The Pan Am Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We chose to build it at the West Harbour. Now it's time to stand behind our choice. Show your support.

Press Release: Our City, Our Future Campaign Passes Milestone

Posted July 28, 2010


The Our City, Our Future campaign passed an important milestone this week. Well over 2,000 supporters have affirmed their support for a West Harbour Pan Am stadium.

Our campaign website is fully open and transparent, displaying all of the many hundreds of public statements that Hamiltonians have left. We encourage visitors to vote for their favourite statements, and you can see the results on our Top 50 Statements page.

The incredible outpouring of support for this campaign comes from every part of the city and all walks of life: new Canadians, commuters, business owners, professional associations, community leaders, long-time Ticat fans and potential fans alike.

Yesterday, the Future Fund Board of Governors voted against spending the Future Fund money on an East Mountain stadium; and the Province just signaled that it will honour Hamilton's choice of stadium location and that the "legacy" must serve the entire city rather than a single stakeholder.

In addition, a number of developers have expressed serious interest in a mixed-use project centered around a West Harbour stadium, and plans are coming together to create a viable partnership with the City.

Our City, Our Future calls on Council to listen to the public, the Future Fund governors, and the experts and choose the West Harbour as the best location to grow the city's economic base, build community, and clean up a longstanding industrial brownfield in the middle of a downtown community.

About Our City, Our Future

This campaign is sponsored by Raise the Hammer and has been organized entirely by volunteers who want to see a successful, progressive outcome to Hamilton's Pan Am bid.



On July 31 2010 at 1:02 PM Chris Calder said:

I don't understand why parking spaces should be an issue in this debate. We are bombarded daily from all levels of our government to drive less and take some form of transit. In this day and age of building "greener" and more environmentally friendly facilities all these levels of government should be forcing this stadium to go in the west harbour. With the opportunity to clean up a vacant, deteriorated and possibly toxic, lot in an area of the province that we are so desparately trying to clean up there should be NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE!!!

To help Mr. Young with his need to generate parking revenue, maybe he should ride the BARTON 2 before and after a Ti-Cat game, count the number of people who are riding with him and approach the HSR and come to an agreement for revenue sharing with them.

It appears everyone has lost focus of what this stadium was originally intended for, THE PAN-AM games! Now we have lost the most prestigeous events of the games to our rivals down the QEW. All because of the inept and corrupt bureaucrats that run this city, and their desire to put their own interests and those of their friends ahead of our city.

Just build the fricken stadium in the west harbour, and if the Cats don't want to play there, let them stay in Ivor Wynne and pay for the maintenance, and the rent, and still get very little parking revenue. Our City council should grow a pair and tell the Cats, "This is what we are doing, too bad if you don't like it"

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