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Statement by Julio Garcia

I Been sittin on the fence for a while and not for lack of support for the west harbour but more as a fan of the team but enough is enough and this a a copy of an email I sent to the commis address earlier on and perhaps encorage more people to do so.

"Dear Mr Cohon I am former Ticats season holder (and only due to the ticats mismanagement on the field I have made My ticat game appearances only on a few selected games) I don't want the Tiger-Cats to leave. I love them! But enough is enough!I love my city more, and I resent the fact the Bob Young and now your self are pitting the city against the Tiger-cats. But consider this my letter of resignation of support for the ticats and the league, I will take my little money that I'm sure it will mean nothing to you or your teams interprises and further more I will discourage my kids from ever cheering for any cfl team as they are of age were they have discover their love for the game and encourage them to join me and enjoy MLS games as I'm a season holder for Toronto FC and perhaps make more trips to buffalo to watch some NFL games.

Absolutely disgraceful the way the city has been treated by Mr. Young and now your self.I hope the Ottawa Tiger Cats as a good ring to it since Roughriders is already taken.

Shame on the Tiger-Cats and shame on the commissioner!

sincerely J. Garcia"

how dare you threaten us sir and hold us hostage with 50 million of our money with team and a league that thinks they can bully their way into our pocketbooks and call the shots.

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