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Ticats Commence Paid Advertising Campaign To Boost Supporter Numbers

Posted July 26, 2010

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are spending large sums attempting to boost the supporter count on their site,

Ads in the Hamilton Spectator have been appearing for several days.  The Ticats site features large banner ads prominently - including an ad at the bottom of the page so large it obscures part of their website.

Most recently, however, the Tiger-Cats have begun a Google Adwords advertising campaign, telling Internet users who search for terms like "hamilton stadium" and "hamilton pan am games" to see the "Truth about the stadium".

People who search for those terms are presented with ads, which, when clicked, take them to the website (each click on the ad also costs the Ticats a small sum of money).


So far, the astonishing success of Our City, Our Future has been entirely based on grassroots advertising via word-of-mouth, posters, and social media, plus media reports about the campaign (which have also featured links to the site).  Those techniques have not been as effective for the Ticats.

As ever, your assistance with getting the word out about Our City, Our Future is appreciated.  Let's get to 2000 supporters ahead of the Ticats!


On July 26 2010 at 5:38 PM L Martin said:

I have a question pertaining to the vote count.

If a person wants to write a comment, positive or negative, a vote in support of that site will be recorded and included in the count. Both sites also allow you to vote without commenting.

Can you vote more than once or is there a filter in place to record one vote per email address? Of course, someone with multiple email addresses could not be filtered.

This site has included a separate “Statements” section from day one that allows everyone to read all the opinions posted without having to vote. There is not a dedicated Comments section on the East Mountain site offering the same option. I am assuming that if you only want to read the comments, you must vote in support of that location. Does this not skew the count? What happens the next time you want to read all the comments? Without a filter you would again be voting in favour.

The EM site has recently started to post "selected" comments. Not many seem to be mentioning the Pan Am games, the reason a new stadium site is being debated.

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