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Our City, Our Future Summary Report Released

Posted August 08, 2010

We've released a report identifying nine key themes from a comprehensive analysis of all written submissions posted by citizens from across Hamilton on this website.

The report has been produced to assist Hamilton City Councillors in preparing for the Committee of the While meeting on Tuesday, August 10 where they will listen to delegations and cast their votes for the construction of the Pan Am Stadium on either the West Harbour or the East Mountain.

The goal was to allow the comments to drive the themes, not to establish a set of themes and then go looking for comments to support those themes.

The nine key themes are as follows, in alphabetical order, not in order of most important or commonly-expressed to least (the most common themes are indicated, however).

1. Accessibility
Citizens expressed a desire to ensure the stadium site was accessible to all citizens, including those who do not own cars, and those who prefer to use public transit to attend events. They also expressed concern that the East Mountain site would promote more people using automobiles and greatly limiting the ability of people with limited incomes to attend the games without a lengthy trip using shuttle buses, or irregular public transit.

2. City Building*
* This theme was one of the most commonly expressed.
Citizens expressed a desire to use the building of the Pan Am Stadium as a catalyst for building the city for all Hamiltonians. They expressed a belief that the Pan Am Stadium, and its related spin-off benefits, would have long-term implications for the broader development of the City of Hamilton.

3. Downtown Revitalization* 
* This theme was one of the most commonly expressed.
Citizens expressed a strong belief in and optimism for continuing and adding to the revitalization of the downtown core, citing other projects approved by this Council such as the renovated library, farmers’ market, York Blvd, Lister Block, Gore Park, etc. as evidence that downtown Hamilton is constantly improving, but that it needs additional support through projects such as the West Harbour Stadium to continue that revitalization.

4. Environment
Citizens expressed a belief that the West Harbour site provided the best environmental solution, citing saving greenspace, increased use of public transit, brownfield remediation, etc. They expressed concern that the East Mountain site was damaging not only to the environment, but also to the stated environmental goals of the City of Hamilton and those of the Province of Ontario.

5. Frustration with Ti-Cats
Citizens expressed a frustration with the way in which the Ti-Cats have managed this debate. It should be noted that this frustration turned to resentment immediately following comments from Ti-Cat President Scott Mitchell and CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. As you will note, some citizens who have been long-time Ti-Cat supporters, including many season ticket holders, comment they will no longer support the Ti-Cats if the stadium is built on the East Mountain.

6. Funding

Citizens expressed concern that it would be inappropriate for Future Fund monies to be spent on the development of a stadium on the East Mountain, citing that the East Mountain would be fine without the investment of limited funds from the Future Fund, as well as the downtown needing the investment much more than the East Mountain.

Citizens expressed a desire to leave a lasting legacy through the decision to build the Pan Am Stadium in the West Harbour, citing the ancillary economic and social benefits of the site, as well as enhancing the existing asset of the waterfront.

8. Progressive Reputation*
* This theme was one of the most commonly expressed.
Citizens expressed a true desire for the City of Hamilton to be known as a progressive city through the development of and showcasing of its waterfront. They cited modern planning principles as being supportive of the West Harbour site. They expressed a belief that progressive planning would help attract and retain the “best and the brightest” talent, one of the City’s major economic goals.

9. Pride
Citizens expressed a desire to feel proud of their city, citing that further enhancements to the waterfront, and to downtown in general, would help to make them proud to share their city with visitors from all over the world.

Read the Full Summary Report (795.5 KB, PDF)


On August 9 2010 at 9:15 AM Mara Adams said:

A lovely and compelling document. Well done. Thank you.

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