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Fans give west harbour edge for stadium site

Posted July 13, 2010

In a Hamilton Spectator article published yesterday, reporter Andrew Baulcomb writes: "In a halftime survey of 50 people at Saturday's home opener against the Calgary Stampeders, it was the west harbour that came out on top - but only by a hair."

More exerpts:

[F]ans such as Mike Morreale (no relation to the famous Ticat) still think the west harbour is the place to be. "It's close to the water, and the scenery is better," said Morreale, who lives near Ivor Wynne Stadium in east Hamilton. "The site up in Stoney Creek would take quite a while to get to on the bus, or even by car."

Roger Boyd, a resident of Westover in Flamborough, thinks it would be good to "keep the Tiger-Cats downtown" long-term.

"We would have to drive because we're out in a rural area, but anybody from any part of the city can get to the west harbour. Not everybody drives," Boyd said.

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