The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

Statement by ByeBye Ticats

I don't really understand why City Hall is debating the two sites at all. It really makes no difference to 95% of Hamiltonians what the Ticats have to say.

The reality is that the downtown core is a dump and needs revitalization in major ways. The Pan Am games is a great start at the West Harbour. I live on the mountain and have zero interest in higher taxes and a stadium plopped beside the home depot because Bob Young has a problem with the downtown location.

City hall can stop wasting my money as well. Debating on something that was already decided. You want a debate? Let the people paying for it vote on the two locations and I think it'll be quite obvious that the east mountain isn't happening.

Businesses... and I mean big businesses are the key to revitalization. Do you think I like to commute 3 hours a day so I can provide a good life for my family? No. I commute to Toronto because you can't make a six figure salary in the armpit of Ontario. Unless you are a Doctor or Lawyer you there are zero high paying jobs in the city. Bring the offices here... attract professionals to work there... it drives up property values, tax revenue, and will eventually bring the sad excuse that we call a downtown to a standard that is acceptable.

Oddly enough... I don't do anything government or entertainment related in the lower city and yet I still pay 5,000 dollars in property tax every year to live 15kms away from houses that aren't worth 5,000 dollars to purchase. Who wants to drive down barton street and see people living in store fronts? Crack houses? Or maybe the downtown is dead because our wonderful city hall decided it was ok to flood downtown with halfway houses. I don't know many people that are interested in viewing or experiencing violence when the go out for entertainment.

Bottom line - tell the ticats to move or fold. City hall get your act together you bunch of useless clowns.

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