The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

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  • Liz Weaver says,

    Dear City Council:

    Whereas, a new Hamilton stadium for the Pan Am Games represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to accelerate waterfront/downtown revitalization;

    Whereas, Hamilton City Council has voted in favour of a West Harbour location, backed up by thorough analysis and a business case presented by Deloitte Canada and a traffic analysis presented by IBI;

    Whereas, Hamilton taxpayers have already spent millions of dollars acquiring land on the West Harbour for the project;

    Whereas, the City of Hamilton is contributing $60 million of our Future Fund towards the project, while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a minority partner;

    Whereas, if the East Mountain site is chosen, Hamilton would be one of the only cities in North America to build a suburban stadium in this day and age, and it would send a very poor, regressive message about Hamilton around North America, impacting our ability to retain the best and brightest talent who seek progressive dynamic cities in which to live;

    Whereas, not choosing the West Harbour site will impact the timing and viability of Hamilton’s case for priority funding for its Rapid Transit plans as it calls into question the City’s commitment to revitalization of the Downtown Urban Growth Node under the Province of Ontario Places to Grow Strategy and Metrolinx plans;

    Therefore Be It Resolved:

    (a) That Hamilton City Council reaffirms the West Harbour location as its choice for the Pan Am Games Stadium to be funded by money through the Future Fund;

    (b) That an invitation be extended to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to be a community partner on new terms that allow for the financial success of the football club at the West Harbour location.

  • Christina Douglas says,

    In order to revitalize the downtown core, I believe that the west harbour site is the best location for the stadium.

  • Janet Rymal says,

    As a life-long resident of Hamilton, and recent North-Ender, I am writing in support of a West Harbour location for the stadium for the Pan Am games. 

    I have voted in every election, municipal, provincial and federal, in the 27 years that I have had the right to do so. My votes go to the candidates that I feel have the best interests of our city/province/country at heart.  The next municipal election will see me giving my votes to the candidates that have had our best interests as a city in need of revitalization (in terms of image, employment, prosperity of homegrown businesses, and  activities for all) and not to those who will be bullied by an aggressive, money-driven, short-sighted business (the Tiger Cats/ CFL).  Let them take their ball home if they don't like the way we're playing.  Hamilton has the potential to be so much more than a losing football team. 

    For years now, I have seen the Ti-Cats beg for season tickets buyers, launch ridiculous advertising campaigns that made some people feel inadequate, because they didn't 'get' it, and complain about their current stadium.   I have no issue with them building their own stadium with their own money where ever they want, but I do have a problem with them hi-jacking what was supposed to be a big shot in the arm of North-West Hamilton and making it divide our city on so many levels.

    US Steel and Labatts/Lakeport made us all kinds of promises, too, and we know how that turned out.

  • Marianna Collura says,

    We need to revitalize the downtown core and start promoting more travel throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Make Hamilton a city that people want to stop at and enjoy as much as Toronto and Niagara Falls. Not the city you drive by to get from one place to another.

  • scott chandler says,

    west harbour is the best site, parking can be anywhere as long as you have shuttle busses

  • Richard Greig says,

    If you see Hamilton as a Pioneering city, one of a few founding great cities of Canada, then support West Harbour. However, If you have accepted years of marginalization and ignorance, in an effort to quietly and dutifully disappear into the Toronto suburbs, then you should support the choice of the short-sighted; the East Mountain.

  • Christopher Cutler says,

    The decision to be made by city council concerning the location of the Pan Am Stadium is about more than just the Ti-Cats. It is a statement, an affirmation that the interests of a select few, of a privat (subsidized by public monies)football team, of certain developers and other vested interests are not be held above the interests of the whole, of community building, of the city and its citizenry. A vote for the east mountain location is two steps back, a resignation to those few interests, a vote for the west harbour represents a step forward, council reasserting its right, its obligaton to represent its citizen's interests and a return to the days of Hamilton: The Ambitious City.

  • Aaron Segaert says,

    The stadium belongs in the city, not on the outskirts of town. Don't stand for the TiCats' bullying!

  • James Guse says,

    To continue the decentralization of development in hamilton will do nothing to change the city's fortunes in any realistic or sustainable way.

    The west harbour site, along with the injection of financial and human energy that will accompany it, would be a fantastic opportunity to galvanize the great community level work being done throughout the heart of Hamilton. The re-imagining of an urban community in the wasteland of sprawl that is southern ontario just might allow the jewel that is Hamilton's west end, to shine for all the world to see.

    Maybe, just once, community leaders can listen most closely to their constituents, who are the majour stakeholders in the proposition, instead of just the voices of the elite and self-interested few.

  • Derek Smith says,

    I am a season ticket holder for the tiger-cats and sick of their threats to move the team out of Hamilton! I know hamilton sports fans will not suport a not from hamilton football club.Tiger-cats get on board with the west harbour site its the best opportunity for Hamilton. Or be prepared to lose myself and many more fans who do not support a out of hamilton team!

  • Devon Craig MacDonald says,

    I am in full support of the WEst Harbour location and completely opposed to the East Mountain location. The city should not be bullied by the Ti-Cat organization. The current west harbour design is so beautiful and inviting I am confident that with or without the Ti-Cats as a full time tenant that there will be a suprising amount of potential usage for this location whereas the east mountain location (which is not GOtrain/public transport friendly as pan an game participants were promised in the winning bid!) is so secluded and does not offer a tourism ripe aesthetic will likely ONLY by useful to the ti-cats post pan-am games. Furthermore with the popularity of soccer in the downtown core as seen on james street north during the world cup I'm suprised noone has discussed the option of acquiring a hamilton based soccer team for the stadium post pan-am games.

  • Matthew Readman says,

    The West Harbour location will benefit the city of Hamilton and having the Pan Am games in Hamilton is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The West Harbour location will ensure a strong and thriving city core.

    Bob Young is doing more harm than good for the Ticats and the City of Hamilton. He may end up losing many long-time supporters of the Tiger Cats by his opposition to the West Harbour for his own self-gratification. People will walk to the West Habour and use public transportation. Very few would be willing to walk to the east mountain site. The Tiger Cats have always received support from the citizens living around Ivor Wynne Stadium because they were able to walk to the games.

    This isn't just about the Ticats, it's about our city and our future. Hopefully the Ticats will remain part of it as a thriving partner.

  • Charles Readman says,

    It's now or never for our city politicians to stand up and be counted. There is only one choice for our new stadium that makes economic and environmental sense for our great city. The West Harbour location will benefit our city and the surrounding population. Don't let Bob Young or Mark Cohen hold us hostage from realizing our dreams of revitalization of our downtown core and our opportunity to host the Pan Am Games.

  • ward cluff says,

    If the Ticats want to build a stadium on the east mountain....Let them pay for it....I am Ticat season ticket holder who is tired and disgusted by the bullying of the Ticats....

  • Susan Readman says,

    The West Harbour location is an exciting opportunity for the City of Hamilton to showcase our city and our bay front. It will be a great loss for Hamilton if we are not able to move forward with the West Harbour stadium and risk losing the Pam Am Games. We have too much at stake to be held hostage by Bob Young's demands.

  • John Loukidelis says,

    I support the west harbour location for the stadium to help with the revitalization of our city.

  • Rick Michal says,

    East mountain makes no sense. The Ticats do not deserve to use Hamilton in their name.

  • erika shaker says,

    It's remarkable how private interests can railroad a public process so thoroughly that many people seem to have forgotten that this is about responsible and sustainable investment in a city, not placating a football team.

    Bob Young has done the equivalent of picking up his toys and threatening to leave if he doesn't get what he wants. It's behaviour that one expects from children, not adults--and certainly not from someone who claims to be thinking about what's best for Hamilton.

    Municipal politicians must live up to their responsibility as PUBLIC servants and do what's best for the city--put the stadium on the waterfront.

  • Kyle Rozoski says,

    A stadium on the hill is outdated thinking. Bob Young is stuck in the 1970's, when the idea was to put stadiums in the sticks, and have these massive parking lots. Detroit Lions are but one example of a team that used to play in Pontiac and have the fans drive 30 mins outside Detroit to watch the club. Thankfully, they came to their sences, and relocated downtown at Ford Field. C'mon Ti-Cats, time to open your eyes, and help with the beautification of our downtown. Kyle.

  • Anna Vermaat says,


  • Dennis Tour says,

    Stop the separation of the affluent from the dysfunctional and work together for our social security & future in Hamilton!

  • Tyler Forbes says,

    Don't miss this opportunity.

  • Ruth Van Horne says,

    I grew up very close to Ivor Wynne stadium, where there has never been any the West Harbour site features generous parking plus many other outstanding features......this is where the new stadium should be built.

    This "Johnny come Lately" site on the east mountain has not undergone the itense study and scrutiny that the West Harbour site has. A downtown location is what our fine city of Hamilton needs to add to the revitalization that seems to be taking place in so many areas of the "old" city...........let's finally do something to slow down "urban sprawl" rather than encouraging and contributing to it.

    Ruth Van Horne.

  • Maria Lanillos says,

    West Harbour is the right choice. It has been tradition to have the stadium in Hamilton East and it should stay in the lower part of Hamilton not on the mountain. What I do not understand is why does the City always favour the business community and do not ask all Hamiltonians? They should listen to the every day public. In the Harbour area, there are more exists to the highway and there will be less congestions.

    Please Mayor Eisenberger leave the stadium at the Harbour area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Cherwaty says,


  • Matthew de Zoete says,

    I strongly support the motion to reaffirm the city's commitment to build the new stadium in the West Harbour location.

  • Serafini Sebastiano says,

    I've been going to Ticat games for over 40 years and never had a problem parking at a stadium that really doesn't have many dedicated spots. We don't need to pave over more farmland to build a stadium that works for the city. Increased flooding and increased environmental damage is being ignored by the Ticats. Build it downtown, where it belongs. I live in Stoney Creeek, and the personal convenience of an EM location is not worth the real price that this location will cost.

  • Jonathon Valeri says,

    Hey my fellow Hamiltonianssss

    I was born and raised here. I put both my sweat and blood of my family and my forefathers in this city. Always proud to be and live here, until these recent events.

    Huge supporter of the West Harbour Site. At this point in time all I can say is the Ticats are nothing but a tennant and loss of support from my intrest. I'd tell them that there word is only worth something if they were a winning team. Honestly, no support from me for them now, unless the Harbour is picked. Build that stadium, build that dream, and give the city hope is all I can say to Hamilton city councilor. They represent us, the people, and they better start doing it because this may be our only chance at getting the city out of the hole that the city councellors put themselves in too.

    Economically that stadium will cause so much revenue and rebuilding in the downtown. Imagine, more Hotels, restaurants, patio bars, classy condos and a view for the ages with the stadium. Even the provincial government will have to give us LRT now. Something to show Canada that, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE.

    Lets put our Hammer on the table. West harbour is it. I am 21 and I hope to have 100 more years of service and a life in this town with that stadium. Our chants will be heard from Toronto from this Stadium, telling them (Insert thought here)....

    Show me an anti-west harbour site so i can spit on it lol

    the people run this city!!!!

    Bob Young quote: `the tiger cats will play anywhere they build them a stadium` (January 2010, The Spec)

  • Julio Garcia says,

    I Been sittin on the fence for a while and not for lack of support for the west harbour but more as a fan of the team but enough is enough and this a a copy of an email I sent to the commis address earlier on and perhaps encorage more people to do so.

    "Dear Mr Cohon I am former Ticats season holder (and only due to the ticats mismanagement on the field I have made My ticat game appearances only on a few selected games) I don't want the Tiger-Cats to leave. I love them! But enough is enough!I love my city more, and I resent the fact the Bob Young and now your self are pitting the city against the Tiger-cats. But consider this my letter of resignation of support for the ticats and the league, I will take my little money that I'm sure it will mean nothing to you or your teams interprises and further more I will discourage my kids from ever cheering for any cfl team as they are of age were they have discover their love for the game and encourage them to join me and enjoy MLS games as I'm a season holder for Toronto FC and perhaps make more trips to buffalo to watch some NFL games.

    Absolutely disgraceful the way the city has been treated by Mr. Young and now your self.I hope the Ottawa Tiger Cats as a good ring to it since Roughriders is already taken.

    Shame on the Tiger-Cats and shame on the commissioner!

    sincerely J. Garcia"

    how dare you threaten us sir and hold us hostage with 50 million of our money with team and a league that thinks they can bully their way into our pocketbooks and call the shots.

  • santo Barbieri says,

    Time to renovate another aspect of city hall:

    I attended the Future Fund meeting at city hall yesterday and read articles related to what happened at that meeting in the Spectator. I am appalled and angry by what I saw and read.

    First, Matt Jelly made an informative and revealing presentation about former industrial properties that he easily walked onto to discover an environmental
    disaster waiting to happen. My first question is did city staff know about these sites, either way it clearly demonstrates some people at city hall aren’t doing their job. Unless someone gets fired for this obvious incompetence, the citizens of this city will be asked to continue to accept the unacceptable. To add insult to injury according to a Spectator article, one of the owner’s of the property containing the toxic material was forgiven $721,000 in tax arrears, penalties and interest. Then it is discovered that one of the building is a million dollar grow op. The same rules that apply to Hamilton homeowners don’t apply to fat cats. Who allowed this to happen? This raises the question, was someone paid off and how much to forgive this huge debt to the citizens of Hamilton. This whole scenario shoud be getting national coverage. Only a few months ago it was discovered the owners of the Connaught Hotel and the City Centre had not paid their taxes. Maybe the citizens of Hamilton should stop paying their taxes until city hall collects from all the fat cats who owe money and get back all that was “forgiven”.

    When the meeting proceeded, a city hall staffer presented numbers about the Future Fund. When the mayor asked for details regarding the exact amount in the fund, which the committee requested a year ago, the staff member was unable to produce it. Since the committee did not have this important information they decided not to entertain new applications from the community. Yet, the same staff member managed to get one group on the agenda to make a pitch to the committee. This took some of the committee members by surprise and a debate ensued regarding the fairness of hearing one group after deciding not to view applications until they could get the information asked for a year ago. The group made their pitch.

    Once again city staff pushes through what they want and ignores what they are asked to do. This is just another example of the mismanagement that takes place at city hall.
    Too often top city hall staff who are not elected and apparently don’t have any accountability, are too often allowed to roadblock decisions they don’t want by ignoring what is asked by city council. I think it is time for some heads to roll at city hall, this way citizens through their elected officials not staff and "developers" chose the direction they want for their city.

    The fact city council will reconsider their decision on the site of the Pan Am stadium because the TiCat's owner has other plans is another slap in the face to democracy. I believe most citizens were happy with the west harbour location and this sudden reconsideration puts into question the integrity of those who work at city hall once again. It is irresponsible to spend millions of taxpayer’s dollars on purchasing land for a stadium and then rush a decision on an alternative because one rich citizen has another plan. In addition, the process will be “conducted in confidence”.

    Councilors chose a location that will have numerous economic spin offs. It will encourage development of the west harbour, the downtown, rapid transit, Go service from Toronto and a much needed morale boost to a city in decay.

    The west harbour site will mean that toxic land will finally be cleaned up. One of the mayor's priorities is environmental sustainability. Having said that councilors are now considering a site that is not easily accessible encourages driving not public transportation, located by the Red hill expressway, which is prone to flooding and is dislocated from most of the city. It will do nothing for civic pride or cleaning up the environment.

    If the Bob Young doesn’t like the location he could stay at Ivor Wynne or move. Other Canadian cities have lost their CFL teams and life goes on. The stadium could be used by a soccer franchise. Fat cats that are not good tax paying citizens are not good for Hamilton should be run out of town. The first step is to clean up city hall, the building was renovated and now is the time to start with some of those that occupy it. That takes courage and conviction on the part of those dedicated to serving all citizens of this city equally.

    Santo Barbieri