The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • David Ricottone says,

    The era of empty lots littering our city must end. At some point there has to be a beginning where the decision makers attempt to put attractions back into our downtown core. It is entirely unfair that the last generation to witness our cities greatness is our grandparents. I look forward to the day when my social destinations are downtown Hamilton and not its fringe neighbours like Burlington, Ancaster and the East Mountain.

  • Antoinette Ciavarella says,

    Let it be people friendly rather than car friendly. Let's make something beautiful from ugly brown fields. Let's leave Red Hill alone with all its drainage and water issues.

  • Peter Anderson says,

    I think it is time we put our foot (and money) down to restore and rebuild downtown Hamilton. This is the opportunity to do so, for our future.

  • Brock Sampson says,

    It's too bad we need to build a new stadium instead of just renovating Ivor Wynne. But I guess if a new stadium has to be build, I would prefer it be done downtown rather than out in the middle of nowhere East Mountain.

  • Phil Clay says,

    I live in the suburbs, work downtown and have been a Ti-Cats season ticket holder for years.

    I want to see the downtown and the west harbour linked. Surbubanites should take an improved transit system to the stadium-it could be part of the experience. We don't need more big boxes to drive to, we need to create synergies downtown that will encourage people to live and work here.

  • Mike Muller says,

    Please don't waste another opportunity for this city. Thankyou

  • John Williams says,

    Statement by Bob Young many moons ago was that he would "play in any place the city council chose". City council voted 10 to 5 on the West Harbour and B.Y. went nuts and saying he would never play there! City council voted on a site that was beneficial to Hamilton as a whole and should be required to stand by that vote. B.Y. has also pledged $75m if the East mountain location is approved, but only $15m of that money is going towards the stadium . . . and a 25seat stadium is said to cost an additional $50m over and above the amounts already approved. He has bragged about his "corporate buddies" just waiting B.Y.'s inititive, but they have yet to pledge a single dime. The West Harbour site should stand with or without B.Y.'s approval.

  • Jarod Broughton says,

    It seems no matter how much solid and good information any person, professional or otherwise, can obtain about this stadium, council will ignore it anyways.

    And that is the part I cannot get over. There is virtually no reason to vote in favor of the East Mountain site, aside from the fact that it allows the TigerCats to have exactly what they want.

    A vote for East Mountain is a vote that laughs in the face of process, of study and in urban renewal. The city is sacrificing far more than it stands to gain and with little reason and information on this new location.

    Has the public heard, in depth, from each councilor, why they have changed their vote from the West Harbour to the East Mountain? I know not all councilors were in favor of WH to begin with..but it seems odd that a city where a council meeting is more like a group of toddlers sitting in a sandbox arguing over the pail and shovel would be so united (save one brave soul).

    Maybe they just want this whole thing behind them so they'll do almost anything to get past it.

    You's EMBARRASSING to have to explain to people who don't live in Hamilton why you chose to live in Hamilton.

    It's EMBARRASSING that the people who should/could be doing a lot more to change this city and show some real top down leadership seem more concerned whether their shoes are shiny or not.

    And it's EMBARRASSING this ever became an argument in the first place. That's the real testimony of how bad this has gotten.

  • Aporna Saha says,

    Please support this motion.

  • Juliane Van Huizen says,

    My husband and I just recently committed ourselves to Hamilton -- we bought a condo downtown and we haven't looked back. Hamilton has so much to offer to young professionals, we only wish city counsellors would see the same potential we do, and give us some sort of catalyst to channel this potential. A downtown stadium would give us something to build a renewal around -- it's the first tangible prospect of a new Hamilton, a Hamilton that won't make me regret buying property downtown, a Hamilton that will validate our decision to put down roots here, and encourage others to do the same!

  • Sukanta Saha says,

    Please support this motion. Thanks.

  • dermot nolan says,

    Stay the course. This is about Hamilton, not one corporate business. The cart seems to be pulling the horse here. The decision on the stadium needs to be made by the council whose members were elected to make the best decisions for Hamilton. After they have done so, the football company will have to make its decisions in the interests of that company. It is clear from that company's conduct to date that its only interest is its own business - and that is no surprise and fair enough - but the city has to take a much wider view and it has done so by correctly choosing the west harbour which will be a game changer for Hamilton... to the councilors I say, "if you build it, they will come"

  • Randy Kay says,

    If we must have a stadium, at least making it accessible by decent transit and part of a plan to rejuvenate the downtown, and not a car-centric suburban ghost town.

  • Ed Shaker says,

    This is one time that I am relieved that Toronto newspapers do not highlight Hamilton news.Surely our members of council can see the huge benefits for a West harbour site.
    There is no business sense to squandering PanAm federal and provincial funds that can be used for the development of core city and needed public transit facilities.

  • lawrence browne says,

    if terry whitehead votes to direct this money anywhere but downtown he loses a strong supporter fore ever.

  • Steve Varey says,

    Awful that we have managed to sour a good news story! Bob Young has been a terrific friend of Hamilton and has more than earned our respect.
    Removing Centennial Park from the the list of potential sites was a mickey-mouse move. Well done City Council!
    As there is a finite amount of money to invest, I favour locating in the West Harbour and also reaching out to Bob in hopes of making it viable for the Tiger Cats as well.

  • Meg Coppolino says,

    Try Again. The future of Hamilton wants to go to a stadium surrounded by a vibrant downtown core, with lots of options to grab a bite to eat or drink in walking distance. Not to a sleepy suburb of fields and subdivisions. Or, we could always go somewhere else.

  • Brandon Sommerville says,

    All research supports the West Harbour location. It meets the city's stated goals. The 'Cats said they'd play where the stadium was put.

  • Janice Lawther says,

    Energize the heart of the city with this structure and make it accessible to everyone, even on a casual day-to-day basis(i.e. picnics, jogging, etc.) Don't keep paving over and plowing under what little remaining green space is left in this community.

  • Michael Clarke says,

    -parking will not be a problem - there is ample parking within a 10-15 minute walk.
    -parking for Ivor Wynne is inadequate but that doesn't stop people from attending.

  • Doug Nimick says,

    Our City, Our Failure: A Motion on the Location of the Hamilton Pan Am Games Stadium

    Dear City Council:

    Whereas, a new Hamilton stadium for the Pan Am Games represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a cool ass stadium that people will actually want to go to.

    Whereas, Hamilton City Council has voted in favour of a West Harbour location, backed up by no analysis and or business case.

    Whereas, Hamilton taxpayers have already wasted millions of dollars acquiring land on the West Harbour for the project prematurely and without merit.

    Whereas, the City of Hamilton is contributing $60 million of our Future Fund towards the project, while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are contributing 75 million of their own money to an alternate site that will not be burden the taxpayer in the future.

    Whereas, if the East Mountain site is chosen, Hamilton would be one of the only cities in North America to have a profitable stadium with lots of parking with more than one road in and out

    Whereas, not choosing the West Harbour site would NOT impact the timing and viability of Hamilton's case for priority funding for its Rapid Transit plans

    Therefore Be It Resolved:

    That Hamilton City Council chooses the East Mountain location as its choice for the Pan Am Games Stadium to be funded by money through the Future Fund andthe Hamilton Tiger-cats

  • Steve Perks says,

    Owners of professional sports teams change, and the teams themselves do come and go. The places they play remain a good deal longer. A multi-purpose stadium for Hamilton should be built at a location that is deemed to provide the maximum legacy to the maximum number of citizens in the city. Period.

    Politicians come and go, but their decisions can create a good or bad legacy for a community. Weak-kneed councillors who succumb to questionable inducement and bullying by private business concerns do not make good decisions for the long term. And that they flip-flop so quickly without any study of the private interest's proposal shows a total lack of integrity, confidence, and decisiveness.

    Private business cares about private business, period. Its only concern is to maximize profit, not to care about the community at large. For any good business to succeed, it only makes sense that planning is done, that a business case is made before going ahead. The City of Hamilton has done its due diligence on a site that has been known about for many years now, back to the Commonwealth Games bids. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, while objecting the city's choice, have done exactly ZERO studies on ANY site in all the time that we've known Ivor Wynne had to be replaced (and that's been a LONG time). To decide late in the game that you don't like the city's choice, a choice that has been known for years, and jeopardizing the chance of the city to get a badly needed legacy facility without providing a well-studied and thought-out alternative, especially in a timely manner, reeks of bad business management, leadership and decision making from someone who admittedly knows little about owning a professional sports franchise. Is that who you want making decisions for you?

    I hope the councillors who flip-flopped on the West Harbour site either reconsider their decision, or explain publicly and precisely how they first agreed to a location based on much study and consideration, and then in a blink of an eye changed their mind and were persuaded by the owner of a business that loses money, and that provides no business case or study for alternate site suggestions, or even a study to show the city is wrong.

    Make a decision based on your own debate and studies, or make one based on someone flashing some cash before your eyes (less cash than you think). It's your job, it's your legacy, and it's the city's future. Be the visionaries you were elected to be. Reclaim some integrity. Remember, if Mr. Young's choice is selected and proves to be not so good, he can easily walk away from it. You can't, so easily.

    P.S.: Should Mr. Young pull his team out of the city, I'm sure there would be some entrepreneur (like Mr. Katz perhaps?) that would be willing to pursue a CFL expansion franchise in a city with a brand new stadium. The CFL needs the Hamilton market, and the rivalry with Toronto.

  • Jeff Carter says,

    A suburban stadium in 2010? Are we seriously debating this issue? How embarrassing and backwards...

  • Robert Kesik says,

    Lets get downtown moving in the right direction. Remember the NHL team we ALMOST got, from Phoenix? Remember one of the BIGGEST knocks against them? "The Arena is in the middle of nowhere?" Well I have been to Glendale, Its EXACTLY what you are proposing for the mountain. Only Glendale is MORE built up and has another even larger arena right beside, and it is still a mockery.

  • Doug Yates says,

    This is the most logical and scenic site and will boost tourism and the economy of the city in this location.
    Let the Ticats build there own stadium if they're not happy.

  • Laura Harrison says,

    As a huge tiger cat fan I hate to disagree with
    them but the west harbour is definitely the place
    for our city stadium.
    I would love to see the harbour front bustling
    even more than it already is.

  • Tyson Dore says,

    No brainer, the West Site.

  • Lora Repta says,

    Must we always do everything in this city backwards! How could you possibly come up with a more amazing, beneficial site to the downtown core, than the Harbour. It is a destination, not just a stadium for Ancaster,Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton mountain residents and everyone in between. Our Harbor is still in dire need of utilization...been to Bronte lately! How shortsighted.......

  • Susan Lau says,

    Downtown Hamilton still has a lot of potential but it is in desperate need of revitalization. The stadium should be in a location that would encourage the use of Hamilton's excellent public transit (and make it very accessible to visitors from Toronto and north-east by GO transit), making it more affordable for our own citizens to attend events, and to encourage growth and bring in tourist dollars.

    Place the stadium where the people are, within easy reach of highways and public transit! It could make a world of difference.

  • Paul Hart says,

    Hamilton needs development of its core, not expansion of its suburban sprawl. The city has a well-structured, independently reviewed plan in place for the reinvention of the West Harbour; now it needs to execute it.