The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Gillian Fletcher says,

    This is more than a vote for a stadium. This is a vote for democracy

  • andy Lomonte says,

    Build a legacy

  • Jamie Thompson says,

    If the city wants to truly redevelop downtown the stadium needs to be built in the west harbour. People need to get over cars and look at other means of transportation. Stop urban sprawl and utilize the wonderful opportunity to continue to clean up our waterfront. We should be use the stadium for more functions than a costly football team and explore options to use it for concerts and festivals. Maybe it could house a restaurant and bar overlooking the harbour rather than a parking lot in a farmer's field. I support downtown local businesses not corporate development of valuable farm property. I support the west harbour stadium.

  • Larry Strung says,

    I would go so far as to say that if the stadium doesn't go to the West Harbour, that we as a city do not contribute our tax dollars to building on the east mountain. If the Ticat Corporation wishes to build a stadium there, let them pay for it themselves. Save our money to invest in projects that further the great vision of regenerating the core into a desirable place to work and play.

  • Patrick Moore says,

    If built to be the 'High Performance Sports' Center focused on community needs, and linked with local and rapid transit, then the West Harbour site is absolutely the best plan.
    There are many other High Performance Centers in Canada and non of them have a CFL team as an anchor tenant.
    With proper planning to become a center for all sports needs, then this will not be a 'white elephant' as some suggest - a 'super community center' which Hamilton has badly needed in the lower city for decades.

  • gerald campbell says,

    I do not want to see a stadium built on the east mountain.If the stadium at the harbour front is not good enough for the Tiger Cats then let them stay where there are.
    If the stadium is bult on the east mountain it will only cause more traffic chaos on the east mountain.
    (Now today i heard they are leaving to go to quebec) Hope the can speak french lol

  • Dorte Deans says,

    Have we not learned anything from the wise people who warn us about the dangers of urban sprawl? Jane Jacobs would be turning in her grave if she could hear this discussion now. Why are we even talking about turning a viable wheat field into an asphalt sea of hot, black tar? I cannot understand why the east mountain is even on the option table, because it is just so wrong for the city's future.
    Please do not make the mistake of putting the stadium on the east mountain.

  • Shelly Wonch says,

    West Hamilton Harbour!!!! If the Municipal and Federal government and Ti-Cats force the Mountain location, KEEP the future fund money to further develop the harbour areas.Thanks :)

  • Carm Martire says,

    I just became aware of Bob Young's letter today Aug 9 re the Ti-Cats position of not getting involved further with Pan Am Games and/or stadium. Considering the last-minute flip-flops of recent weeks, I would suggest that the Ti-Cats have relinquished any right to comment further. With only 10 games in the home-town, why would we, the citizens of Hamilton, Councillors and others, ever consider seriously anything that the Ti-cats have to say. Sure, its too bad that they have chosen this position, however, they do not have the right, nor should we allow ourselves to be bullied and black-mailed by anyone or any group that is looking for a handout on the backs of the citizens of this City.
    While I'm disappointed with the Ti-Cat position and I don't want to see yet another Hamilton landmark or institution leave this feeling is: "lead, follow or get out of the way".
    There's enough blame to go around with all involved in this initiative, but enough is enough. This City severely needs leadership. This quality certainly does not reside with the Ti-Cat ownership or management. If it did, they would certainly not have taken this last minute childish, bullyish and cantankerous approach.

  • Terry T says,

    When I heard that the east mountain was a viable site that might satisfy all parties involved I was actually on board with the idea! The east mountain seamed great amd was originally considered and then taken off the table. Now it is back again and I got to say that when I looked hard at the facts that all that public money was going to the Ticats longterm interests and complete ownership of the stadium I got very sceptical. we are already giving him money to run the team.

    If it made sense for Mr Young to build his new stadium up on the east mountain and he owns the Ticats then why does he need the city and the government to foot most of the bill ($60M of our city fund). Go to the BANK with your buisness case and borrow the money like any other retail buisness would do. The city and the fans don't have much of a problem with that however but they do have a problem with him using city money that he has been utilizing since he bought the Ticats. Money that is set aside for city renewal and clean up. A greenfield near hydro lines is not renewal and is certainly not a clean up. He has bad credit with the city and now he can't cover his losses but he does need to come up with more money than he has offered.

    If you support Bob the east mountain and want to save our Ticats then take out your pocket books and wallets out and see how much money we can raise to save them. Let the fans decide. It's the same thing Bob is asking us to do. But also while your at it ask him to put up some more money to outright own it himself....

    here's a senario if you don't agree ..If you had money to buy a car and Bob asked you for the money to buy his own car while he drives it back and forth only putting in the gas and maintaince, picking up his pals once and awhile, and if you asked him for a ride you had to pay him $20 to go to the corner store or $20 to park in his driveway would you do it. Not much benifit to you is it. That's is what he is asking us to do!!!
    I hope he doesn't leave but it is bad for the CFL and the fans

  • David Sanderson says,

    If the stadium goes east mountain, I will never go to another TiCat game again.

  • Thomas Wenzel says,

    Let the city of Hamilton decide it's future and not one self interest group. How lucky Bob Young should feel that we're building a brand new stadium for his Tiger Cats on our water front, with TAXPAYER'S MONEY!

  • bill Di Francesco says,

    We Hamiltonians need to development in the downtown area that will bring people there and a stadium will encourage this type of growth.
    How is it that people still do not understand the need for a solution that reduces the number of automobiles on our roads. All levels of government should be endorsing such a system.

  • jose lacruz says,

    the only place for the stadium is the WEST HARBOUR

  • Rachel Elo says,

    I fully support the West Harbour location for the new stadium. It's a beautiful area with lots to do which makes it a great place to spend the day with the whole family on game day. Can't say the same about the east mountain location.

  • peter newhouse says,

    This is a no brainer at this point. The west harbour is the best choice of the two options. the ticats are not paying the bill they have some but little say in my opinion. Call the bluff these guys are in it for profit not what is best for the city. What guarantee do we have that the tiger cats will remain a tenant at an east mountain stadium for ever? None. I cannot believe that the CFL commissioner ever even voiced an opinion. The ticats are 20% of his league to threaten to pull them out is absolutely a bluff. If the ticats can only make money by selling $20.00 parking spaces then there is something wrong. How is Montreal doing it? What about other uses for the stadium. It will be a desolate wasteland in east mountain if there were a stadium there. Who will ever see this shrine to the growth and pride of this city up there. Mercanti, Young and Mitchell I would suggest have other business interests in the area that make the east mountain appealing to them on my tax dollars. If WE build it they will make lots of money please give me a break. If they want it on the east mountain and it is so financially viable, then they should put there money where their mouth is and pony up the dough. Good luck, stay the course and finally do what is right for the city . Clean up the brownfield of the west habour and continue the one great current and future development this city has finally gotten right. I do not believe that the stadium is the be all end all to downtown renewal, but to squander this opportunity to clean up this area would be foolish. Even Mr. Turkstra has an alternate agenda he lives down there and does not like the idea of the crowds coming and going. I do believe that this beautiful facility will be an incredible site to behold when completed. Imagine a national and international audience seeing a view of this stadium with the harbour around it while the PanAm games are on, or a CFL game on TV for all to see across canada with this spectacular location. Now imagine the view of this farm field from the east mountain surrounded by strip malls and Carmens banquet Hall? Really it would be a disgrace and an embarrassment. What is there to see when this east mountain white elephant with 8000 cars surrounding it would be seen from the sky. These guys are nuts and really they have not provided a single financial argument to support this. there is definitely some kind of back room plan that they have that makes this feasible for them, not the least bit interested in the future of the city, or the stadium. I as a tax payer do not want to support a stadium forever, but I cannot see how the east mountain makes that any less likely. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Young please justify the financials for me. How does this work on the east mountain. You play 10 games a year, that is 10 out of 365. What are you GUARANTEEING the tax payers of hamilton the rest of the year? If you promise that you pay ALL expenses associated with this facility the other 365 days, then perhaps you should have the final say but until that is assured, you really are blowing smoke up the proverbial rear ends of the citizens of this city. If you do make that promise, then create a future trust to ensure that the east mountain does not end up on my future tax bill. I doubt it would happen. Good luck to the city councellors, do the right thing, stick to your earlier and correct decision and approve the West Harbour site for this long overdue improvement to the status and reputation of this fantastic city.

  • Michael Johnston says,

    As a born and raised Hamiltonian there is not much I want to see more than the revival of the downtown core, of my home. Although it will not guarantee a full transformation, I've been overwhelmingly convinced that the best option for the future of Hamilton; of all the stadium sites considered previously and of the two currently being decided between, is and remains the West Harbour location.

  • Julie Hunt says,

    Sustainability is the key consideration for the site of a new stadium. Outward expansion without a strong core is not sustainable.Key concerns for citizens are safety, accessability and a sense of community. People can get to the west harbour in a wide variety of ways promoting efficient transportation and active transit. The unique terrain of the city needs to be considered. The Linc and Red Hill Expressway are not how many people get to the mountain, the smaller mountain accesses are. The question is not,"can I drive there?" but,"do I have to drive there?" The Ti-Cats could leave the city somewhere else down the road. What would Hamilton then do with a multi million doller east mountain investment, accessable primarily by car? The stadium cannot be built based on the intrests of Bob Young it has to be sustainable well into the future.

  • Peter Young says,

    The biggest reason for the degradation of the once-vibrant downtown area has been the sprawling development on the mountain. Why use up precious farmland for a sports stadium that would be a magnet for development on the waterfront? Sorry politicos, that's bad for Hamilton and a plain crazy idea. Stop it NOW!

  • Claude Rocheleau says,

    Let's not lose an opportunity of a life time for the city of Hamilton, look at Pittsburg, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago all great city's that have not been effected so much by the downturn in the economy in USA and their property values have remain strong because they are vibrant waterfront communities.



  • Paul Barrett says,

    All Hamiltonians benefit from a viable and attractive downtown core. Destinations that are accessable by transit and walking are critical to getting more people on the street, out of their cars and revitalizing the downtown.
    I love the Tiger Cats but they have a responsibilty to listen to their audience.

  • Larry Pattison says,

    I have always said that of the two choices, West Habour is the only 'Legacy Vision' on the table.

    Our vote needs to be West Habour, however with the Tiger-Cats unwilling to play there, the recommendation should be to restore Ivor Wynne Stadium, and use the Future Fund to clean up the Harbour.

    Council needs to stand behind it's support for West Harbour. I truly believe the Harbour is our future, but with the division amongst our city, perhaps we are not ready for this 'Football at West Harbour' vision just yet.

    What I do know for sure, is that East Mountain is not a Legacy Vision, and not the direction we as a city should be heading.

    I believe there is a choice that can be made August 10th that will bring us all together and break the division, and that that vote will be cast.

  • Diane Bili says,

    I support the Wet Harbour location and the original decision of the members of the Hamilton City Council. I think it's ludicrous that a team like the Tiger Cats would selfishly hold his city hostage to their wants and needs and demand a stadium be built in a residential area. I live in that area and am happy to say soo long Cats if you can't get along with the Hamiltonians. We are a democracy and the decisions have alreadybeen made. How do we teach our children about bullying when it happens so blatantly in the public eye and to the very taxpayers that already support the losing Tiger Cats.

  • Mark Stewart says,

    This entire discussion is a matter of priorities. As a devout Hamiltonian, my priorities are centered on opportunities which have the potential to move our city forward in a progressive and strategic direction which shapes our future in the way we want. When it comes to the themes of environmental sustainability, the opportunity for brownfield remediation, a focus on rejuvenating downtown versus sprawl development, multi-modal accessibility, the upkeep of democracy and the wishes of Hamiltonians, and developing a progressive reputation, the West Harbour location is a clear winner.

    The recently released report by city staff also makes it quite clear that the East Mountain stadium will be substantially more expensive. The Tiger-Cats have suggested that the business case is better at the East Mountain location (notably, with no publicly released information specifically demonstrating such). However, it is not clear at all how the East Mountain location will generate more net revenues – only that the Tiger-Cats might have an opportunity to generate more revenue through unilateral control of services offered (i.e. they will offer parking, as opposed to various lots throughout downtown if the stadium is located in the West Harbour). This sole priority stands in contrast to the many priorities advanced if the West Harbour location is to be selected.

  • EMILY MATHER says,

    west is best!!

  • Chris Keddy says,

    I support building the stadium downtown!

  • Derek Hughes says,

    I would like the stadium to be built in the west harbour.

  • sheila chambers says,

    I hope that our City Councillors will say THANKS but NO THANKS!! to a Pan Am stadium. As a life long Ticat fan & long time season ticket holder - never thought I would feel this way. I am tired of the greed & arrogance of the Ticats. Sat @ Ivor Wynne was the last straw. I was one of 3 female senior citizens who had a GO WEST HARBOUR banner - holding it over a stairway in section 7. Event Staff & security told us it had to come down!!! We are sure that if it had said Go East Mountain we would not have had to remove it!!
    Let's spend our money to beautify the West Harbour & let the Tiger Cats deal with their own location.

  • paul james says,

    It would be completely regressive to put the stadium on the East Mountain site. If it is placed there, it will be another example of backroom politics trumping democracy.
    Are all decisions made on the golf course these days?

  • Shawn Callan says,

    I don't know what's left to say. Do you want a city of the future or the past? The RHVP was built so that industries could locate around it, not entertainment centres and malls, right? Downtown is getting closer to reaching a critical mass of desirable features. Keep the momentum going. The CFL will play out of the west harbour stadium. All talk otherwise is just bargaining.