The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

Open Letter To Council: We Continue To Support You

Posted August 09, 2010

Dear members of council,

Bob Young's recent withdrawal from stadium negotiations puts you, our elected representatives, in firm control of the decision-making process once again.

This is where you stood several months ago before you extended a hand - and an astonishingly generous proposition - to the Tiger-Cats to join with Hamilton, as a minority partner, in building a once-in-a-generation civic project.

You and your staff had developed a visionary plan for a waterfront stadium, one that was supported by solid and careful analysis and tens of millions in public funds.

You received broad support from the citizens of Hamilton and many leaders of the private sector for this plan, and you voted overwhelmingly in its favour.

Our campaign continues to support you to push forward with that plan, because it is clear to thousands of Hamiltonians that it is Our City, Our Future, and Our Money to invest.

What unites us is a shared belief in the future of our city, the potential of our waterfront, and our ability as a community to come together and become the city we aspire to be.  This vision for our city is contained in a motion that will be introduced at your meeting.

Supporting this vision are many hard facts, several of which are worth repeating:

1. West Harbour was your first choice.

After thorough analysis and literally years of planning going back to previous games bids, the West Harbour was the overwhelming choice of City Council.

2. West Harbour is the financially responsible choice.

The East Mountain site will cost at least tens of millions of dollars more and cost the city millions in foregone tax revenue.  An East Mountain location would divert money from important economic development initiatives, including from the Glanbrook Industrial Park.

3. West Harbour would accelerate several important city initiatives.

These initiatives include waterfront redevelopment, downtown renewal, GO transit, and Rapid Transit.

4. West Harbour is the only site authorized for investment from the Future Fund.

The Future Fund Board has determined that an East Mountain stadium in not an appropriate use of this scarce resource.

5. The West Harbour, as your expert reports affirm, is a sensible choice for a stadium location.

It is within walking distance of 4,700 parking spots; it is accessible by many other means including a planned GO station that the Tiger-Cats own research says would be used by 39% of season ticket and 53% of single game ticket purchasers; and it has every likelihood of being a gorgeous stadium that will attract tenants, whether or not they are CFL teams.

We note that the recently conducted Angus Reid survey demonstrates that a clear majority of Hamiltonians want this stadium built, even if the Tiger-Cats are unwilling to participate.

We are with that majority.  Like the majority of Hamiltonians, we support you.  We support you because we elected you, not the Tiger-Cats or the CFL, to make decisions about our future.

We support you because you developed a vision for an amazing waterfront stadium.

Tomorrow, let's make that vision a reality.  Vote to reaffirm the West Harbour as the site of the Pan Am Games stadium to be financed by money through the Future Fund.


The Our City, Our Future Campaign


On August 10 2010 at 2:37 PM loveforever said:

Now, without the Tiger-Cat in the picture, we can build a stadium at West Harbour for different kind of sports games, not just for a CFL team, and develope other "green choice" venues that have long-term benefits to our beloved Hamilton city and its citizens!

On August 10 2010 at 10:31 PM Dan M said:

You guys are all idiots. Now there'll be no stadium. Enjoy your dreams and visions of downtown! Come visit the real world sometime.

On August 11 2010 at 1:08 AM Mike said:

Enjoy your white elephant. Enjoy surrounding cities reap the benefits of the Pan Am Games. Enjoy watching the Quebec Tigres on TV. Wow, look at us. What a progressive city we are! Some legacy.

On August 11 2010 at 1:30 AM Danya Scime said:

Dear OCOF Campaign,

I am heart sick by the mislead information gathered by your organization...I could write a book, instead I will address your points noted above...dated August 9/10 to City Council...this shall be brief.
1/ Based on fiction/funding issues, please read/re-read the original "Setting Sails" documentation by the City of Hamilton...although a small venue was possible in the equation, there was nothing to the degree of a veledrome nor larger stadium mentioned,,,"expropriation of any single dwelling" was to be avoided.
2/ ECDEV entails the ENTIRE CITY...that would inclued anywhere in the City should benefit as a whole, and all other locations outside of the core, including the East Mountain location for it or not...we are now bound by the "new" City of Hamilton and as such, should ALL benefit regardless of any chosen location for anything. Mr.Young and his Team were willing to invest much more than most Hamiltonians could possibly dream of earning in a lifetime.
3/ I firmly agree with re-juvination of the West end...I adore 'The Port' and 'Old Montreal' stadium is located there...major real estate (ie. housing, light commercial, etc) is key...TRANSIT was never based on a stadium location.
4/ Based on our current infrastucture (not new), this needs to be adressed and rejuvinatated regardless of a stadium or not...ask your local politician...the sewage and water main ways are seriously due for upgrading. Please do not think, that this could be less costly than starting new any where else in Hamilton. (Add to the West Harbour 'rejuvination/ clean up (toxic waste) expenses.)
5/ An amazing stadium that revatilazies the entire City is what all Hamiltonians' would wish to see...I disagree with the most recent poll, yet understand that possibly it did not reflect any person outside of the poll...I was not asked...My most recent look was that the East Mountain was over 100 persons more in favour than the West Harbor...I would be very interested in if the "vote" came down to the amount of tax dollars (per vote) what the difference may be. (If I pay $40,000.00 per year in Hamilton City property taxes, may I have that many in 'comman' votes ?)

I respectfully and most sincerely gathered the opinions above based on my research, this site and the 'oposing' site plus all of the media...

The 'emotional equation' was deemed unneccessary; simply because, Hamilton should win. Regardless of where the stadium/velodrome is built; if not in the proper location based on SOUND, PROFITALBE BUSINESS SAAVY, it will be dead in the water...figuratively and literally speaking...

The utmost best in health, prosperity and happiness who read this !

On May 7 2015 at 3:37 PM Hasan said:

AND, World Trade Center was actually a seires of 7 buildings. WTC 1 and WTC were the Twin Towers. Alot of people these days refer to 9/11 as World Trade Center' when in reality the Twin Towers, The western side of the Pentagon, and a field in Shanksville, PA were hit. To avoid dis-respect for those who lost their lives on that tragic day, please update the description.

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