The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

Statement by April Jankowski

The West Harbour site is the only site that should be offers so many more value added pluses... like the support for our Downtown, James St north, the overall waterfront, it will bring economic spin off's to the downtown, make downtown a more vibrant place, spur economic revival,it will be linked to the coming LRT, reduce car emmisions, clean up a brown field site, parking is NOT an issue but a red herring of the Ti-Cats as the city moves 25 to 30 thousand persons in and out of Bayfront/Pier 4 parks for Canada Fireworks 2 hrs....not disimilar to the current Ivor Wynne stadium site....there is parking downtown as well and with shuttles and parking along Strachan Ave and Eastwood Park there is plenty of Parking for the area ( Despite Mr. Turkstra wanting to keep this beautiful oasis to himself) Change the Hwy signage along the QEW to the York Street Blvd off identify the new stadium and cahnge York St to Ti-Cat well as the QEW to Niagara at Burlington Street off cant get lost....keep going west on Burlington Street and you come right to the new Stadium....and the total amount of vehicles on these 2 stretches of Hwy every day is approximatley 240K vehicles daily....lost and lots of it relates to Naming Rights....this can be offered to the Ti-Cats...which is more than enough compensation to addition to the 60 M from the municipality and taxpayers....if it is not....then I for one....would be compelled to say goodbye to they should never have put the citizens of this Great this kind of situation to begin with....simply appalling and underhanded to pull this hardball position at the 11th hour....if that is the type of integrity of the Management and Ownership of the Ti-Cats.....I say....LET THEM GO....we dont need selfish persons like this who are not demonstrating any Community understanding and are small minded men....

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