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Two sites, two viewpoints

Posted July 22, 2010

PJ Mercanti of Carmen's Inc. argues that running a successful business downtown is "much more challenging than it appears", that criticizing the Ticats for endorsing the East Mountain is "disrespectful", and that the Linc/Red Hill corridor is a great location that allows regional access and will generate more business taxes around a stadium than downtown.

He calls the East Mountain "a shining beacon in this city" that "will serve as the best home for the new Pan Am stadium now and for generations to come."

Tim Bullock, Chair of the Downtown BIA, argues that downtown businesses are "deeply disappointed" with the decision to consider the East Mountain, that the West Harbour location is about "recreating the harbour area and cleaning up our leftover industrial lands", and that the issues around the West Harbour "could be solved with some creative thinking".

He calls on City Council to "show leadership with respect to the city's original vision for the stadium."

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On July 22 2010 at 9:53 PM kourt said:

What!!! Is there anyone in this city that does not understand the private interest Carmen's has in seeing the stadium go to the east there anyone that doesn't know how much they stand to gain with an east mountain stadium (business in the restaurant/hotel/etc)??

Does this guy really think we're that stupid?

And on top of that insult he's going to lecture us by telling us that "criticizing the Ticats for endorsing the east mountain is disrespectful"??

Well it's disrespectful to shamelessly flog the east mountain site for your own private interest and not think of the greater interest - the future development of our city.


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