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Federal Government Reverses Position: Stadium Funding "Not Contingent" On Location

Posted August 07, 2010

We spoke up and they had no choice but to listen.

That's the inescapable conclusion from the most recent twist in the never-ending stadium saga: the federal Conservative government has reversed its position on the stadium location just 24 hours after shocking the Hamilton community with a pro-East Mountain veto, issuing a statement that says "Federal funding is not contingent upon the location of the stadium."

According to a Hamilton Spectator article, "the only conditions Ottawa has for funding the stadium is that the city own the stadium; the stadium must be used for the 2015 games; the stadium must be used for high-performance sport after the 2015 games; there is no objection to a professional football team (CFL franchise) using the stadium as tenants: and that the board for the 2015 Games approve the construction of the stadium and that it be ready on schedule and within budget."

The article says the statement issued by Sports Minister Gary Lunn denies that the federal government said they would not fund a stadium if City Council selected the West Harbour as its location.

So what's going on behind the scenes?

It seems likely that the feds floated this idea to see what would happen. Clearly, what happened was a clear and unmistakeable response from Hamiltonians that they would not tolerate outside interference with their preference for the West Harbour.

Pressure was applied and that's how we won this victory. But the crucial decision still lies ahead, as Tuesday's Committee of the Whole meeting has regained its significance.

The federal government heard us loud and clear. So did the province. Let's make sure that Council is still hearing from us right until the vote on Tuesday.


On August 7 2010 at 9:08 PM Mara Adams said:

Open letter to Bob Young:

Dear Mr. Young,

Hamilton has shown these last few days that it is West Harbour or NO STADIUM. The writing is on the wall. You took your best shot but now it's time for you to come to the table. Become a part of the solution. Sit down, work it out. You and your team will have more fans than ever.

On August 7 2010 at 9:40 PM Puneet S. said:

It would truly be the hypocritical move of the year on the part of the Federal and Provincial Govt to refute the City's right to choose where the CITY'S stadium is to be built, for the purpose of the betterment of private interests, over the betterment of the public - ironically with the use of public money.

On August 8 2010 at 7:11 AM Bluelight said:

Very surprising and peculiar behaviour on the part of the feds & province, unclear who is behind this flip-flop. Incredibly unprofessional and an egregious lack of respect for process.
Let's hope everyone is on the right track at this point but I seriously doubt it. The Ti-Cats still haven't shared their rationale for the assertion that the West Harbour location 'isn't financially viable' and have made it clear they will 'never' play there... Well done, Hamiltonians.

On August 8 2010 at 9:45 AM Dennis Gearing said:

To Bob Young
Business is not the only consideration for the people of Hamilton we also choose to consider the enviroment. West Harbour clean up is needed be a team player get on board your fans wil love you all the more.

On August 8 2010 at 1:50 PM Terrence said:

Worst case senario is if Mr Young doesn't get on board with the West Harbour vision is that we put on a fantastic Pan-Am games event and we have a beautiful stadium (that can be used for soccer and a potential soccer team..imagine Toronto FC vs Hamilton United!) with a velodrome that's connected to an entertainment district with Go Trains and LRT public transpotation and a beautiful view of the West Harbour surrounded by trails and Parks. For the city this promotes a better experience than the East Mountain and promotes Hamilton as a progresive city that can make downtown renewal work and encourages other investors to come downtown to invest... Over $100M in city brownfield downtown renewal will do that if done right.

The idea that the Ticats can't make this work to promote thier interests and build something successful is a crock! Even so called experts can be wrong sometimes. We are a unique city with a unique location beside a bay that has never had a highway running through the downtown yet we still have a downtown that is here and is growing. The Tiger Cats will make money when they are putting a quality product on the field just like all the other CFL franchises. Bob should concentrate on that important fact. The fans will take care of the rest. The West is Best lets not give in to anymore suburban Sprawl!

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