The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • Ed Poletto says,

    It is true that the cats are woven into the Hamilton fabric. So true that Scott and Bob arranged a full page article in the Hamilton Spectator suggesting a large Tiger was roaming downtown Hamilton. Citizens beware! I find it perplexing that you would choose a marketing campaign focusing on downtown rather than "somewhere else" to kick off the 2010 season. You yourselves know that the West Harbour is a spectaculur venue otherwise you would not of chosen this area for your marketing! Enough of BS (Bob and Scott or something else). West harbour is the chosen site for the right reasons. I hope they are enough to make it happen.

  • leslie dema says,

    The future of hamilton is downtown!

  • Anonymous Anonymous says,

    Message to our council. Revitalize the Downtown, bring business back to Hamilton. Stop allowing local business people push you around, they are not in for the best interest of our community they are in it for themselves. The West Harbour works on many fronts that have been mentioned in many articles. The excuses I have read from some of these prominent business people are pretty week. Do what is right for our community. You don't want the community and future council members have to pay the price for your blunders.

  • Brian White says,

    The downtown needs the Stadium at the harbour front. This would do wonders to the downtown area. Vistors to this great city right now see a downtown with store closures. THis would bring New life to downtown. New business would open up and and this area would clean itself up 100%. Forget Bob Young and the Ti-Cats all he's thinking of is his wallet and not the City.

  • Robert Bowers says,

    I'm a little surprised by Bob Young's attitude (and I'm wondering if his aunt is as well...). By jamming the Pan Am process he is saying that he doesn't give a damn about the social components of it all. He is throwing away a great opportunity.

  • Norman Newbery says,

    I am a strong supporter of the West Harbour Site. It shows vision for the future of our city...helping the growth of public infrastructure; eliminating brownfields and developing transportation links for our future.

  • Sean Jarrett says,

    Then build your own damn stadium

  • SEETHING MAD says,

    WE ARE SEETHING-MAD,in response to "no new team if cats leave" article in saturdays spec (july 31). Mark Cohon, Bob Young and puppet Scott Mitchell- ARE NOT - I REPEAT NOT - ELECTED OFFICIALS OF THE HAMILTON COMMUNITY. you SELF-SERVING,EGOTISTICAL,MONEY-GRABBING ALLEY-CATS are making quite a few of us HAMILTON CITIZENS SICK. Mitchell states in the article his-boss Young says, they will NEVER play at the West-End Harbourfront because its not FINANCIALLY VIABLE. FINALLY we agree on something Bob, its not FINANCIALLY VIABLE FOR YOU.GREAT FOR THE CITY AND THE FANS, but alas! NOT ENOUGH MULAH $$$$$$ GOING INTO YOUR WEALTHY BIG POCKETS. just like you and your conglomerate helped FINE those poor independent vendors trying to sell a pop or hot-dog at kinder prices as opposed to inside the stadium.seems you also want to CAPITOLIZE on outrageous parking fees at your supposed eastmountain location. you played for all these years at the ivor wynn stadium and now you would be getting a SPECTACULAR site to SHOWCASE your football team and the move is just blocks over????????HOW DARE YOU AFTER ALL OUR FANS SUPPORT OF THE TI-CATS thru THICK AND THIN, GOOD OR BAD AND VERY VERY BAD, NOT SUPPORT OUR CITYS VISION OF REGROWTH AND REVITILIZATION which in case you didnt care to notice ENCOMPASSES THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. HOW DARE YOU bunch of BLOCK-HEADS THREATEN OUR CITY WITH YOUR SELF-SERVING NONSENSE! and Cohon what the hell do you care about our citys future and the direction we need to move forward in to better OUR HOME. KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF OUR CITYS DEVELOPMENT PROCESS, HINT HINT oh! and one last thing ISNT THE BED YOUR ALL SLEEPING IN TOGETHER GETTING A LITTLE CROWDED, just wondered ??????????

  • Chris Calder says,

    Hey don't the Phoenix Coyotes play in a suburb of Phoenix? Look how many fans attend their games and how much money is made by their ownership. Sounds like a great business decision to build a new stadium in the suburbs, if you want to loose money!

  • Jesse Coleman says,

    This decision really is a no brainer. If taxpayer money is going to fund a new stadium then it has to help support larger goals of city building, transit-supportive development and downtown revitalization. The West Harbour site presents a fantastic opportunity to reach all of these goals. The East Mountain site on the other hand achieves none of this, and using "Future Fund" dollars to fund the project would really be self-defeating. If the Ticats want to build a new stadium with 6000 parking spaces on greenfield lands (bigger than any current GO parking lot for context), let them build it themselves.
    I really hope City Council makes us proud and makes the right (and only) choice!

  • Daniel Lynes says,

    The only place that makes sense for Hamiltonians in my opinion is the west harbour. Hamilton downtown is teetering on the brink of coming back. Why would you want to kill all the effort? Downtown Hamilton is currently similar to a lot of American mid-west downtowns. Why shouldn't it be like other Canadian downtowns that are vibrant and busy such as Vancouver or Toronto?
    The current west harbour area is great, but it needs more to attract young people. Hamilton cannot continue to decay. Stand up for your city. Do not allow city council to cave into Ti-Cats management. Ti-Cats are an important part of Hamilton, but they're certainly not the only good thing in Hamilton, and they certainly do not make or break the city.

  • Michael Nowacki says,

    This is the most publicity that the Ticats have had in decades. No wonder they are being so obstinate about this, they are enjoying seeing their name in print and hearing it on the radio. The reality of it is that until this debate started no one really gave much thought about the Ticats. Come on, the fact that their seasons tickets start at $200 for the year speaks volumes. Therefore I ask, why are they even factored into the debate?

    Eliminate the TiCats from the equation and I bet that the ideal location for the stadium will become readily apparent to all. This should be about what is best for the city of Hamilton, its taxpayers and locally established businesses and not about any one sports franchise that is only concerned about their future revenue. If the TiCats want their own stadium on the east mountain where they can dictate parking fees, the price of beer and hot dogs and keep that all for themselves then let them build it with their own money. If however we are interested in revitalizing this city to the benefit of local businesses, taxpayers and yes, even the TiCats, then lets stick with the original plan and continue to invest in our waterfront.

  • Ti-Cat fan says,

    As fan of the Tiger-Cats, one who has attended many games over the years, it's become apparent that, as someone else has mentioned, Bob Young has ceased being "caretaker" in favour of the role of "owner".

    The city and all Hamiltonians have been covered by a conspiratorial shroud. Shame on them!

  • ORiTv Online says,

    Who is Bob Young fooling with this so called professional soccer team? Is it MLS (Major League Soccer)? The only recognized professional soccer league in North America? You know the league that the Tornto FC and LosAngels (with David Beckham) plays... The games that are broadcasted on CBC...NO ITS NOT! Its NASL which has about 11 teams that in my view couldnt make the cute to MLS! The few who actually follow north american soccer turn to MLS not NASL! Please do not insult our intelligence!

  • Mike Majcher says,

    I care about this city too much to let the mistake of building this stadium on the east mountain just ride out. Hamilton is starting to gain momentum in the right direction...and a stadium in the west harbor will help to keep that going. I believe the WH location will provide a much bigger overall benefit to this city then the EM location. Hamilton has been around long before the Tiger Cats came around..and will be here long after they're gone. Therefore, we need to think of what's best for this city. This a great expenditure, so PLEASE, lets do what's right for Hamilton.

  • Jana B says,

    What really bothers me the most about all of this is the fact that our city council can be bribed with money by housing developers and the Ti-Cat's and manager Bob Young holding our city blackmail. Is this what our future holds in store for all of us Hamiltonians ? Let me get right , we as the people of Hamilton have no say at all where our tax dollars should be spent but an outsider like Bob Young can come into our beautiful city and dictate to our city council what he wants and is best for him. I guess we should just pay our taxes to Bob Young & the housing developers.

  • Rob Taylor says,

    Can't stand the anti city, anti environment stance of the arrogant Cat management. West Harbour or nothing thanks.

  • Debbie Ritskes says,

    I would like to know who Scott MItchell thinks he is holding us hostage especially with his press release today saying we could use it for a fitness centre when the pan am games are done. We flip the bill for the Ticats short falls anyways why should they have any say. They have had a space with no parking for years and all of a sudden it is a problem?????
    I hate politics

  • Malcolm Murray says,

    Why does Hamilton need or want minor league soccer which averages 2,200 a game as Bob Young's does. Perhaps they could play at the HAAA. The USL probable couln't qualify for the lowest league 'football'in the UK. Bob Young is today's version of a carpetbagger as a will be those councillors who associate themselves with him. How many days has Bob Young spent in Hamilton the last ten years. How much technology related jobs has he brought to Hamilton? What do youy have to say Bob?

  • Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes says,

    As a resident of Burlington for the first two decades of my life, I experienced the demise of our downtown area in favour of shopping malls and subdivisions. Hamilton has an opportunity here to revitalize its downtown and attract people to a vital city core. The West Harbour location is the right choice.

  • Lowell Soucie Sr. says,

    In the fullness of time, as the tangled Pan Am web of vanity, false promises, greed, and hot air unravels, we will check the calendar and realize it's 2015 already.

    Hopefully, we'll be wiser citizens, but I doubt it. Not unless we take stock of both our public assets and the politicians tasked with their preservation.

    It's tough sometimes to remember who did what and why before you cast your vote, but this need not be an onerous task. Lean back, close your eyes,and imagine you're watching a bad movie called "Panamania 2015".

    With minimum concentration and a beer or two, the bums, poseurs, blowhards, cash-poor, and craven will flash across the screen of your mind, the only missing ingredient Commissioner Bobby Hull and his latest re-incarnation of the World Hockey League.

    But among this sporting opera's cast of characters will be found white hats and heroes. Vote for them. Then look for the sequel, Panamania II: The Fiasco Re-visited.

    Go for the West Harbour, young man, but keep a sharp eye out for the reefs and shoals.

    Lowell Soucie Sr.

  • Tick Tock says,

    YoungMitchell tosses us a bone with the bribe of our own future fund dollars. GET STUFFED!

    This pan an park "compromise" is a massive insult (BobScott, we're not all as easily fooled as you think - really). And why should WE compromise, especially considering it's OUR FUTURE FUND???? Hasn't Hamilton compromised enough over the years? Enough, let's go for exactly what we want this time.

    Is our city's future going to be all about the ti-cats? What kind of hayseeds do we have in this city that feel keeping their football team happy is more important than spending our future fund dollars helping to revitalize our downtown and rebuild our most historic communities? What kind of citizens do we have that would allow a football team owner to bully his way into stealing away from the city our most important revitalization initiative. We should be supremely embarrassed.

    And then there's our city council. They should have flatly rejected mediation...the city made it's decision to build the stadium at the West Harbour... Mayor and Councillors should have emphatically reinforced their decision (as the Future Fund Board of Governors did) and not put themselves in this accepting mediation they essentially showed they were operating from a position of weakness and opened themselves up to this mess.

    Times a ticking.

  • Tara Lynne Franco says,

    Please select the West Harbour location. It is the most logical location for the stadium and would be the best use of funds. The mountain location would result in additional costs to the municipality to extend public transit etc. that will be used less regularly.

  • Mark Shurvin says,


    Bob Young and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats would like us, and more importantly City Councillors, to think that, somehow, they have the City over a barrel; do it my way or you lose your beloved Tiger Cats. In fact, Mr. Young even claimed, in Raise the Hammer, that without the Tiger-Cats there would be no stadium at all, that the team had a de facto veto. That suggestion was quickly pooh-poohed by Ted McMeekin MPP on behalf of the Ontario government. Where on earth did Young get such an idea? Well, beyond wishful thinking, it appears that Young is a bit of a poker player attempting, at the last minute with the games at stake, to bluff his way to the pot of future-fund money that hard-working Hamiltonians have amassed through decades of paying their bills to Hamilton Hydro. Normally, a bluffer would have you believe that he has cards that he doesn’t. But in this game, it seems that Young is trying to get Council to believe that he has cards that don’t even exist. They’re not in the deck and they never were. The simple reality of a professional sports franchise is that the league controls who gets a team and where it plays. Just ask Jim Balsillie. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a franchise granted by the league in a given location, namely Hamilton. If Hamilton Council has the faith in itself and in this city to continue to do what’s best for the most taxpaying Hamiltonians and reaffirms the stadium location that won the Pan-American games bid, Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats, when push comes to shove, really have nowhere to go but Ivor Wynne. And they know it. That’s why all they can say is what they won’t do, not what they will do. They can’t just move anywhere they choose and if they fold the franchise, they have nothing. Ask yourself, what other city would plunder the public purse to build them a stadium to their liking and for their virtual exclusive use and profit? In what other city would the Tiger-Cats, or CFL football in general, be the draw that they are, or at least could be, in Hamilton? Even if such a city exists (some have mentioned Ottawa) AND the CFL approved the relocation, reputable businesspeople have already expressed an interest in operating a CFL team both in Hamilton AND on the West Harbour. Does anyone really believe the CFL would leave this market vacant for long?

    I say use the money that has been pledged by all levels of government and that has been earmarked for core rejuvenation. Build a "jewel beside the bay". Start with 15,000 seats on one side and leave room for a person or a corporation that really wants to be part of a revitalized city on the other. Then bring on the soccer and bring on the games.

  • Jennifer Stein says,

    Enough already! Build the stadium & they will come!

  • L Hall says,

    HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT at losing the track and field events!

    ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE if one cent of our community's Future Fund goes to Bob Young and a private business!

    Remember how all of this got started? We were building a velodrome for cycling and a stadium for the track and field events in the west harbour for the Pan Am games. City council voted for that plan in February. The legacy was supposed to be something that was part of the fabric of our community, facilities the average citizen could access and use, inclusive for all. At least that's the plan I was supporting.

    Now it appears, private interests WILL trump public good, crushing the civic pride we all feel as we fight the good fight to use this once-in-a-lifetime-chunk-of-money to improve the very heart of our city.

    How can this whole thing spin so out of control? This fiasco, this embarrassment for Hamilton?

    It is happening because the gatekeepers of our community, our elected officials, and the current caretaker of the HAMILTON Tiger-Cats, Bob Young, are all taking their eyes off the ball. Petty politics and self-interest are outscoring the bigger picture.

    Some members of City Council lack the vision to reconize what a boon this project could be for city-building. Others lack the courage(or the will) to take ACTION needed to benefit our community as a whole.

    Bob Young is using his considerable influence and his business acumen to bully, bribe and threaten our community into chaos and confusion.

    A few short months ago, no one could have imagined the plan careening so wildly off the track. No one would have believed that a private business could end up pocketing our Future Fund community assets and dictating how those dollars would be spent. A very clever, albeit, unprincipled piece of business, that! Are we expected to thank Mr. Young for proposing to recompense us a small portion of our own money to build a west harbour amphitheatre, he suddenly proposes?

    It's a challenge to get citizens involved in civic affairs at the best of times, but involved we are, passionate even. Where are our elected representatives to support, or at the very least, to jump in front of this surge of citizen interest and grass roots democracy?

    Ahhh well, perhaps some good will come of this mess. 2000+ of us have found our civic voices on this website, alone. Hopefully we will sustain our concerns and our passion, and carry both to the ballot box in October.

    The City of Hamilton deserves better, and so do we, the tax-payers who are having our wishes ignored and our hopes for the revitalization of our downtown area dashed once again.

  • Franci Calhoun says,

    I am appalled that this is even in question. Please, STOP considering an east mountain stadium, and stand by your commitment to revitalize the core and harbour and lower city in general!!

  • Meredith Vanstone says,

    I will never attend any game or event at a suburban stadium. Please build at the west harbour location.

  • Matthew Leroux says,

    Arguments for placing the stadium on the east mountain clearly run counter to the public interest, instead serving the needs of the Tiger-Cats over the needs of Hamiltonians to redevelop the core and curb urban sprawl.
    Placing the stadium downtown is the cornerstone of urban renewal plans by the city culminating in the development of the BLAST rapid transit network to revitilize downtown Hamilton.
    The heavy handed negotiating by Bob Young on this issue make me question their devotion to a community that has supported the Ti-Cat franchise for generations. There is no denying how much the team means to the city, but the flay refusal by the club to negotiate or adjust their business plan in a manner that will allow the stadium project to have a positive impaact on urban renewal plans makes me notice just how little this city matters to the team.
    In the event of city council choosing the east mountain I call for a boycott of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

  • steve richardet says,

    Its about time city council showed some back bone and stick to its decision to build at the west harbour. Don't give in the rantings of an egocentric billionaire.STAND UP FOR THE CITY OF HAMILTON.Make the wrong choice on this matter and YOU WILL BE UNEMPLOYED come the fall election!!!!