The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

Open Letter to Council: We Support You

Posted August 02, 2010

Dear Hamilton City Council,

The Our City, Our Future campaign started with a remarkable groundswell of public support for the West Harbour location of the Pan Am stadium.

Years in the planning, the West Harbour represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accelerate waterfront development and downtown revitalization, along with gaining GO train and LRT development, that we have deserved as a city for a long time.

It is a chance to bring us in line with many other cities in North America that we have looked to for inspiration for many years. It's our chance to became a city of inspiration as well.

A West Harbour stadium is an appropriate use of our scarce Future Fund dollars and is supported by a variety of local leaders in the private sector. Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the West Harbour stadium earlier this year and we had, for once, a rare moment of local consensus about our city's future.

This broad consensus was born not out of threats or bullying - from within or from without the city - but rather of the positive desire and passion for Hamilton that we all share.

We are writing to reaffirm that we support you.

Thousands of Hamiltonians have joined the Our City, Our Future campaign to say that we support Council's decision for the West Harbour, which is still your official endorsed position on this issue.

The Province has confirmed and reconfirmed that they will support your decision on where to build the Pan Am stadium.

We support you to stand up to the shallow threats of a single stakeholder. We support you to push forward with what is clear to thousands of Hamiltonians: It's Our City, Our, Future, and Our Money to invest.

We support you in making what will likely be a defining decision in your political careers - a decision that, looking back, will be a turning point in the revitalization of our city. Many years from now, when the individual personalities have been forgotten, your legacy will still be visible to hundreds of thousands of citizens 365 days a year.

We support you because you are our elected City Council, and not the Tiger-Cats or the CFL.

We are not here to bully or threaten you. We are here to show you the passion, desire, and vision we want for Hamilton and to help you make it a reality.

Threats are for those who are in it for narrow interest, for the short term. We are all the caretakers of Hamilton's future and we are with you for the broad public interest and for the long haul.

It's Our City and Our Future. Let's build it.

On August 10, vote to reaffirm the West Harbour as the site of the Pan Am Games stadium to be financed by money through the Future Fund.


On August 2 2010 at 9:02 PM Zafer said:

Well said! On behalf of the White Star Group, we want to thank Our City, Your for producing such an amazing online campaign for those who so desperately understand the importance of the West Harbour and Setting Sail development visions which have been supported by the City of Hamilton for a very long time.

On August 2 2010 at 9:29 PM Mark Richardson said:

A brilliant, honest and ultimately beautiful letter to our city council. Thank you so much to the people of Our City Our Future for you bravery, passion and vision. I hope this gets published in The Spectator for the whole city to experience, to heal the ugly threats and bullying we and our city council have been subjected to.

On August 3 2010 at 2:56 PM mike said:

As a resident of another city close to yours .I would be thrilled for two things to happen in your downtown core a stadium where one could watch football and soccer . Maybe even ,can one dream, Hockey . I would be loathe to travel all the way out to a stadium surrounded by fields,pay for parking ,then have to get back into my vehicle travel to the downtown , find parking , then explore . Ease of access will bring tourists to your city ,LRT , Go train .

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