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Hume: Hamilton stadium should be downtown

Posted July 15, 2010

On this the rules are clear; stadiums are about more than sports and entertainment. Done well, these facilities can be a means of civic revitalization.

But of course, they aren’t all done well. Just down the QEW, Hamilton seems increasingly determined to do the wrong thing and build its new stadium in a suburban site accessible only by car.

Despite approved plans to proceed with a new facility in the middle of a city that could use all the help it can get, Steeltown is now considering a location on the East Mountain, far from transit, and not walkable.

What makes the switch disturbing is that it comes not just because of pressure from would-be tenants, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but more worryingly, from the province. This even though it flies in the face of the Premier Dalton McGuinty’ own smart growth legislation.

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Edit: Also published June 16 in the Spectator:


On July 15 2010 at 7:47 PM Craig Hermanson said:

Well, hopefully this embarrassing bit of exposure will be enough to get the province and council thinking again instead of bowing to a bit of pressure. I truly think that the Tiger Cats can be convinced that the West Harbour is the right for the tabbies new home. These are smart people who own and run the club and they only need to know that the right conditions will be put in place to make the the West Harbour a profitable location. What we can't be convinced of is that the East Mountain is a better, more accessible location -- and now we know how silly we are looking to the outside world.

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