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Toronto Mayor, Globe and Mail, Laud Stadium Decision

Posted August 15, 2010

Toronto Mayor David Miller has praised the decision of Hamilton City Council to stand firm on the West Harbour stadium location, according to the Toronto Star.

Calling the idea of putting stadiums by highways "an idea from the 1970s", Miller says he hopes the Ticats come back to negotiations.

"The American owner of the Ticats has done wonderful things," Miller said. "But this is an American idea of where you put a stadium — out in the suburbs at the intersection of highways. It's not a Canadian idea."

Miller pointed to the success of BMO Field where the Toronto FC soccer club plays its home games, just a stone’s throw from the waterfront.

"You walk in the Liberty district before and after a TFC game and it’s booming. It's helped rejuvenate Parkdale," the mayor said. "That’s what a stadium can do if you put it in the right place."

Miller said he hopes provincial and Pan Am officials will back the city of Hamilton, which does not know if the stadium can go ahead if there is no permanent tenant after the 2015 Games.

Meawhile, according to the Hamilton Spectator, the Globe and Mail has declared Mayor Fred Eisenberger "this week's boldest" mayor (a quick search did not turn up the original Globe and Mail article referred to).

The Globe declares Eisenberger’s support for a downtown stadium a 'game changer' in the ongoing battles between cities and sports teams about the location of sport venues.

Citing Scotiabank Place which The Globe says Ottawa Senators fans "have to travel halfway to Kingston" to get to, the paper states suburban sports venues are not always convenient.

Perhaps those that insist people elsewhere are "laughing at Hamilton" should take notice of such frank (and rare) praise for our decisions.


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