner on new terms that allow for the financial success of the football club at the West Harbour location.

  • Simon Orpana says,

    Building the stadium at the harbour will draw attention to Hamilton's amazing and diverse waterfront, one of the city's greatest assets. The exposure produced by the games will tap into the renewed general interest in urban core living, making Hamilton appear an enticing destination for folks who are tired of living in the more generic suburbs. It all depends upon whether Hamilton is ready to step up to the plate and present itself to the larger world as the dynamic, modern city that it already secretly is.

  • Denise Konig says,

    I worked in Mississauga for over 3 decades; I joked with the locals about "Where, exactly, is 'downtown' Mississauga ?" I was secure about my downtown because it is a real place. Downtown Hamilton is alive. Our 'City Fathers' should be proud. The West Harbour location will be part of the joy in southern Ontario's best little secret - Hamilton. I am ready to share her with the rest of the world.

  • Devin briggs says,

    Supporting our cities core is essential to the growth of Hamiltons future.

  • Alyssa Rennison says,

    Unfortunately a city can not be revitalized all at once and I think it is time for our downtown to shine.

    With all the positive changes going on downtown I think the city needs to follow through with the plan for a West Harbour stadium to support our core.

  • niall king says,

    West harbour or no stadium at all.

  • Livio Passalent says,

    This needs to be done properly and in a timely fashion. Keep the Hamilton revitalization momentum going!

  • Rod Nunn says,

    How can money from the Future Fund that was designated for the City Core renewal, now be used outside of the core? If this is to proceed then the money should come from other than the Future Fund.

  • David Butterworth says,

    I fully support the West Harbour initiative, as being the best descision for the revitalization of both Downtown & Waterfront districts.
    The West Harbour site would have much better service from Hamiltons existing infrastructure.

  • Patricia Saunders says,

    Stay with the west harbour location. Don't sell our city's future for '30 pieces of silver'

  • Allan Leighton says,

    The harbour is the only real option, the stadium is for the whole city not just the Tiger Cats.

  • Jason Cole says,

    Dear Council:

    If this were the NHL, the City would welcome a franchise to Copps Coliseum. It is difficult to understand why the location of the proposed Pan Am Stadium is causing so much consternation, which is within walking distance to Harbour West.

    The location of this Stadium is not just about the Tiger Cats. It is a statement on the Government's confidence in its downtown core, a commitment to more sustainable solutions, and a financially prudent course of action to avoid the ineffectiveness of of urban sprawl.

    The Council should be inspired and encouraged to look beyond the short-term and weave this stadium into a plan that facilitates downtown revitalization. A proper investment in Light Rail Transit would make the Stadium's West Harbour location intuitive.

    I implore you to be progressive and do the right thing.

    With kindest regards,

    Jason Cole

  • Sean McNally says,

    I will never go to a game at the east mountain location.

  • Scott Payette says,

    The harbour is the only location that will result in a positive city building exercise.

    Why is a tenant of 10 uses per year being allowed to dictate to the owners (us) of which location is best for us?

  • Erin Hunking says,

    Constructing a stadium in any site other then the west harbour or the current location will detract vastly from the city's future livability.

  • Graham Crawford says,

    The west harbour is where our new stadium belongs. By adopting and implementing an integrated "city building" plan with the Pan Am stadium and related facilities as the catalyst, we can change the face of Hamilton's downtown for generations.