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East Mountain Leaves No Funds for Downtown Revitalization

Posted July 14, 2010

If Council confirms the East Mountain site for the Pan Am Stadium, where will the money for remediating the West Harbour come from?

Facilitator Michael Fenn suggested in his report on the mediation process between the City and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats that the City might be able to reduce its financial commitment to an East Mountain location and divert some of the money to the West Harbour.

However, Bob Young has stated that the Ticats' financial proposal for the East Mountain - which entails $15 million directly invested into the "stadium precinct" and 10 years of stadium management, which the Ticats value at $30 million - depends on the city committing all $60 million of the Future Fund, leaving nothing for the West Harbour.

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On July 14 2010 at 7:52 PM chad said:

And something i didnt add in my sign up message is if the site was on east mountain it wouldnt be a bad thing because you can do anything u want in that area after its built. the answer to revitalization of the west harbour and the downtown core isnt held just in the stadium there are many things you can do to link them together but it needs to be on a smaller scale due to high trafiic. i understand everyone is all about wanting to bring up the downtown core and as a citizen here i also want that but what i said i feel is the right way to go and what would work best for the taxpayers. the city has had plenty of opportunities to do things in the downtown core so dont let them fool you. Mr Stinson was ready to do great things and so far they have turned him away. its the city who let opportunities pass by.

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