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McGuinty sits out Pan Am Games stadium dispute

Posted July 29, 2010

Despite the fact the city of Hamilton has already spent about $8 million assembling the land with hopes the stadium will spark a waterfront renaissance, McGuinty is leaving open the possibility it could be built in an East Mountain wheat field owned by the province’s Ontario Realty Corporation (ORC).

That’s because Ti-Cats owner Bob Young has said the Canadian Football League team, which needs a new home to replace ancient Ivor Wynne Stadium, won’t play in the West Harbour due to a lack of parking.

Young prefers the East Mountain location, which detractors complain is accessible only by car and cannot be reached by public transit.

But Liberals sources are baffled that the team – which is expected to come up with as much as $50 million in private-sector cash over and above the $102 million in provincial, federal and municipal funds being earmarked for the facility – appears to have a veto over the location.

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