The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Kathleen Shea says,

    Please do not waste this chance to make a real difference to the wellbeing of Hamilton's residents. Build the stadium downtown and encourage the growth of our local economy, the re-invigoration of our beautiful downtown core and the continued growth of Hamilton as a functional and forward-looking city.

  • Peter L. Hill says,

    Let's build it where the City wants it built. I look forward to cheering on the Burlington "Puddy Cats" because we CAN do without the Tiger Cats, but not good urban planning.

  • Keith Mann says,

    I am strongly opposed to compromising the good of the city as a whole for the sake of the Tiger Cats and Bob Young. The East Mountain location clearly benefits only the Tiger Cats and those few businesses chosen to share in the resulting monopoly on parking, food and other amenities. The West Harbour location, by contrast, benefits the entire downtown core and by extension the rest of the city as well. For a single organization, rather than all of Hamilton, to be the beneficiary of this opportunity would be practically criminal.

  • Heather Tweedle says,

    Do the right thing for Hamilton and put the stadium in the West Harbour!

  • Paul Smith says,

    As a life-long Hamiltonian, I am horrified that the sensible, viable and well planned west harbour stadium project is in danger of being hijacked at the eleventh hour by private interests.

    "Driveway to driveway" is the unsustainable mantra of another era, and has no place in a serious discussion about modern urban development.

    As both a taxpayer, and a tiger cat fan, I pledge to NEVER attend ANY event held at this stadium if it is not built at the West Harbour location.

  • Mary Nolan says,

    The West Harbour location is the ONLY site for the stadium.
    They didn't put the ACC or the Skydome in North York.
    Let's not drop the ball, yet again.

  • Andrew Bruce says,

    Local businesses would benefit from the West Harbour Site. The site would also slow down urban sprawl, which has already run rampant in our city. Keep the Stadium Downtown!!

  • conrad galambos says,

    To build this stadium anywhere else is obsurd. No Stadium in North America, placed in a Suburban setting, is considered a success. Thinking otherwise is completely backwards. Building stadiums in the suburbs was a practice of 20 years ago...we now know, it is the wrong thinking. It seems that every time Hamilton has the opportunity to progress in a positive direction, they decide late in the game to move backwards...PLEASE LETS MOVE FORWARD with the west harbour site!!!

  • Matt Grande says,

    Let's put this stadium downtown, where it belongs, not in the NIMBY suburbs. Let's put it where there's already public transit. Let's put it where there's already restaurants, bars, stores, and shops. Let's put our stadium IN HAMILTON!

  • David Bevan says,

    Absolutely everything points to the West Harbour site. It will have the existing railway where Via Rail runs from Niagara Falls to Montreal(Ham - Tor - Mnt cfl east rivalry) instant access around the Golden Horseshoe and a large Bayfront to relax before a football game. Minutes from downtown hotels. This is a no-brainer, slam dunk... if the new arena goes anywhere else, you better believe you'll never see me at a Tiger-cat game regardless of venue.

  • Gareth Rhydderch says,

    It will be a miracle if our ridiculous city council gets it right and don't totally blow it, like they always do !!!

  • Dan Lourie says,


  • Jennifer Barrett says,

    As an urban professional living close to the core, I can confirm and suggest a few things: 1. Few like-minded peers will want to attend a football game or other event in the culturally vacant mountain site close to the big-box stores. There is nothing attractive about this site, a giant parking lot is not a draw; 2. Hamilton has to start thinking outside of its own box if we want to grow as a community. Important steps in this journey include getting off of our collective butts and stop depending so much on cars. Taking transit and walking as people in other successful urban centers do. Another important step involves rediscovering our urban core and relishing in the beauty of our waterfront, which will be laid out so perfectly from the seats of a waterfront stadium. Stop insisting on the shape of things to come even though it destroys cities (e.g., big box centers) and get on board with Hamilton, evolved. In my opinion, a waterfront stadium will help tremendously, as long as we all keep an open mind.

  • Daiva Liskauskas says,

    I think the city should have the courage to do what is right for Hamilton the city and its people and not just the ti-cats (and I am a big fan)...ownership of the team can change but this opportunity is a once in a lifetime chance for the city to really take a big step forward in its revitalization...let's stop being the city that could have should have and become the city that did...

  • Jennifer Moore says,

    My husband and I have chosen to live in downtown because we see the potential for growth and a recognize the area as a great place to live. The suburbs are fine for some but not everyone wants to get in their car for every little thing. Some people, like myself, like to live in a community where we can walk or take transit to local facilities, work, restaurants & shopping.
    I see the West Harbour Site and other proposed waterfront development as essential to downtown redevelopment. It's such a great opportunity!
    I think putting the stadium in the suburbs and once again catering to the car is extremely counter productive in the City's quest to make the downtown a more liveable place.

  • Milka Vujnovic says,

    We have a golden opportunity here to do something that is positive and forward looking for our city - one that doesn't come around very often. Our elected officials need to SERIOUSLY consider the long term benefits that a West Harbour location will have on not only the downtown core but on the entire city. Our elected officials need to consider the needs and future of the city and its citizens and taxpayers -not just the financial interests of the Tigercat organization. I can't believe that we have been held hostage over the last few months by an organization that, in my opinion, does NOT represent the best interests of all of our citizens. Please, show us that you really do understand the importance of the revitalization of our harbour and downtown core. Show us that you do have vision!!

  • Michael Kidd says,

    Please choose the right path to the future of our city. After moving to Hamilton a year ago, I've discoverd one of the best kept secrets in North America! Do your part and lets continue to make the west harbour the envy of the world.

    Michael Kidd

  • Kathy Drewitt says,

    We believe that the issues surrounding the West Harbour site are not insurmountable and could be solved with some creative thinking from those who believe that city building and sustainable principles are paramount to Hamilton’s reputation as a progressive city.

  • David Colacci says,

    We can fix what doesn't work at West Harbour, but cannot fix what is wrong with the East Mountain Site

  • Anne Cumby says,

    We moved downtown Hamilton from down town Toronto because we believe in the potential of this city! Hamilton could be amazing if the city believed in itself the way some of its residents do. Please believe in downtown Hamilton, and make a good choice for the future and health of this desperate city!!!

  • Ellen Southall says,

    The West harbour spot for the stadium will give downtown Hamilton an incredible boost in so many ways. Don't lose this opportunity!

  • Al Miscio says,

    I do NOT SUPPORT the PAN Am Games stadium being built on the east mountain. I Do SUPPORT it being built at the WEST HARBOUR.
    Further, the Red Hill Creek Expressway, and the Lincoln Alexander Expressway will NOT be able to handle the traffic, (That is if It is open and not raining out again closing the highway), the Redhill Expressway is the laughing stock of southern Ontario as it is. What about the people that live in what they thought were nice Quiet family oriented neighbourhoods, you want to change the stadium because of Bob Young's money offer, where was all of Bob's money when the stadium and Pan Am was first being discusssed? SHAME on the City of Hamilton for even considering his proposal.

  • Birute Visockis-Cassidy says,

    The West Harbour location is a vital component of the revitalization of the Downtown core which has been neglected for far too long. It's time for our elected officials to show unified support for this location that has been identified as the one that would best serve the interests of the community overall.

  • Robin Parsons says,

    What an amazing opportunity for our city! I hope the stadium is built at the West Harbour location, because it is the best choice for the future of our city. We need to think about how wonderful this could be for creating a stronger community and building a city that is environmentally conscious. City council has the choice to push Hamilton towards a thriving metropolitan or a suburban sprawl. I hope they make the right choice and quickly so we don't loose this great opportunity!

  • TC Balsam says,

    We should be tipping our hat to those already contributing tens of millions of dollars in economic activity in our downtown and waterfront. With a Pan Am stadium at West Harbour this will only enhance their efforts. Guys like the Roques at Acclamation and Dave Kuruk at Mixed Media and the wonderful crew at the Print Studio. They have day in and day out put everything they have in our downtown. They and everyone else in our downtown and waterfront now need our support.

    Imagine having an authentic fish dinner at Ventura's before a game or a having a brew at Chesters after a Ti-Cat victory or Gold Medal from our Canadian Pan Am team. I for one would want to celebrate after these great times at the stadium, not hop in my car and get out as fast as I can from an east mountain location!

    Why does everyone come downtown when there's a celebration (e.g., World Cup, Olympic victory)? Because the core is the heart of our community. 'Nuff said!

  • Steve Almeida says,

    You can’t revitalize downtown if you don’t bring opportunity to it. This is a huge opportunity that will resonate for decades, don’t let it slip away.

  • Marco Medeiros says,

    I find it very peculiar that city councilors have embraced the East Mountain location for the stadium as quickly as they have. Such a sudden turn of support by councilors for a site that has no history, study or planning makes me questions the competency and motivation of those whom are elected.

  • Mark Brandon says,

    The harbour is the right location for this stadium. By building the stadiuum in the West Harbour we will be putting the next foot forward in the process of bringing Hamilton back to greatness.

  • Linda Hall says,

    I am just sick at heart to think that Hamilton might will lose this wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate the downtown area because of the latest plan to build the Pan Am stadium on the east mountain. I honestly can't find the words to express my disappointment. Each day as I open the Spectator and read the latest developments, my spirits just sink lower and lower. Brian McHattie is so right when he says that this latest plan is just an example of private interests topping good public policy. The editorial cartoon in the July 8th Spectator along with Jeff Mahoney's column accurately depict my sadness and growing outrage.
    Ten years ago, I moved from my Ancaster home to live downtown in the Strathcona neighbourhood. I wanted to be part of the redevelopment of the core of this city. I walk to the library and I shop at the market. I talk proud about my city to whoever will listen, and I have noticed every little improvement that has taken place in those ten years. The forward movement has been slow but steady. The Pan Am plan gave me such hope that our city might finally get that extra boost we need so badly to leap forward. Now, I have to admit, I am more than disheartened.
    Once again we have business people who do NOT live and work in this city directing the major decisions that affect the quality of life in our downtown core. And, I cannot even bring myself to comment on the disappointment I have regarding many members of City Council. If they are not there for the best interests of our City, what are they doing?
    I have recently learned about the Hamilton Eramosa Karst environmental ares, which is adjacent to the proposed east mountain stadium. Check this out on the Internet; it is quite a spectacular and unique geological feature!. I am surprised that this has not come up more in the news. I wonder whether this "rush job" to build the stadium in that area will "bulldoze-over" the need to adequately explore long-term environmental concerns and safety problems?

  • Stephen Chisholm says,

    Revitalization of the downtown core must be the first priority for this and future municipal governments. The placement of a stadium in a suburban area will contribute little to the local economy save and except for revenue generated by the stadium itself. On the other hand, a downtown location provides an opportunity for downtown businesses to attract crowds before and after games and to market themselves to stadium patrons.