The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Marilyn Newberry says,

    The West Harbour location is the best choice. We need to concentrate on improving the city core.

  • Morris Green says,

    Do the right thing for ""Hamilton"".

    Hockey is better anyway!!

  • Tejpaul Kaloe says,

    As a forward to my opinions below I believe that a renewal of the city is tied to LRT.

    The stadium to that end was one important intensification project in a series required to bring LRT to Hamilton in a timely fashion.

    Projects of this scale comes to a community only once in a generation and as such requires consideration that 30 days can not be expected to offer.

    There are issues below that should now be weighed by the public. But who is make the case for city Renewal vs Tiger Cat? For my fellow constituents the water is muddied. Did you know that there is a 3-4 hour long tiger cat infomercial on the radio ever morning. I also do not see a balance on reporting of the facts in the major daily paper either.

    A stadium project, promise of deleting a massive brown field from our neighbourhood, hundreds of constuction jobs. A knee jerk reaction by council causing a shift in location could retard the growth of our community and cost us all upwards of billions in badly need infrastrucutre if it delays or derails LRT.

    When I first heard of Bob Young he was indeed “the caretaker”… truth be told he has become the undertaker for many who have hopes and dreams of a vibrant Hamilton.

    It is truely energizing to see all of my fellow Hamiltonians engading on this issue and my honour to stand with you.


  • Giselle Whyte says,

    I believe that the West Harbour location is the way to go. Access to and from downtown is the main reason. This would help to inject some much needed activity and revenue in this dying part of the city.Additionally, the venue with the view of the harbour is more esthetically pleasing than the mountain location.

  • David Malcolm says,

    I have been a long time Ticat season ticket holder and a passionate fan. Mr. Young must come to his senses and realize that in best interests of the taxpaying citizens of Hamilton, the staduim must be located in the West harbour. Let him put signage to the new stadium out on the highway. It's not that far away.

  • Katherine Schwenger says,

    This project could revitalize the downtown core of Hamilton. Currently downtown Hamilton is undesirable to most, but if the stadium were to be built it could bring the city together and could provide Hamilton with a much needed facelift.

  • June Oprzadek says,

    We must take every opportunity to revitalize the downtown. It would be tragic to waste this chance to improve our city and, instead, contribute to more urban sprawl.

  • Joy Johnston says,

    I have lived in Hamilton for less than one year and am constantly amazed at the potential for this city. Hamilton is a beautiful place, with so much natural beauty to offer, but very few downtown services to attract and enthral its visitors. I have had many visitors come and stay at the Sheraton hotel downtown, only to find that when they walked the streets outside of the hotel there was very little for them to do. A stadium in the harbour front area would open up the potential for many new businesses to thrive and for a reform to follow throughout the entire water front and downtown area. I am excited about the potential of a downtown stadium, this is the breakthrough that Hamilton needs to live up to its potential. Please Hamilton, bring that stadium down to the West Harbour and give your city a new life!

  • william mehlenbacher says,

    Stick with the first decision, Bob Young will be long gone, and were stuck with the Stadium on the Mountain, some Legacy for Hamilton NOT!!!

  • Rachel Shuttlesworth says,

    As a resident of the downtown West End, I would love nothing more then to see the Pan AM stadium move into the neighbourhood. I understand that along with the stadium would come more commerce (new restaurants, businesses) and that is EXACTLY what this area of the city needs.

    I watched as 20,000 people came to see Elton John at Copps Coliseum and saw them wandering the streets on a Saturday night looking for somewhere to eat. By getting the Pan AM Stadium in this area, it will benefit the entire entertainment district that is the West End of Hamilton.

    I represent a new generation of this city being 21 yrs. old and have many friends in the area that would agree, we want the future of the West End to be thriving in business, commerce and community!

  • Linda den Boer says,

    This is an incredible opportunity to BENEFIT the downtown core and our city. I've heard stories of downtown being the best place to go years ago -so many little unique shops and such. Something like this will attract so many people. In order to create places like James Street North and Barton Street to be what it was before (vibrant & full of life) we need people!!! The stadium is an open door of opportunity. PLEASE DON'T SHUT IT! Isn't this what we've always wanted for our city? Or our you wanting to stay the so called "armpit"?

  • David Elliot says,

    As an Ancaster resident (and a huge Tiger Cat fan) who has worked in the downtown core of our great city for 25 years I strongly support the West Harbour location. I cannot believe that serious consideration is being given to the East Mountain. It isn't 1970! No one build stadiums in the suburbs anymore and across North America those that were built back in the 1970's in the suburbs are being torn down and relocated to the urban core. The West Harbour location is a "legacy" location. It will be a great place not only to watch a TigerCat game, other sporting events, concerts etc. but also to come early and stay late supporting local establishments while enjoying our beautiful bayfront and downtown. It will help greatly to revitalize our core. The West Harbour location will clean up an old industrial site in a prime location over the next 3 years which will otherwise sit empty and unused. What does the East Mountain site give us... nothing. It will be a white elephant, used perhaps 10 times a year with not spin off benefits. I strongly urge the Hamilton Tiger Cats and their owner to reconsider their opposition to the the West Harbour site and to work with the City. I truly believe that their opposition to the West Harbour site is misguided and quite simply wrong. If they have concersn about parking (and I don't see why ... we fill Copps which is only a few blocks away with no great parking issues and Ivor Wynne regularly has over 20,000 with no parking at all; there are thousands of parking spots in the downtown which is only a 10 to 15 minute walk from the West Harbour site and remember football games are played in the summer/ early fall when people don't mind a nice walk)then I urge them to work with the city to find a solution. Perhaps more spaces in the vicinity (has anyone looked at parking on the grass at Central Park on game days?), a parking garage under the stadium itself, shuttle service on game day from the downtown lots etc. As someone who will be driving to the games with my family (and who will be a season ticket holder if and only if it is built in the West Harbour) I have no concerns about parking as every other aspect of the site decision favours the West Harbour. A decison by City Council in favour of the East Mountain will be regretted by generations of Hamiltonians to come. A decision in favour of the West Harbour site is our gift and lecacy to the future. Hamilton City Council -- do not screw this up!

  • Liona Muller says,

    I believe that having this stadium downtown Hamilton will have a positive affect not only on Hamilton residents but on outside visitors as well.
    There has been a lot put into this city in the 7 years that I have lived here and something as impactful as building a new stadium needs to be done at the heart of the city where people, businesses, families thrive.
    I definitely stand behind and support the idea of having this new development take place in the West Harbour.

  • Nicholas Kevlahan says,

    Dear Mayor and Councillors,

    I am writing to urge you to decisively reject the proposed East Mountain stadium site. This site is a major mistake for the City, and will become a liability for years to come due to its high cost, reduction in employment lands, environmental degradation and negative impact on downtown redevelopment.

    Cost: the Ti-Cats have still only offered up to $15 million towards stadium construction: far short of the $50 million that the City had requested from private sources for a Grey Cup ready facility. The City would have to purchase the land, service the new site, improve highway access and upgrade local roads. There is also no guarantee that this expensive stadium will even make money for the City or the Ti-Cats in the future: highway stadiums have been financial disasters throughout the USA, and American cities are now building their stadiums downtown!

    Employment: the RHVP was supposed to open up large amounts of employment lands. Now we are told a valuable greenfield site will be devoted to low density entertainment (a few times a year) and retail, and will probably lead to pressure more big box type retail and housing on nearby land. This is not the right choice when the City is claiming to be short of employment land!

    Environment: the City would be choosing greenfield development over brownfield re-development. This sets a terrible example for the private sector, and will only encourage more sprawl. The East Mountain site is also largely inaccessible to public transit (and certainly by cycling or walking), and will not be serviced by GO or LRT. The City's own consultants, IBI, confirmed that the West Harbour location could handle the traffic: why was this hard data simply dismissed?

    City Building: this site does not meet any of the City's goals for re-developing and densifying the downtown core. No City can thrive economically with a depressed and depressing downtown. The East Mountain is no compromise choice!

    You still have time to avoid a mistake that the citizens of Hamilton will regret for years to come ... reject the East Mountain location and stick to the City's own goals for the PanAm development!

    Yours sincerely,

    Nicholas Kevlahan

  • Mardi Schwenger says,

    Keep the stadium at harborfront and revitalize the city. If the Ticats don't like it, they can leave for other pastures

  • Diane Brown says,

    I agree that the site should be in the west end of Hamilton

  • Phyllis Alfano says,

    The West Harbour location makes the most economic sense. Please stop wasting money. Please build the stadium on the brownfield and clean up that part of the city. If the stadium is not built on this site, the area will continue to be an eyesore for the next few decades. What a pity!

  • Randolph Mazza says,

    i support wholeheartedly the West Harbour location

  • Ann Tufts says,

    Our city will be World Class if we build this stadium near the water. It is the perfect complement to the work already done at Bayfront. It will bring tourists and Hamiltonians into the downtown area and that means money for the businesses in the core. If the stadium is built on the Mountain, people will just drive in and drive out after the game, taking their money home with them.

  • Roger Abbiss says,

    The re-vitalization of a city starts with the downtown. Please vote for the West Habour.

  • Cynthia Waters says,

    It is time for the city to be proud of a decision that it makes, to be proactive in its 'city building' efforts, and to invest in the lower city not the ever expanding mountain. Please vote to continue with the West Harbour Stadium site and strengthen the future of this great city.

  • Kathleen Tiers says,

    As someone who was born in Hamilton and grew up in the downtown area I feel very strongly that the City must do everything in it's power to revitalize the core. Decisions made around urban renewal many years ago decimated the vibrant downtown we once had-expropriating businesses, constructing a highway through our city (York Blvd-Wilson Street). A downtown stadium could be put to good use for any number of community programs after the Pan Am games are over and on the other days of the year that the football team is not practicing or playing. Youth in our city centre have the right to participate in sports in the same manner as their suburban counterparts.For example Athletics (Track and Field))or Running programs could be offered at little or no cost to inner city kids and promote health and wellness and community spirit. People going to the stadium can take public transit, park downtown and walk and meet their neighbours along the way just like in Boston, Chicago, NYC. Hamilton has a high obesity rate- the exercise will do us good and could turn into a lot of fun! Leave the car at home and really get out and engage with our city.

  • David Dvali says,

    Having spent my first 35 years in Hamilton, and having lived in downtown Hamilton for 3 years (1997-2000) I know that it has so much potential, and yet so much effort has been wasted. The PanAm stadium project would provide a new central focus for Hamilton's core. To choose the East Mountain would be a giant step backwards for the city in general, and the core in particular.

  • Iain Souter says,

    I fully support the West Harbour location.

  • Tim Potocic says,

    I support development of the west harbour

  • Derek WelsmaN says,

    I do not believe a stadium is the key to revitalizing a city's downtown core - therefore I believe the energy you are spending on this web campaign and the storefront poster campaign is wasted energy. Build the infrastructure (LRT lines, parking) first and you'll find that several alternative options for waterfront revitalization - things all Hamilton citizens can use year round - will present themselves.

  • Emily Jewer says,

    Placing the stadium on the East Mountain would be akin to designating it a box-store. People like box-stores, but they do NOTHING for the City of Hamilton. It MAY be better for traffic, but no visitor to the City would see what Hamilton has to offer. There would be nothing to distinguish Hamilton from any other SuperCenter location.

  • William Russell says,

    This city, my hometown, can't seem to help itself from stumbling towards failure. We seem unable to make decisions in the best interest of the public on most every issue that presents itself and instead chose to cowtow the private interests of those only concerned with themselves. It makes me sad enough that my family has had enough and are looking for a new area to move to.

  • Wade Zacharias says,

    I sincerely hope the Council recognizes the positive impact building the stadium on the waterfront/downtown could have on our City. There ARE negative implications to building there, but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives. I wonder if anyone on Council has considered the irony of not being able to do anything but drive to an athletic event.

  • josh hanvey says,

    i Love hamilton and something like this will bring commerce, tourists, and world class events to a city that has more than paid its dues.