The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

All Statements of Support

  • Denis Keyes says,

    Brown-site development is always better than Green. Leave the greenfield area alone!

  • Andrew Eden-Balfour says,

    It's clear that the people want the stadium to be built at West Habour, the Ti-Cats need to realize that the people of Hamilton don't want the stadium at the location they wanted.

    I support the West Habour campaign

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  • Patricia Stephenson says,

    The downtown core needs a revitalization, and the stadium will aid in this. Hamiltonians are dedicated, loyal fans of the TiCats. Please give back this loyalty and dedication by investing in the city of Hamilton core. Please stop urban sprawl. Hug your city and vote to focus all efforts on an amazing,impressive stadium at the Harbourfront,downtown. We can make this come true if we could stand united, once and for all, and focus.

    Hug your city now!

  • Frank Taylor says,

    The stadium should be downtown period. The city needs to make that happen. The east end location should not be considered!

  • mark strutt says,

    This is a very serious West Harbour location endorsement

  • Nina Clements says,

    I support this.

  • william Mehlenbacher says,

    Thank you counsellor McHattie Your the only one I see that had the back bone to let Democracy work, can't believe Mayor Fred and theother 9 Councillors let us down. Funny how money decides everything, I guess it's called no conscience.I and a lot of others will not be supporting the Mayor any more and all the Councillors who can not seethat poverty and Infrastructure was turned down over a Stadium, God forgive you all. I will be starting my own Campaign, a long with others to bring attention to what this city is doing, and how they can't make a decisionfor the Betterment of Hamilto and it sure isn't the Tigercats. I hope the city covers the extra costs, and not passed on to Tax Payers or there will be Anarchy in this once Great City of Hamilton. Face Book is a good Medium to get the word out. Good luck to you all in the next Term if you survive. Signed very disappointed to Democracy. William Mehlenbacher P.S. Funny how our elected officials can't even answer emails, maybe learn to type.Except the Mayor, Muerlla, Bratina, Pearson, and Whitehead.

  • Charles WEECH says,

    I am sure Toronto would choose water front to improve not fringe areas. The harbour is a great Hamilton asset and the stadium would be a solution to clean up and attract perhaps high price condo's then restaurants to follow. Seeing a stadium as you drive by on the highway does not create greater want to participate. The sport follower will follow the team if the team is worthy of following. Look at the Leafs a non contender that people want to see. The Ti Cats do not have that draw and never will until they put out a team worth watching. I do not believe Bob Youngs loss of 30 million dollars-open the books Bob

  • ORI tv/ says,

    Field of Schemes
    How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit

  • ORI tv/ says,

    Field of Schemes
    How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit

  • Paul Hoang says,

    The West Harbour site could be a catalyst for the renaissance of our downtown, but East Mountain site would be the final nail in it's coffin

    - Ryan Danks

    Thanks Ryan Danks! Well said!

    We should think of long-term and "Green" for all of our city furure developments that will benefit our children and the next generation.

  • Glen B. says,

    I've always thought that visitors to the city NEED to enter via the west side of town instead of the Skyway. Now when they come to see the game(s), they will see what our city REALLY looks like!!

  • linda mcspadden says,

    I support the W.H. It is the best for the downtown development.

  • Ernest Chilcott says,

    Ernest Chilcott

  • Diane Strong says,

    I support the West Harbour!

  • Peter Vasil says,

    The WHS without question is the only site that makes sense. It is time for those in the corporate community to put aside their own personal agendas and focus on what is best for this City and it's people. It will take time, however the WHS site will be the catalyst to rejuvenating the core of the City. The ripple effect will follow. Look no further and witness the once struggling steel city of Pittsburgh PA. The simalarities are so jarringly. similar.

  • Luciana Ribeiro says,

    West harbor!

  • Bonnie Patterson says,

    I support the stadium being built at the West Harbour 100%, plus it would be an excellent opportunity for Hamilton to finally have a light-rail transit system that would take people from the mountain to the downtown and continuing on to the harbour. What a great way to get people out of their vehicles and eliminate the need for huge parking lots which is so passé. What is the deal with parking anyway?! Shouldn’t people be making an effort to drive less? What planet are the people living on that want the stadium on the mountain with 1,000’s of parking spaces?

    Hamilton seems to have been in a state of limbo for years and desperately needs to be revitalized The chance to make a truly positive change that is beneficial to all the residents of Hamilton has arrived at last.

    Hamilton’s waterfront is the perfect location and I pass along my enthusiasm (Hooray!!for Hamilton)at this awesome development.

    I’m disappointed that the Ti-cats have threatened to leave if they don’t get their way, much the way a 5 year old would do. I think they need a new owner, as Bob Young doesn’t have Hamilton’s best interest at heart. Although I live in Vancouver, Hamilton is my hometown and I’ve always been a Ti-cat fan, but I say if they want to take their football and leave, so be it!

    I can’t wait to see the new stadium at West Harbour and hopefully light-rail transit (talked about in the 1970’s) when I come back to visit, which I do almost annually.

    One last thing – GREAT DECISION! Mayor Eisenberger & Hamilton City Council.

  • Chris David says,

    I live in Burlington, with the escarpment as my playgroud. I would love to see a changed attractive Hamiton waterfront in my future. The city has potential and beyond, this would be a giant step in the right direction for Hamilton.

  • Sarah van Popta says,

    Building the stadium on the East Mountain would be a huge mistake and hurtful to our Hamilton. I support building it in the West Harbour area because this will be a huge step in the journey of revitalizing the city core.

  • Dave Hamilton says,

    West Harbour is the only logical choice that has positives for EVERYONE in the city. A wheat field off in the suburban country side does NOTHING for the vision of a vibrant Hamilton.
    Bob Young might be making a business decision, and that's his right, but to sacrifice the progression of Hamilton's bright future for ONE franchise would be unfortunate.

  • Carolyn Jones says,

    There are so many words I want to say to express my anger and pain. The thought of losing the Hamilton Ticats, a team I have been waiting 35 years to take my son to enjoy the experiences ive had all my life. This very well could be a dream that will not be seen. The city intending on putting a new stadium in the West Habour site is a great mistake. The Hamilton Bulldogs can not even fill half of the lower level for a AHL game and yet we continue to keep them in Hamilton. The tiger cats have been saved from bankruptcy from Bob Young and all Hamiltons council members are just shrugging off what he says and people saying he is blackmailing the city.
    I dont recall Our Mayor telling us what this stadium will cost him...we know its nothing!!! Yet, WE the taxpayers and TICAT fans are just supposed to sit back and let this happen. If this city loses the Ticats it will be all the Mayors fault, and if Hostco cant see that without the anchor tenant of our football club, after 2015 when the pan am games are over, this stadium will just have been all OUR hardworking money down the toilet.
    Thanks Fred.
    The best thing for you guys to do is to take all the GAMES and keep them in Toronto. You dont hear them complaining and they have enough stadiums. Acc, Rogers Centre. Molson Amp... I am sure you can work it all out with them for you games and leave our TICATS alone!!!!!

  • Matthew Freeborn says,

    The stadium belongs in the Downtown area, Thats what Downtowns are for, And Downtowns are what make city's. Let's get the Downtown revitalized. So If the Ti-Cats dont want to be apart of that, Then they can leave.

  • Debbie Lapointe says,

    We, as citizens, need to think about what will be most beneficial to the city - not someone's wallet.
    What if it's built on the East Mountain and the Ti-Cats leave in 5 years? Can we afford to have an empty stadium in the middle of nowhere - and thousands of parking spaces where we could be collecting taxes from retail stores?
    A stadium would only put more drunk drivers on our highways IMHO. Its' best to build it where those from the surrounding area can get to by GO train.

  • Write Off says,

    Brad Clark is a disgrace to Hamilton...kind of important to have your vote recorded on this one Brad!!!!

    Perhaps Carmen's has a job for you..."Brad - clean-up at table 3".

  • Luca Polizzi says,

    Please check out my website I've created, The west harbour is the best choice but we now need to get the Ti-Cats back. Please join the site and sign petitions to show your support!

  • Kathleen Shea says,

    Thank you to the City Councillors who put the interests of Hamiltonians ahead of the interests of private business. You've made a choice reflective of the forward thinking necessary to move Hamilton forward as a city that encourages sustainable growth and community development. Well done.

  • BRAD NEEDS TO GO! says,

    Maybe,Brad Clark if you had of been IN HAMILTON INSTEAD OF TORONTO IN YOUR ELECTED SEAT VOTING WITH THE REST OF YOUR COUNCILLORS ON A VERY IMPORTANT DECISION CONCERNING OUR CITYS FUTURE and NOT AT A MICHEAL BUBLE CONCERT - you would of been exposed to the POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE INSTEAD OF SHARING IN TORONTOS VERSION OF OUR BUISNESS AND BEING APART OF RIDICULING OUR CITY! you said it was your birthday present the ticket for the concert because you just turned 50 - well it seems your gonna need the next half of your life to find a job - YOU OBVIOUSLY DO NOT DESERVE THE ELECTED POSITION YOU HAVE!

  • march alex says,

    West Harbour is the people's choice. Do we live in a democracy yes or no?