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Statement by Carm Martire

I just became aware of Bob Young's letter today Aug 9 re the Ti-Cats position of not getting involved further with Pan Am Games and/or stadium. Considering the last-minute flip-flops of recent weeks, I would suggest that the Ti-Cats have relinquished any right to comment further. With only 10 games in the home-town, why would we, the citizens of Hamilton, Councillors and others, ever consider seriously anything that the Ti-cats have to say. Sure, its too bad that they have chosen this position, however, they do not have the right, nor should we allow ourselves to be bullied and black-mailed by anyone or any group that is looking for a handout on the backs of the citizens of this City.
While I'm disappointed with the Ti-Cat position and I don't want to see yet another Hamilton landmark or institution leave this feeling is: "lead, follow or get out of the way".
There's enough blame to go around with all involved in this initiative, but enough is enough. This City severely needs leadership. This quality certainly does not reside with the Ti-Cat ownership or management. If it did, they would certainly not have taken this last minute childish, bullyish and cantankerous approach.

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