The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Gillian Meusa says,

    How dare the Ti cats try to bully our city! Vote for the West Harbour site

  • Heather Jackson says,

    West harbour is clearly the smarter choice for the city.

  • Elizabeth McQueen says,

    We should not re-invent the wheel and look to other world class cities (Chicago comes to mind) to witness the impact that placement of the stadium at the harbour would have on our 'rotting core'!
    Shame on anyone who is dazzled by the promise of big bucks to place the stadium right by the biggest'drive thru'(Red Hill Expressway)created to date. The latter proposal would further alienate Hamiltonians from vital tourist dollars (not to mention the difficulty for athletes to get to events)
    What were you thinking!?!

  • Mike Pattison says,

    From my understanding,
    $60 million pan am funding
    $60 million futures fund
    $1-? bob
    Give $60 million (pan am) to the city/ivor wynne and bob/cfl for world class soccer and the prime tenant of football. Give up scott park and surrounding areas to maximize revenue and crowd capacities. Next bob and company settle for community building profit shares from the spoils of a newly created football stadium that could now be open for project plans and newly acquired sense of football community. Ron Joyce stadium should be made available for tigercat home games with only season ticket holders (bidders?), plus freebies for the diehard memorable fans (top 100-1000?)who have shared just as much as anyone associated from the club, politics and community,for the benefits they have bestowed on civic pride.

    Now the future fund:
    build a better SERVICED waterfront sustained by an ever feeding promotable social franchise (balsam). I don't know what should be built on the water but it should be arts driven and inspired.

    Hey east mountain, confederation park, airport people... fundamental hamiltonions, what would prosper the most in your community. continued revenue sharing from all civic commodities, combined with pride of ownership results in only one thing

    A world class city for everyone!

    Michael Pattison
    Board Member
    (personal co-op supporter)
    SkyDragon Community Development

  • David Cummins says,

    I am a long time Ti-cat fan and Season ticket holder but I support the west harbour location for the stadium. The revitalization of downtown Hamilton is an important issue and I am very disappointed in the Ti-cat organization and the blackmail tactics they are using. This is one fan who will not be going east to watch a Tiger Cat game.

  • Kirsten Honyust says,

    As for the problem of parking at the north end location why not have underground parking. As for the rich get richer.. why put the area at the richest part of our community. Why put the stadium somewhere else when in anticipation of the north end reconstruction we will move the stadium first thing.
    People in the north end need the help. Just today I was in the poorest neighborhood, barton street. Those are the children who need the help. I worked for the YmCA virtual Y afterschool program, (kids with behavioral problems) and the children there have NOTHING at least with ammenities and reconstruction the city is holding the key to the real problem by fixing the problem. Poverty is endless, and Canadians are well educated well taken care of medically why not give a chance to put the stadium and ammenities where they should be. Why not give a hand up to those children who are not getting out and doing well.
    Some children need the guidance because their parents can't do it yet.
    Their parents need help aswell.
    Training should be provided for them. Jobs should open up in the north end for parents who will take those those jobs.
    People who suffer a high cost for an addiction should be helped and mentally un well people should be treated. This is what Hamilton has accumulated in the past 100 years.
    Show that Hamilton is not an ignorant city show the un well a hand a helping hand. That will make the city thrive just in itself, because the people cannot leave now this is their home as well.
    We can give these people training as well, to sew, or to paint or just to feel more needed than they are. These unwell people are living in sickning homes and the same for foster children.
    Let's get real all Hamiltonians know that homeless people are about drug dealers are about. there is not hiding from these things, but if properly attended to, one can move on to attract different cities that surround Hamilton to engage in the qualities and features of our city that some do not reconize because they are scared away by some of the lost. They are scared away by the raggety and broken hearted.
    Don't be cruel, this is a problem that is fixable, maybe not by lawyers and doctors maybe by looking into the city itself and arranging the needy as high priority.
    thanks for your time

  • James Scearce says,

    I fully support the West Harbour location. I believe that location will serve as a catalyst for downtown and inner city investments and improvements, perhaps a Bay St corridor from downtown to the stadium. Such a location would be friendlier to public transport (closer proximity to Gore Park bus hub) and for those of us who don't mind a little walk. The West Harbour location is no less convenient than Copps Coliseum. It's my thought that the Tiger-Cats want the distant car only access of Satelite City to add revenue through parking and cornering concession sales, their inconvenient location forces extra dollars out of ticket holders pockets and into the Tiger-Cats hands. They certainly won't get my business at their Stoney Creek mountain location. For nine regular season CFL games, is it worth it to let the Tiger-Cats tell those that won the Pan Am Games for our area where to put a stadium that allows the Ti-Cats to run of the cost of attending one of their games? Doesn't make sense to me.

  • Dennis Lane says,

    Totally in favor of bringing in the new site for the Pan Am Stadium....Lets do it!!!!! Some things are worth fighting for!

  • Gregory J Galante says,

    West Harbour or East Mountain?
    Well a losing football team and a soccer team in a second tier league will not fill either one. An investment in our future and the health and livability of our city will live for generations.

    This is not a complicated decision if you ignore the subterfuge and simply look at both proposals on merit and potential.

    The West Harbour while no panacea in and of itself, if done right and as part of a larger plan to usher in residential, commercial and recreational space, can not only accelerate the renaissance of our downtown but become a jewel as an example of urban renewal on the continent. It will provide legacy facilities that far more people in our community will be able to access than a suburban facility on the East Mountain. (Yes I said suburban Mr Mitchell. While the ORC lands are technically within the urban boundaries of Hamilton, anyone who ever grew up here knows for all intent and purpose thats the burbs).

    Building on the ORC lands on the mountain is a product of a thought process germinated in the 1950's, when North Americans fell in love with the automobile and cities began to sprawl. In a time when we are increasingly conscious of our environment, the importance of incorporating the use of public transit into our city building initiatives to make them sustainable and livable, the importance of densification and the curtailment of sprawl, the impetus to build a stadium WITH PUBLIC MONEY so that people may have a "driveway to driveway" experience is unconscionable.

    For the City of Hamilton to renege on its commitment to renewal, to renege on a plan for legacy facilities in the core, to turn its back on progressive urban thought and cling to the tired old mantra of "lets build it in the burbs" will stain this community for decades.

    I would like to reiterate that I am a die hard Hamilton Tiger Cat fan. In fact if you cut me there is a good chance I may bleed black and gold. I have long lauded Mr Young for his dedication to running this football team. But I draw the line at making a bad decision with public money for the benefit of a private business or a cabal of private businesses.

  • HELEN HRYCIW says,

    Downtown Hamilton needs a boost and any reason to bring people into the core is a bonus for the city. The stadium should be in the heart of the city not in some empty field surrounded by vacant space. People should be able to walk, or take public transport to a sporting event as well as drive which would be impossible on the east mountain. The West Harbour is the best choice.

  • Brennan Aguanno says,

    I strongly agree with the Downtown location. Hamilton's success lies in a vibrant downtown and this would be a catalyst for that.

  • andrew wallace says,

    Screw Bob Young and his propaganda machine! This is the city's stadium with the city's money. If he wants to float 60 mill he can put it where ever he wants!

  • Nina Elliott says,

    The stadium belongs at the harbour. Its obvious!

  • Nicko Elliott says,

    This is perhaps a final chance to reverse the urban decay in downtown Hamilton. It would be absolutely foolish to not shore up hamilton's extraordinary assets - dedicated communities, astounding natural beauty, singular urban character - with the stadium in the west harbour. Our downtown is in crisis and hamiltonians need to come together with bold and decisive action to bring it back.

  • David Marshall says,

    As an urban planner from southern Ontario, where suburban sprawl has all but destroyed the beautiful towns and villages that once dotted this landscape, I find it ourtageous that the East Mountain option is even being considered. For the sake of Hamilton's downtown and waterfront revitalization, and for the sake of sound planning principles in general, do the right thing, Hamilton, and put the stadium where it would matter most.

  • Robert Fedak says,

    The councilors of this City have an obligation to do what's in the best interest of people they represent. I'd even go so far as saying that the money they bring in in taxes etc are trust funds with the counselors as trustees. it's not their money to do with as they please, as if it were their own personal piggy bank.
    Playing with our money to appease a special interest private, long time money losing business like the Tiger Cats who have questionable spin off value is ridiculous.
    The Tiger Cats have shown their true colours- screw the people who have subsidized them at the drop of a hat to get their way- no second thought.
    Kind of a waste of money having a mediator when they've already made up their mind- "my way or the highway"
    nice partnership-
    This is about Hamilton, not the Tiger Cats- the 60's are long over where they were relevant.
    Councilors need to be mindful of the upcoming election, where this issue will be huge, and likely put a large chunk of them out of work- and justifiable so.

  • Kerri Withers says,

    It is imperative that council stand behind the original plan to locate the new stadium in the west harbour. The last thing the core needs is east mountain suburban sprawl.

  • Vini Fera says,


  • D. Hancock says,

    How has this become about the Ticats? This was supposed to be about Hamilton openning its door to the athletes of the 2015 Pan Am Games. We have lost the track & field events to Toronto - what a pity that is! I vote to let the Ticats leave and save the Pan Am stadium for the West Harbour!

  • Justin Bolduc says,

    A big draw in moving to this city was the future prospects it held. Talk of urban renewal, rail transit, a growing economy, and more recently, world class sporting clubs and facilities can bring the city back. The East Mountain location appears to just be another side step to the master plan. I hope to one day walk or ride the train to Ti-Cats games, not sit in traffic for hours on the Red Hill.

  • giordano micci says,

    live and let die beatles

  • sofia micci says,

    i want the new stadium in the west harbour because it could revive the downtown.

  • isabella micci says,

    please put the stadium in the west harbour go west harbour go

  • Randell Neudorf says,

    I believe that something as important as a stadium should be in the urban core of a city. We have an amazing water front in this city, lets introduce it to the world.

  • Tom Hurd says,

    The west Hamilton site is perfect for fitting in with a vision to promote a vibrant city life (as opposed to a 1960's style suburban vision that the East Mountain site would promote).

  • John Stockton says,

    I support the West Hamilton Harbour location. If the Ticat's won't play there, then perhaps they're not viable anywhere.

  • Carolyn O'Donnell says,

    The only logical choice is
    West Harbour shame on Bob Young and
    the Tiger Cats

  • Rob Parsons says,

    Yes to downtown revitilization. No to suburban sprawl.

  • Hamilton HIStory + HERitage says,

    Threats, bullying, demands, ultimatums. What a way to treat the very people offering to build a new sports palace for you! Doesn't sit well with me, nor with any of the people who have come into Hamilton HIStory + HERitage.

    The west harbour has captured the imagination of citizens across the city. Rarely have I heard such passion, such insight, such pride in Hamilton as expressed on these pages. Personally, it reinforces my own commitment to Hamilton. I thought I couldn't love this city more than I did, but reading each of these comments has been nothing short of heartwarming!

    The west harbour is where our new stadium belongs.
    The west harbour is where our new future begins.

    As you might expect, I See It.

  • Frances Neufeld says,

    I love our City, and although I live in one of the adopted, amalgamated towns in Hamilton, I am thoroughly supportive of the west harbour site as it is best for us all. It is best for the Games, for the Tiger Cats, for on going sports events and much more, while having a great energizing impact in our City's Centre.