The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Stephen Payne says,

    Thnk God this ordeal is almost over! If the tiger Cats wish to leave over this issue then ......GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD GARBAGE!!

  • Lisa Archer says,

    save our downtown!!

  • Michael Baldasaro says,

    Mayor Eisenberger and Hamilton City Counsel

    Dear Mr. Young, Mayor Eisenberger and City Counsel,

    Re: Remodel and Rebuild Ivor Wynne and Build Pan Am Stadium beside it.

    Reason for Delegation

    The reason for this Delegation is to ask Council to consider that Ivor Wynne Stadium should stay where it is and a new Stadium for the Pan Am Games be built adjacent to it, in either the Soccer Stadium beside it and/or the Baseball Park across from it on Cannon Street, East, there being space to build adequate parking as well.

    For Council to consider it appears that the two proposals being considered by Council are void because they do not take into consideration the present site and its possible renovation and the fact that a new Stadium would not renew the City of Hamilton.

    Be well and prosper, in peace, bless us all
    Michael James Baldasaro, Mayoral Candidate
    Reverend Walter A. Tucker, Campaign Counsel


  • Sarah Hedges-Chou says,

    The choice seems extremely clear, do what is best for the city and choose the West Harbour!

  • Rhys Crysler says,

    The "West Harbour" is the most logical site for a stadium.

    A suburban stadium will quickly become a white elephant.

    There is no guarantee that the Hamilton tiger cat franchise will remain in Hamilton regardless of where the stadium is built.

    Stick to your guns and build the stadium at west harbour downtown, were existing businesses and future development can benefit from the patrons going to and from the stadium.

  • Ray Teepell says,

    Build at the bay front and if the Tiger Cats don't want to play there then let them play else where. After the stadium is built remove Iverwin stadium and sell the property for housing. If the Cats move good Ottawa has no foot ball club and they are not crying. Montreal has no base ball team and Quebec has no hockey team and these cities are doing fine. The CFL will not pull the Cats out of Hamilton because the league would fold. I don't believe one person should tell the City where to spend the tax payers hard earned money when they are willing to stand in line for hand outs from the tax payers.

  • Marc B says,

    Lets show our support this Saturday @ Hess Village....Rally starts 3:30pm!

  • Gordon Christian says,

    I beleieve the only location for thestadium is the west harbour location

  • jim downey says,

    do not fold west harbour all the way

  • Phil Parsons says,

    The stadium has the chance of helping to kick start improvements in the down town core. There will be very few benefits to the site that the Tiger Cats propose other than more sprawl. The threat that the CFL would pull out and never come back seems to me as an empty one. The CFL needs Hamilton more than Hamilton needs the CFL.

  • Gail Faveri says,

    Let's keep the stadium in the city core, where it will become a vital component of the city's fabric, accessible by all means of transportation, walking, cycling, bus, train, and car. Let's not have a white elephant such as the big O in Montreal or the Corel Centre in Ottawa. The West Harbour is the prefered site for the stadium.

  • Gianni Charalambopoulos says,

    City Council flex your muscles and do what is right for the City, not what will benefit only one business man's pocket. He is obviously only thinking about how he can profit most. Why have you let one little man create such a disaster for our city's reputation. Build it in the west harbour and show him who really runs this town !!!

  • Dennis Stonehouse says,

    Council you lead do not be swayed by
    the threats by the Tiger-Cats and
    the C F L.
    You Were elected to make these decisions for whats best for the city the the Tiger-Cats were not.

  • Charlie Mattina says,

    The go east hamilton site says all statements posted will go to council.

    This what i posted
    Yes go east mountain go now ! Fire Scott Mitchell as president of the hamilton tiger cats with condition that he will never work for the CFL again. Also pay in full with your organizations own money the remediation of the west harbour site. Then and only then you could have a stadium on the east mountain.

    I think this is fair

  • Niall King says,

    The business case for East Mountain is simple. Young wants to see profit within two years so he can flip the team. If Young was planning to own the team five - ten years from now he would be using his influence to make the WH plan the best it can be, because WH is clearly the best long term investment. The stadium would be at the public transit hub for ALL of Southern Ontario, and a 45 minute train ride from the stadium of its main rival. The City should formally commit to West Harbour and then buy the team. We need to get focused on city building rather than catering to this A$$HOLE's quick fix business plan that is clearly not designed to be in the interests of the community at all. If Young's so sure that WH is going to make the Cats unprofitable then he should be happy to cut bait AND we should get a great price for it (not to mention having a team that is owned and operated by the people of Hamilton - what an idea). If Young refuses to sell or asks for a lot then at least we've exposed him as a liar and we still get the West Harbour site.

    I call BS on you Mr. Young.

  • Peter 1 says,

    I just hear Mayor Fred interviewed on 900 CHML...good for you Fred. Thank you for taking a stand on the WEST have our support.

  • Richard Beauchamp says,

    The tail shouldn't wag the dog: i.e., the Ticats can't dictate city planning and future visioning.

    While a stadium downtown can't be the ultimate panacea for all that ails the city's core, it can certainly contribute to a revitalized downtown. It should certainly be a catalyst for further developments linking downtown and the waterfront.

  • Livio Passalent says,

    West Harbour is the only site that makes civic sense. Period. Suburban sites don't have the amenities such as an abundance of restaurants and ancilliary activies within WALKING distance. Get people downtown and make it become vibrant.

  • Alannah Grady says,

    Let's do what's best for the city and not just what the Ticats want.

  • Linda Ziemski says,

    Make the West Harbour the location for the new stadium please.

  • Stanley Cicci says,

    One more comment that the harbour is the best site. If we go with the harbour site people would be inclined to use public transit more often.Where as the east mountain site people will be driving there cars more often.And what do they sell at the stadium booze so more cars more chance of drunk drivers.

  • Vivien Hachey says,

    I truly believe that the West Harbour is the best location for our STADIUM and only that location will help to develop our CITY. If it is on the East Mountain people will arrive by highway, watch the event, eat what is offered on this site and then leave the city by highway. No dollars for us!

  • Sandra Thomaidis says,

    Definitely about city-building. West harbour or none. Forget the Tecats & Young, and go with what is right for the city. We get the Future fund instead of Young's $$. What difference is there as far is $$is concerned?. Stay on track with West Harbour! Call the Ticat's bluff- who needs them, when it really comes down to the wire?

  • Cameron Dyck says,

    The future and growth of our city lies in Downtown. If you want to have a healthy city we have to have a healthy downtown and having the Stadium at the West Habour location acts as the catalyst for the growth of our incredible city to occur.

    The east mountain location makes no real sense for the city as a hole but rather for a small group of people who can't speak on behalf of the city.

    Let's make it happen!

  • Margarida Pacheco says,

    I want the Stadium Built on West Harbour
    That is an opportunity in a life time to revitalize our downtown city. So my vote goes to WEST HARBOUR

  • Karen Bailey says,

    I recently attended a Brownfields Summit where it was said that the City of Hamilton offers some of the best brownfield re-development incentives in Ontario. If the CIty is so progressive in encouraging the private sector to re-develop brownfields, shouldn't they take their own policies to heart.

    City councillors:
    STOP just 'walking the walk' and START 'talking the talk' YES for the re-developemnt of the West Harbour site.

  • Darren Widenmaier says,

    Looking forward to a West Harbour site and the exciting revitalization that will follow. This is a rare opportunity, let's seize it!

  • Cathy Heeringa says,


  • gabriella dasilva says,

    go west haubour go i love west haubour so much better then the mountain it will make the brown turn into green and when i go to pitsburg thats how i want hamilton to look thank you

  • cassidy mcdonald says,

    build the new stadium in the west haubour go west haurbour go dont build it on the mountin cause i belive in west haubour