The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • Clare Wagner says,

    I firmly agree with choosing the West Harbour location for the Pan Am Games Stadium as it shows commitment to growth and development of downtown Hamilton.

  • Pastor Valle-Garay says,

    Hamilton: Grow up!

    Hamilton must wake up. Fast. Otherwise it will lose a unique opportunity to revitalize the city's core, attract well-deserved international recognition and become the laughing stock of the 2015 Pan American Games.

    Regardless of the political bickering generated on Friday by the contradictory statements emanating from the offices of Premier Dalton McGuinty, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other vested interested, Mayor Fred Eisenberger and city council must take immediate action and vote in favour of the West Harbour site. Anything else would be a colossal waste of time and taxpayers' money. Hamilton can't afford either luxury.

    The report examining the two proposed sites, released by the city staff on Friday, makes a lot of economic and practical sense. It concludes that the east Mountain site would cost tens of millions of dollars more than west harbour. In other words, building the stadium at west harbour would save taxpayers millions of dollars and untold future headaches while providing the city with a first class sports venue.

    While McGuinty and Harper engage in their usual photo-op political grandstanding with an eye on electoral votes, Hamilton needs to set its sights on the long term benefits. Next to the Summer Olympics and the World Cup no other sport event attracts as much world-wide attention as the Pan American Games. Hundreds of thousands attend the games and hundreds of millions watch them on television. For Hamilton's trade, industry and tourism this is a bonanza served on a silver platter.

    Hamilton however must act fast and cut the tangled umbilical cord from Toronto and from Ottawa before it is too late. The signs are already ominous. At the beginning of the year the city missed an opportunity to house a professional hockey team. It would have given Hamilton's economy a much-needed shot in the arm for years to come. A few weeks ago the Track and Field competition, the Pan American Games' premier event, originally scheduled for the Hamilton site, was lost to Toronto. It will now probably be held at York University.

    Any further vacillating on the part of city council may cost Hamilton the Pan American venue. Such move would be of disastrous consequences to a city that the rest of the world would view as either too incapable or too unwilling to host major international events.

    Hamilton needs to grow up fast, build a the stadium in west harbour and prepare to welcome the Pan American Games and the international community as a truly world-class city. The ball is now in the city council's court.

  • Chris Ariens says,

    This is about short-term vision versus long-term vision.

    Worrying about a "driveway to driveway experience", and whether someone's going to drive by on the freeway is short-term thinking.

    We've passed peak global oil production. Prices continue to climb and $200/barrel is inevitable. That means that maintaining a "driveway to driveway experience" is going to increasingly become a burden, not a benefit, to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats business and the city as a whole.

    Imagine then, an opportunity in the centre of town, where fans can come on foot, by train, by LRT, or by car. A stadium that is centrally located, and close to the patios of Hess Village, the culture of James North, the beauty and tranquility of the harbour, all close to the 403 and multiple public transportation links.

    Contrast this with a vision that is car only, far from any other means of transport, and surrounded by homes, chain restaurants and big-box shopping centres.

    I live in Burlington, and look forward to the day that my sons, currently very young, can hop on the GO Train with their dad, and experience a Ti-Cats game as a family, just as I did as a kid at Ivor Wynne.

    Driveway to driveway just seems to suck all the life out of it. Half the fun is in walking and mingling with passionate fans. You just don't get that feeling when you're waiting to get out of the parking lot to the expressway.

  • David Trevisani says,

    I'm in full support of the City approving the West Harbour for the next new stadium. My second choice would be to upgrade our existing stadium.

    Why- it's the appropriate use of our public funds for the broader good. Because it helps us restore a part of town that needs help and looks to the future as far as the use of Public Transportation and economic development within the Harbour which will create jobs for many more people than if we put it on the East Mtn.

    I'm a 20 year season, Ticat Ticket holder, born and raised in Hamilon. I worked here for 22 years until I had to seak employment outside of the City. I still live in Hamilton and pay my property taxes hear as my parents did before me. I want my children to have a future here in Hamilton and the Tiger Cats are only one facet of our economy.
    I've worked within City Hall for many years and the article written by John Kerrigan RE: "Stadium Negotiations have One Play Book" is spot on. The Citizens of Hamilton must think of the future of our children and their children and not the Ticats Pocket book.

  • Bryan Kirkham says,


  • Joseph Abichedid says,

    Stadium is needed to chnage the image of this area and make it a part of new era in Hamilton

  • Patrick McCafferty says,

    I acknowledge with some surprise the loyalty of many contributors here to the Tiger-Cat Football Club. I won't bore you with my own history regarding the team, but I also go way back as a fan and patron. After the fashion of Stephen Colbert, I have lately established my own virtual 'Dead To Me' list, consisting of one entry: The Hamilton Tiger-Cat Football Club.
    Even in the best of times as a fan of the team, I would have readily acknowledged that the organization, just like the league itself, depends heavily on the easy-going goodwill of its fan base. Well they've pissed that all away now, haven't they? Bob Young, through his arrogant, high-handed and adversarial approach, has wasted any goodwill he might have established in his time as a self-described 'Caretaker' of the football club.
    This opportunity to leverage funding from three levels of government represented a rare convergence of rewards, most significant of which by far was to convert wasted downtown brownfield land to a civic jewel. As Hamilton's contribution will be furnished through the Future Fund, West Harbour is the only viable option of the two on the table.
    I was heartened to learn from the Mayor yesterday that the alleged 'fix' perpetrated by the two senior governments has either fallen through (for the time being) or never was to begin with. Fine: But as more than one speaker at the event declared, this is Hamilton's Independence Day, when our city finally comes of age and asserts its own will in its own time, not that of a certain Senator and his slippery cronies, not to mention Ronald McDonald Jr. As Mark Chamberlain remarked, the choice is between the interests of a small-scale private retail operation and the greater public good.
    I don't envy our members of Council, as many of them will be damned by some constituents no matter which way they vote. I would only urge my own representative, Ward 6 Councillor Tom Jackson, to direct spending of our Future Fund in the only responsible manner: support the West Harbour option, or reject the Pan Am stadium.
    Btw: Notwithstanding the pressure they have applied to City Council, the Tiger-Cats have nowhere else to go. They will either come around, or fold up their shabby little tent.
    And even if the latter occurs, the game of football is alive and well in Hamilton and will survive just fine without them.

  • Giuliano Manazzone says,

    It's time to do the right thing for our city and our future. Our council owes it to our citizens to stand behind us.

  • Paul McKinney says,

    Build it in the west Harbour!

  • kayla penner says,

    Since when is our city in a dictatorship GO WEST HARBOUR Does the Hamilton tiger Cats realize the majority of there fans come from down the mountain and bring young children these are the fans who have kept the stadium going As being a mother of 3 If the stadium goes on the mountain I WILL NEVER TAKE MY KIDS THERE by the time we would get home from a a 7pm game it will be 12 maybe 1 If Bob young decides to keep doing this i will BOYCOTT the hamilton tiger cats all together. KEEP IT IN THE SAME PLACE if you can t decide if i was involved in voting i would tell bob young take his team and go hes not here for the hamilton fans in the center of hamilton hes in there for the money now i vote keep it in the same place or move it to the west harbour

  • Jeff Stout says,

    My wife and I just moved to the city and deliberately moved downtown. We think it would be a shame to have something this important away from the west harbour area.

  • Aspasia Manos says,

    I support the decision for Hamilton to build a stadium at the West Harbour. This will be an integral decision for investing in Hamilton's future.

  • Jeff Braun-Jackson says,

    Believe in downtown Hamilton! Believe in the West Harbour as the best place to build the Pan Am stadium.

  • Giannni and Maureen Segato says,

    If Hamilton Council is willing to do their utmost to renew our downtown then we will with some reluctance support "A West Harbour Stadium".To be successful, we need residents and commerce not just a stadium. We live just a few blocks from the designated
    area so we are naturally concerned with traffic volume, parking and noise.

  • June Oprzadek says,

    Building a stadium on the East Mou ntain would be regressive and not in the interest of the city. It would be a huge mistake to waste this precious opportunity to improve our downtown.

  • Ashley Tyler-Smith says,

    I support having the stadium built at the west harbour.

  • Pamela Beauvais says,

    West Hamilton Stadium,
    ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • Todd Hickman says,

    The decision must be based upon what is best for the community NOT a single sports team. Downtown is the community, period!

  • Kim Doucette says,

    I love this city and want the best for our future. I've lived here all my life and want the rest of the province and the world to finally realized what a wonderful place this is. Our waterfront is gorgeous. Put the stadium on the West Harbour.

  • Jesse Ross says,


    How can you claim to be supported the best interests of Hamilton. This website is hosted in Florida. Wow guys wow. Guess what you hipster indy douchebags at Raise The Hammer host your site in Texas. Way to support our city hypocits. You just wanted to pick a fight because you have nothing better to do. Go back and hang out at the Apple Store.

  • Helena Barkoczy says,

    We need to rebuild Hamilton, especially the downtown core. Having the Stadium would be an asset not only to the Harbour but for all of us. GO....HARBOUR....GOOOOOO!

  • Giuseppe Siino says,

    I'm a North Ender who wants the stadium in the West Harbour. Build it already!

  • John Poole says,

    although it appears already decided for us by 'outside' influences, I still felt the need to make my opinion voiced on where I think the stadium should go.
    Long live democracy!

  • John Quinlan says,

    The west Harbour is the only logical choice for the new stadium!

  • Terrence Trotman says,

    Worst case senario is if Mr Young doesn't get on board with the West Harbour vision is that we put on a fantastic Pan-Am games event and we have a beautiful stadium (that can be used for soccer and a potential soccer team..imagine Toronto FC vs Hamilton United!) with a velodrome that's connected to an entertainment district with Go Trains and LRT public transpotation and a beautiful view of the West Harbour surrounded by trails and Parks. For the city this promotes a better experience than the East Mountain and promotes Hamilton as a progresive city that can make downtown renewal work and encourages other investors to come downtown to invest... Over $100M in city brownfield downtown renewal will do that if done right.

    The idea that the Ticats can't make this work to promote thier interests and build something successful is a crock! Even so called experts can be wrong sometimes. We are a unique city with a unique location beside a bay that has never had a highway running through the downtown yet we still have a downtown that is here and is growing. The Tiger Cats will make money when they are putting a quality product on the field just like all the other CFL franchises. Bob should concentrate on that important fact. The fans will take care of the rest. The West is Best lets not give in the anymore Urban Sprawl!

  • Maggee Brown says,

    Revitalization of the core with the great development of the waterfront go hand in hand. Hamilton should use the recovery of Pittsburgh as an example of changing our business direction from manufacturing. We should definitely be stimulating people to depend less on the auto and more on affordable, readily assessible public transit that is efficient, comfortable and easy to use.

  • walter bochenek says,


  • Stephanie Tombari says,

    Hamilton needs this, and it's a beautiful location. Let's do it.

  • Bill Powell says,

    Future Funds money should stay in the lower City,

  • Stephen Niece says,

    The West Harbour location is the right decision for everyone on Hamilton, I sincerely hope that the right decision is made on the 10th!