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Statement by Andreas Link

Hello there,

It is depressing to think we would make the same mistake that so many american cities have made, locating a major facility outside of the downtown with no transit access.

An open air stadium is not a wal-mart and should be an integral part of city building.

I collected Hamilton Ti-Cat cards as a child, attended games with snow and sleeping bags, with many different players, management and owners. The stadium and the team is an integral part of the downtown.

The downtown, much like the Ti-cats and Ivor Wynne has seen better days. That said, there is energy slowly coming back to Hamilton. This choice to continue to revitalize the downtown would add to these efforts.

A stadium on the outskirts of Hamilton is a risky endeavor. Canada and Ontario does not have the same tailgate friendly ways that which have given Buffalo Bill's Ralph Wilson stadium its unique atmosphere (ie. open alcohol). Current Ti-cat fans walk from their backyard bar-b-Q to the games. Also a very enjoyable experience. The east mountain site will have a tough time attracting 20-30,000 car driving fans that are used to entertainment in their homes.

This stadium should be built for more than ten CFL football games a year. Attracting events outside of the Ti-Cats to this new stadium might equally pose a problem. Why play a show out on the mountain, when you can play at Copps, where most acts and fans will me used to?

Everyone claims to have the best interests of the public or the fans, but there are many aspects of this decision.

I would appreciate your comments to some of my concerns. That said I fully support the West Harbourfront site.

Best regards,

Andreas Link

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