The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Captain Kirk says,

    If the Tiger-Cats reach an agreemnet to play at WH, then all of us WH supporters owe it to them, to ourselves, and to our city, to step up, support the team, buy tickets, promote the Tiger-Cats and launch a campaign here and on Our City, Our Future to make the Tiger-Cats as successfyul as possible.

    This is what we wanted. This is what we believed will help make our downtown a stonger and more vibrant place.

    Let's do our best to get people down here, expose them to this part of the city and encourage them to keep coming back!

    We may believe that Bob Young was misinformed about the EM. Let's prove him wrong in the most positive and supportive way, because we all know how mcuh he has put into this city and how much he has lost doing so.

    With or without WH, all Hamiltonians owe Bob Young a debt of gratitude for the money he has invested in our city, all the money he was willing to lose for our future, and all the tremendous community work the Tiger-Cats do.

  • Shawn Barclay says,

    Council today voted that we will be pursuing the West Harbour. this is a great step in the reconstitution of our downtown core.

    We must fight urban sprawl and those who would support it in favour of profits, or ease of use. if we allow them to continue to build away from the core, itll keep dying till there is nothing left but the suburban areas, and without the core, they would die themselves.

    Kudos to the Hamilton council for making the right decision in spite of mounting pressure from all sides. We are Hamiltonians, and we must do whats right for our city, even if it means fighting everyone else.

  • Puneet S says,

    Bring a pro-league soccer team to Hamilton as the tenant!!

    Soccer is the world's sport, and the fastest growing sport in Ontario. Let's bring on a team at the West Harbour Stadium, have it connected to the Go Transit and with it access from the GTA. Bring on the rivalry with Toronto FC!

  • Mary Sobiera says,

    No Question. Downtown is the only positive direction for Hamilton to go in, so why not stop delaying it and go there NOW? The sprawl will only cost us in a few years, and there are so many hidden gems in the downtown Hamilton area that are just begging to be revived, aka Dominion Furniture. I do live in the country, but I drive down to Bayfront Park and shop on Ottawa Street. Why? I was raised in Toronto, and I am used to a city with some history and heritage and that is not just a cookie-cutter Everywhereland. Keep up the good fight, and thanks to Mayor Fred...and everyone else who is supporting this cause. You have my vote, and almost all my kids.

  • Carla Lee says,

    I prefer the west harbor as the location for the new stadium;

  • ORiTV Online says,

    WE WON FOLKS!!!!

  • Gordon Leverton says,

    I support a west harbour stadium and all the benefits it would bring to downtown.

  • Dianne Miller says,

    I am very relieved to see the decision heading towards the harbour. I live on the east mountain within walking distance of the proposed sites. I dread the thought of having a stadium there. I have serious doubts that any of the supposed benefits of building up here will materialize. Down by the QEW would be a much better choice than here. At least, sports fans from Oakville to Niagara Falls would have an easier time getting to it.

    I shudder even more to think of what will happen during the pan am games.

  • Alastair Kermack says,

    WH is clearly better for Hamilton. EM is better for Bob young as he will make millions developing 100 Acres around his proposed site. He can't develop the stadium without Hamiltons support no more than hamilton will get the stadium without his support (or alternate tenant).

    Another point: If you go to wikipedia and find Canadian stadiums large enough for a CFL team. Good Luck finding one!

  • Colin Morton says,

    Don't be idiots. Bob Young has to realize that what's good for the city in the long term will be good for the Ticats, while what's good for the Ticats in the short term (and even that's not obvious) will only hurt the city in the long term. Build the stadium downtown, and call Young's bluff.

  • Mark Wallace says,

    It's obvious that the whole East Mountain Project is too iffy. The Ti-Cats may or may not be able to acquire the land, they may or may not be able to develop it, and if either fails, then the city has a stadium with no parking lot.

    Downtown Hamilton needs help. Oriole Park helped rejuvenate the Baltimore Harbor area, The Yankee Stadium area is the most fully rented neighborhood in the Bronx, Prudential Center brings thousands of suburbanites into downtown Newark for the first time in decades.

    Now that the Ti-Cats have picked up their toys and gone home, the West Harbour location is the only one on the floor.

  • Dave House says,

    Build this facility for the people (who are paying for it), not for private industry.

  • Adriana Romkes says,

    Vote West Hamilton.
    Vote Downtown Renewal.
    Vote Harbour Redevelopment.
    Vote to finish the job.
    Vote for Hamilton!

  • Linda Lorenz says,

    Please no more urban sprawl...keep the new facility within the city!

  • chris saunders says,

    look to the future and its in downtowns not the sprawl of suburbia.
    Remember when they built the skydome
    the naysayers wanted itfar out in north west Toronto, now, as others have noted that whole area has been transformed from a railyard to a destination, and a destination a few
    short blocks from downtown. Hamilton could do the same and again become a
    destination in itself

  • Julian Casa says,

    Oskie Wee-Wee! Oskie Wah-Wah-Wah-West Harbour!!!

  • Joseph Dubonnet says,

    I do not want my residential taxes to go the the White Elephant that the East Mountain site will become. I would have preferred if no stadium was built at all but if one has to be built the West Harbour location makes the most sense from a planning and environmental point of view. The Tiger Cats will eventually accept the location if they see they have lost the "PR" battle. If not they can move. Planning by ultimatums is not a way to run a City. City council will vote on the matter and I, for one, am confident that my representative will vote according to the best interests of the residents of my Ward.

  • Dennis Gearing says,

    I think our cities money should be spent on west harbour and our infrastructor.

  • John Dorsay says,

    With all due respect to Mr Young, if he is so convinced that the East Mountain site represents such a great business opportunity, he should buy it with his own money and go for it.

  • Steven van der Woerd says,

    I commend the Mayor for keeping a calm demeanor through this debate and for taking a stand on what he feels is right for Hamilton. My sense, based on the information I have received from public reports, is that the West Harbour is the best alternative for moving the rebuilding of the City forward. That to me should be our prime concern.

  • Francine Mallory says,

    I support to have the Pam AM game stadium in the west end of the city.
    I am from Hamilton, and every year I go back and have found that the city is forgetting the heart of Hamilton, all is upgraded on the mountain, but what has happen to the heart of the city...forgotten...

  • James Scearce says,

    It's time to call Bob Young's bluff.

    I appreciate what Bob Young has accomplished while owning the Tiger-Cats... he has made Ivor Wynne a fun place to go during his tenure as owner, despite the loust record of the team. He has done a good job and I can't fault him for wanting a location where he will make more revenue by charging $20 per parking spot and $9.50 per tallboy of Coors Lite.

    But he won't contribute one cent toward this stadium, no matter what he says. He simply wants to take advantage of all this new found government money that appeared when Southern Ontario won the Pan-Am games bid.

    Sorry Bob, we know you're not going anywhere especially if a stadium gets built in west harbour. History shows there are 8 or 9 cities than can support CFL football. And would you really leave one of those markets with a shiny new stadium that will probably sell-out for the first three of four years of it's existence, just out of curiousity sake from the fanbase?

    With a new stadium (regardless of location), the Tiger Cats are actually one of the more attractive teams for the next several CFL seasons. Could the rumours of Bob Young's cash flow running low be behind much of these recent shennanigans?

    Sorry Bob, I don't buy your bluff, I don't think city council will either.

  • Catherine Blackman says,

    Revitalize the Downtown Core & West Harbour... bring the citizens back to the Core & reduce the Brownfields !

  • Elena Guzas says,

    After years of listening about revitalizing the core, I think city council should put our money where their mouth is.

  • crispy c says,

    This latest stunt by Big Bad Bob is nothing else but to get supporters for his website. Just tugging on the heart strings of the uninformed die hard fans.

  • crispy c says,

    Stadium discussions, NHL hockey team discussions, CFL footbal team discussions, urban renewal, positive national perception, are all just growing pains we all must go through as a growing city! We will be the next city in Canada to reach a population of 1 million people(2026) and it is best to deal with these issues now before we reach that status and have a whole new set of problems. We are on the right path, and with some curret leadership (Fred) and some young talented minds, this city could become the envy of many other cities in this somewhat democratic nation of ours.

  • Corey Wilson says,

    I hope the city does not allow Bob Young's latest tactic to get his own way! I think it is a bluff because he is losing and dealt the only card he had left in his hand. Where can he go? Ottawa? Already failed twice! Halifax? I lived there for a year and they love golf and hockey but no football so good luck! This is really got me thinking about boycotting the Ticats as I have been a life long fan. Hamilton has supported Bob Young even with a losing team but now he can't support Hamilton! It just sickens me! Can you smell the desperation?

  • denise duncan says,


  • Bob Tyrrell says,

    I like the Ivor Wynne stadium, and I think it should be refurbished and continue as our stadium.
    If this isn't viable, then I vote for the West Harbour location.

  • SEE YA! says,

    EXTORTIONIST, EXTORTIONIST, EXTORTIONIST - BOB YOUNG IS NOTHING BUT AN EXTORTIONIST AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR PUBLIC PURSE. The Cats have been subsidized by our city by tens of millions of dollars. they ARE a welfare case and to try an extort our city at the 11th hour is DESPICABLE. they are subsidized 1.3 million yearly and Hamilton makes absolutely NO REVENUE FROM THEM. THEY KEEP ALL THE REVENUES AND WE PAY ALL THE EXPENSES! to EXPECT the citizens of Hamilton to hand you over a blank cheque is not going to happen. so Bob, take your bullying self-serving ways all the way to Quebec- feel sorry for them though!