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White Star Retractable Roof Proposal

Posted August 24, 2010

With all the focus on City Council and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, it's sometimes easy to forget that another group of developers stepped forward a few weeks ago with an alternative vision for the West Harbour.

The White Star Group has developed plans for a retractable roof stadium, sending us the following statement:

In a recent study for White Star by Chamberlain Architects, the team explores the best solution to encapsulate the brown-fields in West Harbour complimenting the visionary appeal of an intelligently designed retractable roof stadium.  This paper has been made available to the public. White Star's "Venetian Plate" concept has been recently used with great success at the Millennium Park in Chicago among other famous world-wide sites built upon swamps and brown-fields.

Considering the large investments required to build these facilities, careful consideration must be given to the design of a retractable roof stadium so that it may be utilized 12 months of the year. Here in Canada, we must face a cold hard fact; every year, we face a cold hard winter.

By building a facility that can be used throughout the year, the opportunities to hold a larger number of events increases significantly. A retractable roof is an important consideration when planning and designing a facility that can accommodate a wide variety of events, increasing its sustainability and usefulness.

It's not only the direct investment in the facility that warrants strong consideration for a retractable roof, but the substantial investment that we as a society put into our young athletes. Many of our high performance athletes must look to warmer climates in winter months to achieve their goals. A world class, year round facility would allow for a more stable, cost effective and productive training regimen.

They also included some great renderings of their proposal:

Read more about their proposal on their website.


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