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Our City, Our Future Campaign: Open & Transparent

Posted July 28, 2010


The Our City, Our Future campaign continues to build our supporter count, with well over 2000 supporters so far.

Far more important than just numbers, however, are the compelling human stories featured on the site.  Hamiltonians have responded to our open and transparent process, where all public comments are displayed on the site, by pouring passion, wisdom and spirit into their statements.

These public statements have evolved into a rich tapestry of stories from Hamiltonians:

  • Stories from new Canadians about the pride they feel in their city
  • Stories from people who commute to and from work on the train and how they feel when they go through the harbour area,
  • Rich family histories of workers in the steel and other industries in the waterfront area
  • Compelling testaments from people with intense feelings about their city

Our City, Our Future remains committed to an open and transparent public campaign, where even the tiny minority of non-supportive comments we have received are displayed freely.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on August 10, we'll be providing a full and detailed list of all supporters of our motion to City Council, along with their statements.


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