The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Karen Smith says,

    Revitalization efforts (including past commitments) must continue in earnest for this city to ever regain footing as a vibrant, attractive place in which to live, work, play, and raise a child. Efforts to influence Council away from the West Harbour site are misguided, and should not trump the clear will of Hamilton residents. Make the stadium an accessible, central landmark we can all be proud to use and share.

  • Phil Williams says,

    A major disappointment would be the council opting to completely ignore the will of the people by locating any new infrastructure outside the decaying core. Revitalize, invest, plan for the future. NO MORE BANDAIDS.

  • Diana Romanello says,

    Please dont take such an awesome idea away from the downtown core of Hamilton. This would be absolutely horrible. Hamilton is only progressively getting better from the core out. Thank You. Hamilton is beautiful and needs this.

  • Jack Bernacki says,

    Vote for our future in the core of Hamilton. Make the only sensible decision. Vote harbour west, and vote for our future.

  • Jonathan Davey says,

    My wife and I recently purchased property and moved into the north end from downtown Toronto. After a lot of research we decided that the northend was a excellent alternative to Toronto because of its affordability, proximity to the water, parks, markets, and GO transit. The other main things that made us excited about moving to Hamilton was the prospect of having the Pan-Am stadium built on the waterfront. We thought it was a very progressive and forward-thinking move and we took it as a clear indication that Hamilton was indeed serious about revitalizing its downtown core. I expected that most of the downtown councillors would be in favour of the location but was surprised to read that Ward 2 councillor Bob Bratina was actually opposed to it. The cost of cleaning up brown fields is an unfortunate reality of an industrial city that needs to be tackled at some point and I doubt that many private developers are going to want to take on the cost either. So this prime piece of real-estate may sit vacant for years to come. The idea of bringing people by transit or by other means other than car to the downtown core would be highly profitable for local businesses. The many small family run restaurants in the area would benefit greatly and I'm sure you'd see many new businesses open as well.

    People in cars getting the "driveway to driveway" experience that the Ti-Cats desire will do little for surrounding business even on the east mountain and the ones that do benefit will be franchise restaurants who knows how far from the actual stadium. Anyone that has still feels that suburban sprawl development is sustainable and wise urban design is quite frankly living in the past and this decision will certainly give the impression that the city is still looking to its outskirts for its future while downtown continues with its reputation of neglect.

    Things are changing however. When telling people we were moving to Hamilton usually their first question was "On the mountain?" but many others know that seeds of change are taking root in Hamilton. However if the best that city council can do with this unique opportunity is contribute more to suburban sprawl it could be a major setback to that momentum.

    I'm optimistic about our future in Hamilton and hope that with your help council will make a decision that benefits the city as a whole for years to come and not just one sports franchise owner.

  • Donna Burke says,

    Out of sight, it's a plight.

    Renew brown fields, embrace development at the waterfront, realize people need and will adapt ( traveling to and getting to the stadium)

  • Jon Ferrer says,

    With a stadium at the east mountain, Bob Young wants to provide a "driveway to driveway experience". what benefits will that have for the City of Hamilton? Absolutely nothing! It does nothing except line the pockets of Bob Young. Think long term Bob, a stadium at the west harbour will lead to more business and commercial oppotunities and a revitalized downtown, This in turn would provide more jobs, and an upturn in the economy. this would eventually translate to more people having the disposable income to attend Ti-cat games. I just don't see that kind of economic spin off with a stadium on the east mountain.

  • David Romanello says,

    Downtown Hamilton needs this stadium to continue the momentum of renewal and restoration of life that is coming back into the core and the North End. This is a beautiful place to live and to be and we want more people to see the beauty that Hamilton really has to offer. Bring our waterfront back to life with even more development of its unlimited potential.

  • robert house says,

    Hamilton is a wonderful city with lots of character, incredible architecture, and a beautiful waterfront. Lets showcase this to the world not our suburbs.

    Lets use the Stadium as a catalyst for revitalizing this city and becoming a place where people want to live not leave.

  • Connie Stefanson says,

    Please let the stadium be built in the location that best suits Hamilton's/Hamiltonians' best interests (social, economic, environmental), not that lines the pockets of vested development investors and associated companies. Our city, our future.

  • Alicia Odette says,

    Please--if this is about parking--we're doomed!

  • Gisela Sherman says,

    A stadium so far away from the core of Hamilton will not benefit the city much.
    The north-western location will bring business (jobs, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc.) to that part of the city. It will also improve that area's appearance, and be a huge psychological boost.
    The Bayfront Park and the rejuvenation of James Street have been a brilliant and successful start. Let's make the most of city and provincial tax dollars to finish the job and benefit the most people of Hamilton.

  • Scott Quinn says,

    West Harbour all the way!

  • Terrance Odette says,

    This a pivotal moment in Hamilton for it's future - bigger than one's own backyard. We need this stadium in the right place - the West Harbour.

  • Michael Mahoney says,

    As a soon-to-be young professional, it strikes me as important that Hamilton choose the West Harbour site for the Pan-Am stadium. To be an attractive, forward-thinking location for my demographic, city council needs to embrace development of a dynamic downtown area. A stadium in the West Harbour serves to redevelop vacant lands near downtown and prevents the expansion of car culture by forgoing locating a stadium by the Linc.

    The City of Hamilton must remain steadfast to their solid business case for the stadium. The Tiger-Cats are renters and not the proprietor. Consequently, we should be determining where WE want OUR stadium. If the Tiger-Cats cannot survive in the context of good development, perhaps it is a function of their business model, not the West Harbour site. With any field of theirs requiring public financing, let us decide what constitutes a good place to build our property. As sad as it would be for the Tiger-Cats to leave, I sincerely doubt Bob Young would pass up playing at a new stadium in the heart of an rejuvenating downtown.

  • John Yorke says,

    With the West Harbour site you are creating a venue which can draw much greater performances and events because it won't just be a stadium for Hamilton, it will be a stadium for the Golden Horseshoe with convenient connections to the entire Lakeshore Line and Niagara. A plan to try and build LRT at the same time as a suburban stadium shows complete confusion in the decision making process.

  • Jennifer Whaley says,

    The stadium is one of the prides of downtown Hamilton. Why not use Scott Park's grassy area for parking? It's great the way it is, free buses and you can see from anywhere.

  • Kathleen Aitken says,

    Help make the core and the noth end viable again.


    I fully support the West Harbour Plan. Having seen the improvements in the downtown areas of Baltimore and Cleveland after downtown stadiums were built, I believe the Stadium would be a further impetus for drawing people to our city core.
    Parking issues and traffic congestion occur at every stadium. Think Rogers or ACC which are located near a subway and adjacent to a major artery. Try getting out of the Rogers parking lot in less than 20 minutes, then good luck getting on the Gardiner. Hamiltonians are creative folks and we have found our own private routes for getting from Ivor Wynne although some actually require walking for 10 or 15 minutes. We will do the same at the West Harbour plus have the ability to access MetroLinx when it comes.
    Downtown Hamilton needs traffic of the right sort - people wanting entertainment, shopping and dining. Increased people traffic means more stores and restaurants will flourish. Residential development ultimately follows. West Harbour will add to what a thriving HECFI and the vibrant arts community have already started - a reason for people to return to the core.

  • Travis Kovac says,

    About time some investing is happening to the down town core. Next, get rid of that steel plant!

  • Stephanie Ross says,

    Any decision to locate the stadium on the east Mountain will be both economically and environmentally absurd. i call on Hamilton City Council to think about the long term health of the city and its sustainability, and continue with plans to redevelop the West Harbour site.

  • Derek Wayfield says,

    C'mon Hamilton, let's make the right choice here. We KNOW our future is in a prosperous city centre and not strung along the highway like overpriced Christmas lights. Put the stadium in the West Harbour, commit to building out the city around it and treasure it as a civic gem for decades to come.

  • Gabriella Cadeddu says,

    Recently at work I had to give direction to a customer, on how to get to a business location on Queen St. South, the woman looked at me and asked me to draw her a map and tell her exactly how to get from my location (Main and Catherine) to Queen street. I thought she was joking and then I realized she was serious, so I asked her if she was from out of town. Her response floored me, she was from Ancaster, and in her own words " I don't know my way around downtown Hamilton, it has been years since I came down here, I don't like it".
    There are plenty more people who have this attitude toward downtown, and having a Stadium in the East end of the mountain, is only going to reinforce that attitude. So.....dear leaders of our community, who are supposed to be looking after the improvement of this city, full of potential....smarten up and for once use our taxpayer money to improve the heart of the city not just with flowers and words, and fake commitments, build the Stadium in the West Harbour and attract those people who are otherwise afraid to come to downtown Hamilton!!!!

  • Laura richards says,

    I agree strongly with having the stadium in the lower city by the water. This fits better with the cities 50 year plan for the future. The Hamilton Tiger Cats as an institution will long outlive its present owner as they have previous owners. I enjoy watching the games at Ivor Wynne in the city centre and would not be interested in a game up on the east mountain. The atmosphere is wrong for the cats image. They need the lower city grit.

  • chad travis says,

    ok i dont even know where to begin, the city wants the stadium in the west harbour it is clear you have plans in motion, the " Hamilton taxpayers have already spent millions of dollars acquiring land on the West Harbour for the project" is NOT something the "taxpayers" approved its something the city decided to do on there own. i dont see how anyone can possibly think it could work,Yes it would look the nicest but this isnt a beauty pagent we are going for what is right and what will work having it at the west harbour will not work.
    1.millions of our dollars buying the land.
    2.who knows how much money to take out factories/houses etc. the land under factories/houses it probably isnt the cleanest ground.
    then when its time and the stadium is built how much parking will there be? everyone will be parking in the streets of the north end and after a football game of 25,000 fans how do you think traffic will be? a NIGHTMARE. gentleman on the radio said after July 1st fireworks it took him a hour and a half to get home, and that was maybe 5,000 people, it clearly wont work without paying out an extremely large amount of our(TAXPAYERS) money...
    the East Mountain site looks near ready to go i would say,i also heard a Clark gentleman? say it would cost 8 million for road work, but that is something that would be done anyway for the growth in that area. east mountain has great access from highways and all areas of hamilton, it is freshly starting to grow so building a stadium there would be ideal then you can built around to accommodate the stadium.if concerts were to be held there its away from housing so people do not complain about noise. number one is that it will cost far less of TAXPAYERS money to build on east mountain and this bob young is willing to put 74 million on the table, i think the city council needs to rethink this idea and stop being stubborn on there own desires of the stadium and start thinking about what will work best in the end For The City Of Hamilton. if people dont like there experience do they want to return? most cases NO. if people had to drive to the northend where streets are small as it is for a fooball game with high attendance and cant get home for 1-2 hours after a game a lot will not want to go through that to see any event held in the stadium, and also when we do host events for the Pan Am games how do you think the experience will be for people who come from all over to watch? we dont need peoples last thoughts after events to be a TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE! there are MANY things you can do in the west harbour site that will revitalize our downtown core, this stadium isnt the answer to everything like it will automatically solve our downtown problems. THINK ABOUT THE 2 SITES AND LOOK AT THE MONEY IT WILL COST FOR WEST HARBOUR AND THE INSANE TRAFFIC THEN LOOK AT EAST MOUNTAIN THAT IS OPEN LAND READY FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING....

  • Justine Elliot says,

    I urge the councillors to vote with the future of Hamilton in their hearts. The West Harbour Stadium location is the best choice if we want to revitalize the city, take full advantage of our best asset in the waterfront, and show strength and integrity in our municipal government. As a Hamilton homeowner and taxpayer for over 30 years, I accept the responsibilities and consequences of that choice.

  • Sheri De Vries says,

    This stadium must be in the West Harbour. I don't really know what good it would be doing sitting in the East Mountain. I'd rather not have it at all if it's going to be there!

  • Peter Rigo says,

    We believe in the continued investment in the downtown and water front. Let's finish what we've started and make this area one of the most beautiful and vibrant in all of Canada. Please demonstrate vision, we don't need more things built in fields in the outskirts of the city.

  • Deborah Konig says,

    There are very few opportunities that a city has to significantly revitalize it's core. We can not let this chance pass us by.

  • Jennifer Street says,

    Its time to put our $ into the core and celebrate the waterfront and the city. Otherwise, what's the point of the Future Fund?