The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

Statement by Curtis Monti

There is only one chioce for this stadium and that beyond a doubt is the West Harbour site. This is our golden opportunity Hamilton to take full advantage and finally inject the downtown core with some much needed vibrancy. This stadium is more than the home of a CFL team it is a paramount ingredient in rejuvenating the city and its people- strengthening our position as a viable commodity. Coupled with the success of an expanded MacMaster Unversity (most notably: innovation park), the clean-up of the bayfront and the potential of a dedicated LRT transit system, the stadium would be a celebrated venue easily accessed and enjoyed by the community.

A stadium in the WEST HARBOUR promotes a new direction and identity to our city, one that sheds our tortured industrial stereotype.

It's time to promote a rejuvinated downtown core. A brighter Hamilton, a more environmentally responsible Hamilton, a unified Hamilton. It's time we make the right decision.

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